Why Do Guys Ignore You If They Like You

Why Do Guys Ignore You If They Like You

Why Do Guys Ignore You If They Like You

The answer is that there are several possible reasons for this, and some of them are healthier than others. To understand why he has been ignoring you, take a look at some of the possibilities below and decide which one(s) may apply to your situation and which ones might not.

Why do guys ignore you

It’s not that he likes you and is shy; he knows you don’t feel that way back. Guys are pretty savvy when reading women and determining whether or not a woman is interested in them. If a guy hasn’t asked her out after getting her number and never asks him out, she is most likely not interested.

She may be playing games or still trying to figure out what she wants, but chances are it’s because she doesn’t want anything to do with him beyond friendship (or thinks he would be annoying). Guys have their pride, too, and will usually keep their distance rather than make an ass of themselves by continuing to try things with someone who isn’t into them.

He’s playing hard to get, but he likes you

Guys who play hard to get might have a hidden agenda. They could just be trying to make it last, or he may not think he is good enough for you. A guy may play hard to get anything for a range of factors.

As a girl who likes him and is interested in dating him, it’s essential that you know his motives and how far he is willing to go. Check his intentions carefully and make sure that he treats you with respect before opening up your heart or getting too involved with him.

What are the signs he likes me?

Numerous signs can help you determine whether or not a guy is interested in being more than friends. Please pay attention to his body language and how he treats you around others.

Because unless he appears to be already flirting with you, he may be trying to tell you that he enjoys having good company and wants to get around and know you better. But remember, just because a guy is nice doesn’t mean that he’s trying to flirt with or impress you, so try not to read too much into things.

The chances are good that if someone likes another person romantically, there will be an opportunity for romance somewhere down the line. And with any luck, what will transpire between two people who fall in love will far surpass mere friendship…but we’re getting ahead of ourselves!

Why doesn’t he ever say anything?

On a surface level, maybe he’s being a total jerk. If you don’t believe that’s what’s going on, take heart: The solution to your problem might not be as hard to solve as it seems. It’s entirely possible that he’s just shy and has trouble putting his feelings into words. If so, try asking him out in a way that doesn’t require an immediate response.

Texting is great for making plans with someone who may be nervous about saying face-to-face yes—ask him to hang out sometime soon, then give him some time to think about it before you follow up.

Ask him out when there are other people around; even if he says no, at least you won’t have an awkward conversation afterward. I don’t talk much: I’m sure some of us can relate to feeling uncomfortable in social situations or nervous about talking with strangers, especially those attracted to!

How can I make him talk to me?

If a guy seems to have lost interest in you, it can be not very clear. Maybe he went from being really into you to acting distant and disinterested.

Perhaps it feels like things are not progressing as quickly as they could or should. There could be several reasons why a guy would start ignoring your texts, calls, and Facebook messages.

How can I know for sure that he likes me?

Just because a guy’s paying attention to you doesn’t mean he likes you. How does one tell for sure? Some signs are hard to fake and can make all your feelings about a guy come true. Could you pay attention to his body language?

If he moves around restlessly, he fidgets with his hands. He tugs at his hair when he sees or talks to you (or even when he thinks about seeing or talking to you), then the odds are good that something is brewing beneath his surface that won’t go away.

Should I tell him how I feel? If so, how?

If Mr. Right is already in your life, that’s great news! But sometimes Mr. Right gets lost, and then what? Let me make a suggestion: don’t sit back and wait for Mr. Right to come to you—make sure he knows you’re there by initiating contact yourself. I remember what you’re all thinking (something like, But it makes me feel desperate!

Is it worth telling him?

Suppose he’s ignoring you, probably not. If a guy likes a girl and likes him back, he will find some way to make it work—whether that means asking her out on a date or suggesting hanging out one-on-one with friends. Letting you know he likes you would be an easy way to tell you what his intentions are.

If all he wants is friendship, don’t hold your breath waiting for him to come around; the odds are good that will never happen. But if you want something more than friendship and your friend doesn’t know that yet, go ahead and ask him if it’s worth telling him how much fun it is just in his presence!


Rejection happens to everyone—and it sucks. But even when men are attracted to a woman, they might not be able to show it or tell her. Men can be socially and emotionally inept, even at their age; if a guy likes you but doesn’t act on it before his friends or you, he’s just trying to protect his reputation.

If he does act on it by making a move or approaching you for something as simple as directions, ask yourself why he did so. There was no real purpose behind him talking to you other than that he liked what he saw (or heard). Whatever reaction is elicited from your response will probably say more about his interest level than anything else.