How To Get His Attention When He Ignores You

How To Get His Attention When He Ignores You

How To Get His Attention When He Ignores You

Maybe he’s spending more time with his friends than you, or he’s taking longer to respond to your texts?

If you’ve never been in the situation before, it can be challenging to know what to do—but don’t worry, we’re here to help! So here are a few reliable and effective ways to get his consideration when he ignores you.

Go Away

Men often get into relationships by accident. He meets a woman; they connect, spend lots of time together, fall in love, and BOOM—they’re in a relationship. However, after some time passes, that initial romantic spark begins to fade. Couples start looking for ways to save their relationship.

Usually, once people realize things aren’t quite right with their partner, they begin trying everything possible to change them so that things can go back to the way they were.

But have you ever asked yourself if it’s possible that your partner doesn’t want or isn’t ready for what YOU want? Since he’s showing that he’s not interested in saving your current relationship, it might be best to move on.

Just Tell Him

So unless you are significant, some of these ignore you, probably and since they don’t feel especially friendly to you. Maybe they need some space, or they’re just preoccupied with something else. Whatever their reasons may be, it might seem impossible to get their attention and start a conversation—but it’s not!

The solution is pretty simple: make an effort. If he isn’t going out of his way to avoid being with you right now, don’t let him prevent your attempts at closeness. Instead, try telling him how much a particular activity or activity brings joy into your life.

Be Around Him as Much as Possible

Therefore more longer you stay with someone, the more undoubtedly it is that they will acknowledge you. If your crush has ignored your texts and phone calls, make a point of being around him in person. Go to all of your mutual friends’ social events and try not to look miserable (because trust us, people can tell).

Please don’t make a big deal out of being there or trying to catch his eye; do things with your friends like usual. The more effortless it looks, as if being around him doesn’t require much thought on your part, the better. Plus, if it seems like there’s nothing special about seeing him, then maybe he’ll start looking at you that way too!

Don’t Give Up

However, if a guy is interested in getting closer to you, he may need more time. Be patient, but always be around him so that you can make an impression. He will remember what kind of girl you are and how much fun it was hanging out with you.

If there is any potential for sparks between two people, they will eventually find their way. This is just a waste of waiting again once your guy goes against you. Don’t push or pressure him into liking or loving you, but stay optimistic that things will work out positively between you and wait patiently until they happen.

Engage in Friendly Conversation

If your crush doesn’t notice you immediately, move to plan B: making friendly conversation. Try striking up a conversation with him, complimenting him on something he’s wearing, or even asking him how his day is going. Be sure not to sound too thirsty—this is about being interested in someone else and getting them interested in you.

Even if that seems like an exaggeration, don’t exaggerate. It will backfire and make you look desperate or ridiculous and as if all that matters is getting in their pants.


Everyone knows that it’s a good idea to maintain eye contact with someone you’re having a conversation with. Still, many people forget that we can also control our facial expressions and make them as inviting as possible. Giving off a relaxed, welcoming vibe can instantly convey that you’re an approachable person who wants to have fun.

Smiling will cause other people to smile in return—it’s like instant rapport! Everyone loves smiling faces; try it yourself and see how your day changes for the better. It takes just a few seconds out of your day, but remember, The more genuine it feels, the more effective it is. Fake smiling won’t work nearly as well.

Take Off Your Clothes

If you want your guy’s attention, take off your clothes. That’s right; it works, which is not to conclude that all men are sex-crazed maniacs ready and able to go to any length for a brief romp.

However, it does mean that if a man sees something he likes—and I mean anything at all—he will be naturally more interested in whatever is going on around him than what may be dull or bothering him at any given moment.

Tell Him Something You Like About Him

Tell him something you like about him when your guy shuts down, rather than getting angry or frustrated.

Compliment that. Does he have a skill or talent that impresses you? Tell him what it is and why it impresses you. He might not say much in response, but at least he’ll know you haven’t given up on him.

Let Him Know You, Miss Him

Maybe it’s because men are naturally wired differently. Still, most guys need physical contact to remind them how much they like a woman. And while getting back together isn’t always easy, you can take steps to let him know that you miss him and that he should come back into your life.

For example, if he has Facebook, then like every photo of him to show up on his newsfeed. If he has Instagram, follow him and send a few private messages daily. You could also send gifts—if it’s your birthday or Christmas, for example—or pick up small souvenirs whenever you’re out in town.

Act Like Yourself Around Him

If you’re having trouble getting a guy’s attention and getting him to date or pursue you, your actions have something to do. If a guy is interested in someone, he will make them feel special—it is how humans work. The key to getting a guy interested in you is acting more like yourself and less like someone else.

If a guy doesn’t like who you are, it won’t matter how often he sees or talks with you. Getting him interested means trying something new or being more outgoing or fun-loving than usual around him. And no matter what changes happen in your interactions together, be sure that they can be attributed solely to who YOU are as a person and not someone else!

Stop Acting Like a Possessive Lover

It’s easy to fall into being a little too overprotective. Still, it’s a massive turnoff in most cases. You want him to know that you care for him and are interested in seeing where things go, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t allowed to have fun with other people. Refrain from trying to rush things and instead allow people to “to unfold naturally.

If you come off as overly controlling, your guy will quickly lose interest and start thinking about finding someone who gives him more room to breathe. Rather than feeling worried around whether he enjoys being around with these other girls, concentrate on what makes You happy special—


These steps should help you get your boyfriend’s attention back. If these tactics don’t work, it might be time to evaluate your relationship and see if maybe it’s time for a break or an end. Remember, if your relationship was indeed healthy and positive, then there will be no reason why you shouldn’t spend a lot of time as possible next to each other.