7 Signs He Likes You More Than You Think

7 Signs He Likes You More Than You Think

7 Signs He Likes You More Than You Think

Have you ever been dating someone and thought to yourself, They like me, only to find out later that this wasn’t the case? It happens to everyone at some point in their dating lives, and it’s essential to be able to tell when someone does like you more than you think they do. These seven signs he likes you more than you think will help you determine whether or not your guy or girl has deeper feelings for you than just friendship!

1) He gives you alone time

Everyone loves some alone time, but if a guy is interested in dating you, your alone time with him will be exclusive. If he’s attentive and fun while you two are together, he’ll likely want to enjoy his own quiet time with just you by his side. That doesn’t mean that he won’t also invite other friends to spend time with him, but when it comes to dating exclusively? Your relationship will be very different from all others.

2) He tells his friends about you

People who like someone make an effort to tell others about them. This may seem a little embarrassing, but it is a good sign. Your crush is comfortable with you if he’s willing to introduce you to his friends and family. Introducing your crush or prospective boyfriend to friends and family can be a great sign that they see a future with you because it signifies commitment.

They aren’t afraid of what people will say when they bring around their new significant other, which means that they don’t have any doubts about you. If your crush does make an effort to tell others about how much he likes and cares for you, then it really might be love!

3) He introduces you to his family

Introducing his loved ones to a potential partner is a huge step for someone who isn’t completely confident that you’re the one. It means he trusts your ability to get along with his family and has come to terms with having to share his life with another person.

It also means that, if things go well, there will be many (many) occasions when these families interact. Do him a favor and act nicely. He put himself out there for you—the least you can do is make it worth his while. If you don’t want things to go further, do not stay in contact with his family after any breakup!

4) He asks your advice

This is an excellent sign that he’s listening to your advice and cares about what you have to say. Suppose a guy who just met you asks your opinion on something. In that case, he already has some respect for your opinion and sees himself wanting to get to know you even better.

This might be scary if it’s happening too soon, but don’t back away from it—take it as a sign that there’s even more for him to learn about you! It would help if you asked his advice on things too. It makes both of you feel important in each other’s lives.

5) He calls when he says he will

Unless there’s a legitimate reason for missing your call, a guy who says he’ll call and then doesn’t is likely not interested in seeing you. If you plan to see him but hear nothing from him, assume he has lost interest. Don’t waste time checking up on him or pursuing someone who doesn’t seem interested; if you like him, move on. Pay attention to how quickly and often someone calls when they say they will; if it takes a week to return your phone call (or multiple attempts), chances are it wasn’t worth your time in the first place.

If he makes promises and breaks them, that’s also a sign of disinterest. An occasional no-show: Some people have busy lives with too many demands on their time—and maybe you’re not that important to them. That’s why saying no once in a while is OK—it’s just one less thing to feel guilty about! But suppose someone never seems available or keeps reneging on plans at the last minute. In that case, they probably don’t want to be bothered with dating.

So save yourself some frustration by taking his behavior as a sign that he isn’t interested and focusing your energy elsewhere. He looks forward to spending time with you: Spending time together should be fun!

6) His friends give him good things about you

If your boyfriend’s friends tell him something nice about you and then he repeats that to you, then it means that they approve of your relationship. If a guy says something nice to his friends about his girlfriend, there’s no doubt in his mind how much he likes her. Suppose a man is ready to introduce you to others. In that case, they feel comfortable with being around you and probably like who they see.

This doesn’t mean that things are going downhill if his friends don’t like you, but it’s a good sign as long as they like you! The last thing you want is for them to have seen just one side of you and not the other—they might end up disliking both sides.

And remember: If a guy is still talking about his ex or constantly looking at girls when he’s out with you, then forget what anyone else thinks—it’s obvious where his heart lies!

7) He shows off confidence

He may not say it, but his pride is definitely on display if he wants to date you. Men are proud creatures by nature. If a guy doesn’t have an ego, what kind of man is that? So when it comes to him showing off for you, don’t brush it off as a natural expression of interest in you.

Many men show off with confidence because they want to impress you and make sure you know how much they like you. They do these things because they want your attention and approval, so take notice and enjoy! This will mean a lot to him, even if he’s too shy to admit it.


You deserve to be in a relationship with someone who thinks about you more than you feel about yourself. If these seven signs ring true, it’s time to start planning for your happily ever after! Let him know how much he means to you by giving him a gift as unique as his love for you: propose!