How To Be High Value When He Pulls Away


How To Be High Value When He Pulls Away

If your partner pulls away from you, how can you be of high value? What do you do when your boyfriend or husband pulls away, and it hurts? There are times when pulling away feels like rejection, so what do you do then? When your man pulls away, does it mean he’s no longer interested in the relationship? Is that the start of something significant in your relationship with him? If that’s how you feel when he pulls away, it will hurt even more than usual if he continues to pull away from you repeatedly.

What Is Rejection?

Everyone fears rejection, but few things are more potent than understanding it. People avoid rejection because they don’t know how to handle it properly, but facing rejection is often unavoidable if you want success in life. The first step in learning how to deal with rejection is understanding what it is: a reaction (not a fact). Most people believe that rejection means that someone else doesn’t like them; it has nothing to do with you.

Every time you get rejected by someone who seems out of your league, realize that no one can create attraction on their own; everything always begins with interest on your end. If you never feel attracted to anyone, you have no reason to fear rejection. When someone shrinks only your invitation to a date or a job interview, remember that it isn’t about whether or not they like you—about whether or not they feel attracted enough even to take action.

If you feel disappointed and frustrated after getting rejected, then focus on attracting others instead of trying to change them. This might sound counterintuitive, but remember that every person in any social situation is doing precisely what works best for them and trying their hardest not to get rejected!

The Reasons Men Pull Away

Whether they recognize anything or not, men have always been drawn away from women for various reasons. Pulling Away When He’s Falling In Love: Some guys will do everything they can to avoid telling a woman how they feel about her for fear of losing her, so instead, they choose to slowly pullback in an attempt to get some space between them so that she doesn’t think he’s being clingy.

Pulling Away Because He Needs Space

Sometimes men need some time alone to unwind and clear their heads, especially if they have a lot on their plate at work or home. If you notice your man pulling away from you, try not to take it personally. Instead, focus on giving him his space while also ensuring that you still show him love and affection during his time apart from you.

The more attention you give him when he needs space, the less likely he wants to spend more time apart than with you! Pulling Away When He’s Not Ready For A Relationship: Just because a guy has feelings for someone doesn’t mean that he wants anything serious with them right now.

The Steps

How do you go about winning him back? Well, that depends on a few things. Firstly, you’ll want to identify your relationship’s stage right now. For example, if you are still together and fighting in an attempt to work through your issues, then there is no point in pulling away at all! Why would you want to make yourself even less valuable than before? A goal is always to win back only your romantic partner, so avoid pulling away from each other or acting distance away, as this will only push him further away.

If your ex has moved on since breaking up with you, we suggest waiting for some time (between 3-6 months) before attempting to win him back. This gives him time to adjust to life without you and hopefully start missing his previous life with you, his girlfriend. You don’t want to start trying too soon; otherwise, he might think that it’s desperate or clingy of you. Waiting for some time first, however long, feels suitable for you. Your ex should feel like they’ve moved on from their previous relationship, which may encourage them to come back towards yours.

Bonus Material

Because unless you want to see a more detailed explanation of how being high value can help you retain and attract an amazing guy, I recommend people read my book Attract The Absolutely correct Guy (and Keep Him!). In it, I discuss why many men pull away in the first place, what that means for your relationship and how women can use it as a blessing instead of a curse. Just know that being high value is important—it doesn’t matter if he’s pulling away or not.

A man who sees his partner as valuable will never lose interest in her, so take steps today to become even more valuable by better expressing yourself and learning how to speak up for yourself confidently. Both are invaluable skills that will serve you well with any man—or woman—in your life! And remember: Being high value doesn’t mean acting perfect all of the time or making every single person around you happy all of the time.

That’s impossible; people will always be mad about something no matter what we say because everyone has their baggage and preferences.


It’s not fun, I know. But if you want a truly great relationship, there’s an important lesson in all of this. We all love having our partners around us and wanting us, and that feeling never changes—but sometimes it does wane for a bit. Being high-value during these times means knowing how to stand on your own two feet, which you need to do anyway as an independent woman.

You must maintain your values, standards, and beliefs even when your man isn’t around. One day he will pull away again, whether by accident or intention. The more in touch with who you are and what you believe while not being attached to him, the better off you will be.