Why Do Men Respond To Silence And Distance?


Why Do Men Respond To Silence And Distance?

As a woman, if you ever have to deal with men that make you feel unwelcome, unwanted, or unsafe, it isn’t easy to understand why men do these things. After all, you’re just trying to live your life and be left alone so you can get through the day peacefully and without any hassles. Still, you find yourself in this awkward situation with someone who doesn’t want to respect your boundaries. It’s confusing, which leads most women to wonder what they did wrong or could have done differently so that the man in question would leave them alone.

Women tend to be more open

Women tend to be more open with their feelings than men in a relationship. Because of that, when a woman doesn’t hear back from her boyfriend or husband right away, she’s more likely to take it personally—which can lead her down a bad spiral of thoughts like I knew it. He doesn’t care about me anymore. We must not be in love anymore. He wants out of our relationship. It doesn’t matter what he says later; I know he didn’t miss me.

Silence Is Golden

Sometimes, when you don’t answer your partner, you’re answering them. If someone is nagging or talking too much, not responding is a good way to get them off your back. This is especially true if they’re trying to guilt-trip you into doing something you don’t want to do. While they may clam up when their pressure doesn’t work, a good negotiator finds another route.

What Men Think

When it comes to communication in a relationship, women are taught that they need to be both talkative and available. On the other hand, men are often expected to man up and avoid opening up emotionally. The truth is that both genders have different communication styles, but neither gender is right or wrong. A better approach is appreciating our differences instead of demonizing them. This understanding can lead to stronger relationships between spouses, partners, or friends — particularly when misunderstandings arise from miscommunication.

For example, if your boyfriend suddenly goes quiet after arguing, don’t assume he’s angry with you or doesn’t care about your feelings. Instead, try communicating with him about what you did and why it upset him.

If he doesn’t open up to you, ask him if there’s anything else he’d like to talk about. It might take some time for him to warm back up again — men typically don’t react well to being pressured into talking about their feelings — but by keeping an open mind and respecting his needs for space as well as yours for closeness, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of each other’s needs.

What Women Should Do To Nail The Relationship

When a woman is trying to get her boyfriend or husband back, she should be doing whatever she can to express her love for him. And by doing so, she’ll have a much higher chance of succeeding in ending things on good terms. The best way for a woman to handle these situations is by addressing what her boyfriend or husband did wrong and not just focusing on how he hurt her feelings. She needs to stay focused on why their relationship failed and what they both need for its work in the future. If a man wants his girlfriend or wife back, he will listen to what she says and consider her advice.

Once she’s done talking, if he still feels that it’s over between them, then there’s nothing more that she can do. Suppose you want your guy back after ignoring you. In that case, you will have to put some effort into getting him back because no one likes playing games with someone else’s emotions.

You’ve got to show your man that you mean business by taking action instead of sitting around waiting for something positive to happen between you two. You’re going through all of these hardships because you care about your man, so don’t let your efforts go unnoticed by giving up before seeing if anything works out between you two in the future!

Responding To Men’s Needs

Many women believe that their man is trying to lose them when he distances himself. In some cases, a woman will interpret her man’s emotional space as a sign that he doesn’t love her anymore or has decided not to pursue a relationship with her.

It is important for women dating men to realize that although there are times when a man may wish for his woman to leave him alone, there are other reasons he might want some time and space. Men need time for themselves; they like having friends of both sexes. Some tend toward extramarital affairs when they aren’t getting enough attention from their partners.

Understanding Men In The Modern World

Men are different from women, so you can think of dating as almost like learning a new language in some ways. And unfortunately for those of us who prefer to remain monogamous in our relationships, there is no Rosetta Stone for Man-Speak.

We don’t always get it right on either side of things – not from overanalyzing something or making assumptions about what he means when he says something different from what we assume. However, suppose you wonder why some guy isn’t responding to your texts or email. In that case, you may want to consider if you’ve said or done anything that might have unintentionally made him feel like it’s time for him to make his escape.


Although your gut instinct might be to break up with him completely, it’s important not to overreact. It’s normal for a guy to feel unsure about a relationship when he doesn’t see much of you – whether or not he thinks it would be better if you two weren’t together. Distance will always make his heart grow fonder, so you can reassure him that his feelings are warranted if you start spending more time together. If he isn’t that into you, though, all you can do is let him go and hope for someone better next time.