Why Do Guys Go Quiet When They Like You


Why Do Guys Go Quiet When They Like You

Have you already seen the inside of a relationship where you would like the guy, but he fades away? Why else do guys remain silent when they want you? The whole article will explain this phenomenon and assist you in ensuring that you’re not doing anything that is causing him to clam up around you.

The I have nothing to say excuse

If you’re having trouble thinking of something to say, try asking questions. You don’t have to be put on the spot because it’s easy to ask someone what they are doing later that day. Asking for an opinion is also a good move—it not only opens up your conversation partner but shows interest in their responses. The trick here is to use questions sparingly and not always fall back on them. Otherwise, it’ll seem like your conversational skills are lacking.

And if all else fails, remember: Silence isn’t necessarily awkward. It can feel uncomfortable if you’re used to filling every silence with chatter (and there’s nothing wrong with being chatty). Still, if you’re comfortable with silence, it’s nice. When you’re talking with someone who’s listening and interested in what you have to say, It can sometimes be heartening to take a break from talking and essentially make each other happy.

6 Reasons He Disappeared on You:

  1. He’s intimidated by your career or education.
  2. He doesn’t share your interests and thinks you’re incompatible.
  3. You’ve got significant character flaws (like being moody, demanding, or self-centred).
  4. The relationship moves too fast, and he freaked out—or it moved too slow, and he lost interest.
  5. You did something to make him uncomfortable (made fun of his friends, pressured him for sex, etc.).
  6. He just wasn’t that into you in the first place.

He still feels awkward about the relationship

It’s hard to feel awkward about a relationship that you’re secure in. If he gets tongue-tied or has trouble looking you in the eye, it may signify that he isn’t sure about how far things have gone. He feels guilty because it was only last night that you finally made your move (if there’s been a lot of physical contacts but no real talk about your feelings for each other).

Or maybe he doesn’t think what happened was going far enough and is anxious about making himself vulnerable by being open. In any case, if something feels off to you, then say so. Everything is probably okay if he starts talking again after just a few seconds.

He wants to stay in control of the situation

Guys can be great at making sure their relationships progress to make them feel comfortable. Sometimes when he appreciates you and wants to pursue something else with you, he’ll tell you—even if something means becoming speechless in front of your family or friends.

Guys tend to enjoy being around people who make them feel good about themselves. If someone is happy for him to be with her and tries to include him in group activities, he will continue hanging out with her. Someone who invites him out more often or keeps trying to get his attention might seem pushy because she’s not allowing him to initiate contact. Which doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with that!

He doesn’t want to scare you off

Guys can sense your fears, anxieties, and insecurities, even if you don’t say them aloud. He understands that everyone he has to do is show a professional interest in you and your heart skips a beat—but he also understands because if he makes his intentions clear at the start, it may make things awkward among both you later on. If he’s keeping his distance, it’s for fear of scaring you off. Once he sees how into him you are (and feels comfortable that your feelings are real), then he will start being just as affectionate as before.

He wants to be sure he makes the right decision

If a guy goes quiet after telling you he likes you; it’s because he’s making sure that what he feels is really what he wants. Even if it isn’t—he may not realize it just yet, but if things don’t feel right to him and no further steps are being taken—the best thing for him to do is pull back and give himself some time to figure out how he truly feels. The same can be said for a girl who goes quiet after liking someone. She may be unsure of herself and what his response means regarding where they stand.

He thinks you are going somewhere together and need space

That’s a pretty common thing. If he is busy, it can be hard to find time to see each other. He has no easy way to say I don’t want to see you until I can free up some time for us. So he doesn’t message. Don’t take it personally, and don’t stop reaching out just because he went radio silent for a few days.

Guys are weird. They are. You have to realize that they might need space before making any big moves with their feelings toward you. This is why women get frustrated when men act distant or aloof after sex or hanging out together in a romantic setting (like dinner).

Sometimes, guys will try to buy themselves some space before acting on their feelings. Doing so could mean risking rejection if things aren’t going as expected or wanted. It sucks, but that’s how it works sometimes! Just keep talking and texting him normally while giving him space. He should come around eventually… unless there’s someone else in his life who wants more than he wants you at the moment!


Guys are often scared of going too fast. They want to make sure it’s okay with you before they say something, ask something, or tell you how they feel. A guy may be seeing a girl he likes, and then she might not return his texts for a few days…the guy may find himself wondering what happened. What went wrong? The most likely reason is that he said too much, too soon, and scared her off.