16 Psychological Tricks That Will Make Him Miss You


16 Psychological Tricks That Will Make Him Miss You

You’ve just separated from your boyfriend, but he’s not getting the word. Although he’s the one who decided to end things, he’s still doing everything in his power to convince you that you two should get back together. If you need some time apart to work through your issues, consider using these tricks on him! They will make him miss you so much that he’ll realize that without you, his life isn’t nearly as much fun as it could be!

1) Have A Signature

If you want to add an extra bit of oomph to your texts, learn a little about your guy and text him something funny or meaningful related to that information. If he doesn’t respond well to texts like these, they may seem too needy. But if he does, he’ll never get tired of them—it will encourage him to give more information next time. In other words, it helps both parties involved!

2) Don’t Fast-Track It

Don’t move too fast in a relationship. 

Nothing means making a gentleman want to flee faster than a girl who was overly eager or desperate. A man wants a challenge, someone he has to work for, but if he sees you are too easy, he won’t even give it a shot!

3) Tone Down The Texting

While texting is a great way to stay in touch with best friends, it isn’t that great for keeping a man interested. Men see too much back-and-forth texting as desperate; they’ll see your texts and think, Oh, she must have time on her hands, or She must not be busy if she has time to text me so often. Please don’t overdo it!

4) Keep It Subtle

Some of us are a little obvious. We get home late, go to bed late and wake up late. Our boyfriends can probably guess we’re not at work in 20 seconds flat. This is why subtlety is so important when making your partner miss you. It allows us to enjoy our independence without feeling guilty. Still, it also gives us an edge in situations where our significant other tries to play mind games.

5) Connect Yourself To His World

Are you trying to rekindle a lost relationship? If you’re trying to win back your ex, it’s important to focus on connecting yourself to his world—to speak his language. You should focus on what he loves and let him see how great you are. This way, he won’t be able to stop thinking about you!

6) Be The Boss You Are

If he’s your boss, remind yourself that it is his job to manage you and everyone else at work. He’s probably under a lot of pressure because of his management responsibilities. So if he acts like a jerk, try to understand his stressful situation—and empathize with it. Then stand up for yourself. Once in a while is good.

7) Send Pictures

People who are distant or away from their partners often don’t feel like they are truly present, and pictures help to compensate for that. Send your partner pictures of yourself through email, text, or social media. The above simple act would have a significant impact as to how he feels about his separation from you.

8) Facebook It Up!

A study found men’s testosterone levels increase when they receive a new like on Facebook. To trigger his hormone-based competitiveness, like one of his posts and don’t just go directly to his page. After liking something of his, please give him a shout-out in a comment to make sure he notices! This gets your name in front of him, making it more likely he’ll think about you later.

9) Change It Up

Whenever we feel like our partner is taking us for granted, we become bored with them. When you’re feeling under-appreciated at home, start to do nice things for your partner. If he asks why tell him it’s a surprise and try to add some mystery to your relationship by being more spontaneous. Surprise flowers or a weekend getaway can work wonders on both sides of your relationship. Men also love a bit of lust and passion.

10) Be Independent

The best way to get your boyfriend to miss you is to be independent and act like you don’t need them. When they are not around, ignore their calls and act as if they are unimportant. If a guy wants a girl back, he needs to feel needed. By pretending he isn’t needed and spending time on himself, he realizes how much he missed having you in his life and missing out on all of those activities without his partner.

11) Play It Cool

Don’t allow your emotions to take over. If he senses your desire to win him back, he may try to distance himself or play hard to get (especially if he has his sights set on someone else).

12) Look Good

A good way to make a man miss you is to look and feel your best. Wear clothes that flatter your body and don’t show too much skin. Make sure your hair looks great, no unpleasant odors are wafting from your body, and put on makeup if appropriate for where you are going. It’s harder for a man to resist a woman who feels good about herself.

13) See Him In Person

If your partner lives far away, you might be tempted to convince yourself that a phone call or email is good enough. Could you not do it? Face-to-face communication has been shown to strengthen romantic relationships. So pick up a plane ticket and jet across the country; long-distance won’t last forever (and just because it doesn’t work out doesn’t mean it wasn’t worth it). Either way, start planning for a visit sooner rather than later.

14) Leave A Little Something

If he doesn’t know you’re coming, it can be even more exciting. Instead of being right where he expects you to be, create a diversion somewhere else in your house and then secretly get into his car with a suitcase (but don’t tell him what it is). Take yourself on an unexpected vacation. Take off for just a day or two, even if it means breaking plans with friends.

15) Take A Little Something

Take something of his and carry it with you when you’re apart from your sweetheart, whether it’s a bracelet or a photo. Research shows that physical contact strengthens emotional connection (and wearing another person’s clothes increases the attraction between partners). And don’t worry—he probably won’t even notice he’s missing his favorite sweater…unless, of course, he notices you wearing it!

16) Don’t Do Too Much

It’s a common mistake for women to believe that more is better for their relationships. However, the truth is that when we try too hard or are too available, our partners may view us as desperate or clingy. As a result, they become less attracted to us over time. We love attention and affection from our partner, but not when it becomes smothering.


If a guy is losing interest in you, these 16 tips can help to bring him back. Here are some ways to rekindle a dying relationship and maintain his interest. Use these ideas if you want your man to be attracted to you again or if he has already lost interest in your relationship. Remember: it’s not too late! You both still have a chance at happiness, but only if you use these tips now!