8 Signs He Has Strong Feelings For You But Is Scared

8 Signs He Has Strong Feelings For You But Is Scared

8 Signs He Has Strong Feelings For You But Is Scared

It’s so hard to tell if a guy has feelings for you. It can be tricky if he’s showing all the signs that he likes you but then goes quiet or acts as if nothing happened. If this has happened to you, it doesn’t mean he’s not interested in you, and it also doesn’t mean he’s not scared of commitment too! Here are eight signs he has strong feelings for you but is scared to commit. (Use this as inspiration and develop more of your own to add.)

1) He tries to keep his distance when you’re together

This might seem obvious, but it’s a common trait of someone genuinely falling for you. When two people are interested in each other, there’s definite energy between them. Sometimes we try to avoid that energy because it makes us nervous (and can lead to big things), and as a result, we keep our distance from each other when we’re together. If your guy does precisely that, the chances are good that he’s not just being awkward—he’s trying to protect himself from those big emotions.

2) He behaves uncharacteristically calm around you

You’ve been among a few times and date, and your boyfriend has been very talkative. He used to cheer you up and make the conversation fly by. But after having dinner together last night, your boyfriend seemed a bit different. He spoke little and kept his answers short. You might notice that he doesn’t call as often as before or doesn’t stay on the phone with you longer than five minutes.

The first reason your boyfriend behaved differently could be that it takes time for him to overcome his shyness. However, it can also mean that he has lost interest in pursuing a relationship with you because he fears getting hurt if things don’t work out.

3) He avoids looking at you during a conversation

When a man falls in love, his body experiences hormonal changes. This results in feeling vulnerable. Since people feel uncomfortable when powerless, men often avoid eye contact during conversation. He looks at your hair or other parts of your body instead of your face to avoid making direct eye contact and letting you see his eyes as he’s trying to figure out how he feels about things by analyzing your reaction to what’s being said.

Strong emotions are likely involved if a man avoids looking at you directly during conversations. He might be enjoying hanging out with you but not ready to take it to another level yet because of those emotions.

4) He says less than usual

Relationships are built on communication, and one way your guy can tell if he likes you is through his words. If your boyfriend or crush becomes shy or has a hard time expressing himself with you around, it could be because of how much he likes you.

He might even ignore you when other people are around because he doesn’t want to risk putting his guard down in front of others. When communicating less than usual, some guys will also neglect to give good eye contact and speak clearly—he could be intimidated by what seeing/talking with him might mean for both of your futures.

5) He suddenly makes plans with other people in front of you

If your guy suddenly makes plans with his friends or family right in front of you, it’s a sign that something strange is going on. If it happens once or twice, don’t worry — maybe he just forgot. However, suppose it becomes a regular occurrence or starts happening when he doesn’t have an excuse. In that case, there might be something to worry about. He could just be growing apart from you and hiding it in weird ways.

6) There are things about him that feel off-limits to talk about

He doesn’t want to get too deep or ask about your past relationships. Some of these questions are better left unanswered; it’s not that you can’t share them; it just doesn’t feel right yet. It could take a few dates to feel comfortable with these questions. This may be because he wants to know that there won’t be any negative repercussions if he tells you something damaging or embarrassing.

7) His body language feels stiff and closed off

Perhaps he can’t even look at you. He might be afraid to touch or hold your hand in public, suggesting that his desire to do so privately isn’t powerful. In addition, if his posture makes him seem closed off, it could mean that he doesn’t feel comfortable expressing himself in front of you. His eyes avoid yours: While looking into someone’s eyes can be a sign of attraction, it can also be dishonest. If he doesn’t make eye contact with you, something else may happen.

It could just be shyness or nervousness, but it could also suggest that he feels uncomfortable around you and doesn’t want to reveal too much about himself too soon. He becomes agitated when you talk about your future together: If he gets angry when you bring up topics like marriage and children, there may be something wrong.

This is especially true if these are things that are important to you and they aren’t vital to him as well. If your partner seems annoyed by what’s important to you in life—especially things like family—then there’s likely trouble ahead.

8) His body language feels overly open and inviting

Please pay attention to such a guy’s body language to determine how much he likes you. If a guy slouches or sits too close, he wants more from you than just friendship. When a man’s body language relaxes, like when he spreads out and leans back in his chair, it’s likely because he feels comfortable with you and isn’t afraid of making himself vulnerable. Make a note of what your guy does when in your presence. If his actions are open and welcoming, then it’s very likely that there are no reservations between him and opening up about his feelings for you.


These behaviors could indicate that a man has stronger feelings for you than he might let on. He might be trying to put up his guard and protect himself from getting hurt, but if he does any of these eight things, there’s likely a good chance he likes you. If some of them sound familiar, don’t be afraid to confront him about them – the odds are high that it will help your relationship. Remember, when it comes to love and romance, communication is key!