How to Know If He Enjoys The Kiss? Do Guys Fall In Love After Kissing?

How to Know If He Enjoys The Kiss? Do Guys Fall In Love After Kissing?

How to Know If He Enjoys The Kiss? Do Guys Fall In Love After Kissing?

You kiss your guy, and you have no idea how he feels about it. You’re so excited to be with him, but you don’t know how much he likes you, so you can’t help but ask yourself if he enjoyed the kiss as much as you did.

Then you realize that men fall in love after kissing because they also want it, making your relationship more robust and better than ever! Here are some tips on knowing if he enjoyed the kiss too!

Ask him

While there is no guaranteed way to know for sure whether or not a guy truly likes you, there are certainly ways you can gauge his interest. One of these ways is by asking him what he thinks about you.

Depending on how comfortable you feel with him and how direct you want to be, start a more personal conversation (i.e., start talking about school, then talk about your friends and family). Once you feel appropriate, ask him what his general impression of you is.

He will think about it

The more you take into account, the better it has become. If you just enjoyed a passionate lip-lock with your guy and can’t stop thinking about it, the chances are that he’s thinking about it too.

Is there an expression on his face when you say goodbye? Does he call immediately afterward, or are his texts delayed by a few hours or even days? A study has revealed that men find women who’ve experienced pleasure while kissing more attractive than others. If he says, He can’t think straight since we kissed! You know it was good for him too!

Create chemistry

The more time you spend with a guy, especially around others, the easier it will be for him to like you. But when it comes down to one-on-one time, chemistry is what will make or break your relationship. If you don’t have great chemistry, then nothing else matters! Kissing is crucial to learning how things are going between you and your partner. Remember – even if things move forward (and they should!) 

Kiss him back when you like him

It’s essential to take your time when dating, and you should never feel pressured into hooking up with someone or trying out specific acts. If you like a guy and want him to be your boyfriend, let him know by making your moves. Kissing is an exciting sign that you like him and are interested in being more than friends. If he enjoys it too, there’s a good chance he might fall for you too!

Watch for sure signs

There’s no one way of knowing whether or not they liked a kiss when it comes to men. Each person has their reactions and methods of gauging interest.

Many men cannot process all their emotions right away and need some time before deciding how they feel about something (or someone). Regrettably, there are very few things you can look for to see if having a good guy was pleased with your kiss.

Body language tells all!

How can you tell whether a guy liked your kiss? One of my favorite phrases is, The eyes don’t lie. The same applies to how a man feels about kissing you. Keep an eye on his eyes and see whether he enjoyed the first kiss.

The eyes are an essential part of body language and speak volumes about what’s going on in someone’s mind. There are two main aspects that most people pay attention to when it comes to eye contact: where someone is looking and how long they look at something.

When talking with a person, ask yourself these questions: Did they make eye contact with me as soon as I started talking, or was there a lag time before we locked eyes? What were their eyes doing while we were talking?

Were they shifting around, staring off into space, or did they maintain eye contact for most of our conversation? How did everything happen when it was time to say goodbye? Was there a delay before one of us looked away, or did one of us break eye contact first? These are all good indicators that can help you determine if he’s interested in seeing you again.

But here are some ways to think about it: Don’t be discouraged if you’ve had a good conversation and even though you didn’t get much eye contact from him. He may have been shy or nervous and needed more time to warm up.

However, suppose he made plenty of eye contact during your talk but broke it off quickly when saying goodbye. In that case, you might want to think twice about getting involved with him romantically.

Remember that sometimes men like women who challenge them, so be prepared for rejection even though he seemed interested in getting to know you better! Just because a guy isn’t looking at you doesn’t mean he isn’t listening. Guys tend not to make much eye contact while listening intently during conversations—especially if they’re attracted to someone else!

Follow your heart

Do you feel like your man is taking way too long to come around and commit? Does it seem like your advances are being rejected? If you’re unsure how he feels about you, listen closely—what he says and what his actions tell you may not always match up.

He keeps coming back for more: An obvious sign that a guy has fallen for you is when he’s pursuing more time with you. As an example, say that regularly, without asking or pressuring him at all, you go out of your way to see him or talk with him—and every time (or nearly every time), he responds positively.


Kissing is an intimate and passionate act. While most of us enjoy it, some men are unsure how much they like a specific girl or how serious she is about him. How can you tell if a guy likes you by kissing him? What does his response mean when he tries to get into a relationship with you and other relationships that involve intimacy and physical contact. These tips will help you figure out what’s on his mind. If only someone had told us sooner!