When a Guy Wants to Kiss You | What Does That Mean?

When a Guy Wants to Kiss You, What Does That Mean?

When a Guy Wants to Kiss You | What Does That Mean?

It can be hard to read the mind of your crush. One moment they might act like they’re really into you, and the next, they might suddenly seem like they have no interest in talking to you!

If you’re trying to figure out what he means when he wants to kiss you, it helps to look at some of the common reasons guys initiate physical contact with a girl they like. That way, you can figure out his intentions and decide whether or not you want him to go further than that first kiss!

Signs He’s Interested in Getting Closer

There are plenty of signs that he wants you to get physically closer—but how do you know if he’s interested in getting more than just close.

If a guy suggests hanging out on a weekend night and his friends aren’t involved, it’s probably best not to overanalyze why. If he doesn’t want them around, there’s something else going on that has nothing to do with whether or not he likes them. It’s easy for women to think about physical intimacy when they’re with someone new—and it can be even easier for their partner in crime.

Ways To Know If He Likes You

Kissing a girl is like any other regular day-to-day activity for some guys. It’s no big deal, and they don’t think twice about it. Other men have deep feelings for their partner, making them want to kiss her all day long. Most girls aren’t sure what kind of guy they are dating until they find out how he acts around them. Here are some ways you can tell if your man likes you

Why Guys Want To Kiss You

It can be confusing as hell when a guy wants to kiss you. As girls, we’re used to jumping through hoops to get what we want and then finally getting it—the phone number of that cute guy at work or finding out whether he likes us back—and then we still feel all kinds of nervous.

But why is it so nerve-wracking when it comes down to asking for a simple kiss? In fact, why do guys even want to kiss us in the first place? This brings up all kinds of questions: Do they think I’m pretty enough/funny enough/cool enough/smart enough/whatever enough…to kiss them?

Is he just doing it because everyone else is doing it? Is he going to dump me after one date if I don’t let him kiss me now? The answers are not always clear-cut, but there are some things you can watch out for.

If a guy doesn’t seem super into you yet (i.e., hasn’t asked you on more than one date), if his friends seem like they might be pressuring him into kissing you (which happens), or if there’s just something about him that makes your heart sink (he’s only interested in hooking up with someone tonight), then maybe hold off on giving him your lips until he shows more interest.

What Are The Next Steps After A First Kiss?

A kiss is more than just a kiss. For many couples, kissing signifies taking their relationship from friendship status to something more. If you’re dating someone and he suddenly wants to take your relationship from friends to something more, it might seem like his feelings are severe. The problem is, how would you know that this might not be true? It takes two people who want things to go further to happen.

There may be some initial signs of interest, but other signs indicate where a guy stands after he kisses you for the first time. Look out for these signs when trying to determine what happens next with him: He Doesn’t Text Back: Some guys will give you an answer right away when you ask them about what happened between you two after a first kiss.

Others will take longer to respond because they don’t have an answer yet, but they still text back eventually! When your guy doesn’t text back, likely, he isn’t sure where things stand between you two after one kiss. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about your feelings—it could simply mean that he isn’t sure where his feelings lie.

How Can I Become More Confident Around Men?

Confidence is key. If you’re feeling nervous or anxious, it’s only going to show and turn off your crush. When you feel confident in yourself and what you have to offer—your personality, intellect, and sense of humor—you exude self-assurance (not arrogance). You will be more likely to inspire similar feelings in him. So work on creating healthy confidence.

Are All Guys Players?

There’s one thing that most guys want in return for all of their hard work at making you feel good: a kiss. In some cases, it could even be more than just one kiss.

It might seem like there’s an unspoken rule that men only ask women out to have sex with them…but is that true? Most of us are looking for love and companionship when we date—so why shouldn’t kissing be on your mind too? If you think about it, if he wants to kiss you, he must believe that you’re special enough to warrant his time and effort.

So what does it mean if he wants to get physical with you so soon? Well, nothing. He may be a forward guy who isn’t afraid of taking risks—or maybe he thinks highly enough of himself (and his skills) that he doesn’t believe he needs a lot of time or effort before getting into bed with someone new.

If things move fast between you two, then consider yourself lucky! Some people waste years trying to find one. Still, suppose he’s already interested in taking things further after only knowing each other for two weeks. In that case, the chances are that he’s not going anywhere anytime soon!


A man who wants to kiss you shows his interest in pursuing more than just friendship. He was indeed wary of making a move because he was embarrassed and humiliated. If your response is no, don’t do it. But if you would feel comfortable kissing him back and returning his affections, go for it.