8 Signs He Likes You When Hanging Out

8 Signs He Likes You When Hanging Out

8 Signs He Likes You When Hanging Out

Asking the question, Does he like me? is one of the terrifying feelings a girl can experience when dating. It can be challenging to tell when you are attracted to someone and want to know if he feels the same way. However, as with any situation where you don’t get direct feedback from the person you wish to get it from, some signs can give you clues on whether or not he likes you too. Here are eight signs he likes you when hanging out with him, so you don’t have to wonder anymore!

1) He is always around

So many girls wonder what is going on in a guy’s head. One of them is, does he like me? If a guy keeps coming back and popping up in your life, he is interested in something about you. He might see you as a friend, but something about him still draws him to you, even if that’s not it.

You might not know what it is yet, but don’t stop looking into it because more is coming from his side. The idea that maybe his feelings for you have grown over time makes sense, too, and gives hope to those of us who are actively searching for love or validation.

2) He makes eye contact

If your boyfriend has trouble making eye contact with other people, it might seem like a good sign that he’s into you. But if his gaze is constantly flitting from one side of your face to another and back again, there’s a good chance that he feels anxious around you.

If his eyes lock on yours, however, then it means that he wants to see what’s going on in your head at all times. That sounds like a great thing for someone who may be interested in becoming more than friends… but until then, beware of an over-enthusiastic eye-stare!

3) He gives you his full attention

He’s not checking his phone for texts or refreshing his Twitter feed every two minutes. He is fully engaged in what you have to say, even if it’s small and insignificant. For example, if you tell him a story from your past, he doesn’t just listen to it; he makes eye contact with you and responds accordingly. This shows that he cares about what’s going on inside your head and wants to know more about who you are.

4) He makes an effort to be near you

Men and women often hang out in groups and pair off to mingle. If a guy hangs around by your side, he wants to know you better. You’ll probably catch him stealing glances at you or trying to strike up a conversation with you. It may seem like he’s interested in what his friends are doing, but if his eyes keep coming back to you, it could be because there’s an attraction between you two.

5) Body language speaks volumes about how he feels about your friendship

Watch your friend’s face for subtle signals like a grin or soft smile and see if his eyes are trained on you.

Is he attentive? Does he look proud of you? Does he take an interest in what you have to say, or does he seem distracted, even bored? If your friend seems genuinely proud of who you are, then the chances are good that his feelings run deeper than friendship. It is worth remembering whether your friend ever initiates contact with you, whether by text, voicemail greeting, or suddenly and without warning showing up at your house.

6) He keeps his word with you

A guy who keeps his word is someone who will keep you happy because a guy who isn’t dependable in life won’t be responsible with women. He is straightforward with you: When a guy is interested in a girl, he doesn’t play games and makes her wonder if he wants to get to know her.

He keeps an eye on your well-being: If someone cares about another person, they want that person to be happy and feel good. As much as we hesitate to say it, people are near the surface creatures. Most of us are drawn to others’ physical attractiveness.

7) He gives genuine compliments on your appearance

He’s not just saying it to get in your pants, but because he sincerely finds you attractive. He starts conversations: Flirty talk can signify that someone is interested. Please pay attention to how much effort he puts into communicating with you. He can’t take his eyes off of you: Just as there are ways to tell if a girl likes you, there are also ways guys give away their interest in women.

Does he seem starry-eyed and lost in thought when talking or hanging out? That may mean that what’s on his mind is something other than conversing with friends! He doesn’t play games: If he seems genuinely happy to see you, the chances are good that he has a genuine interest in getting to know you better. He tries to spend that time with you alone: maybe you’re just at a party together and decide to leave for the next room.

Maybe he gets up from where everyone else is sitting at lunch so that it’s just the two of you sitting across from each other, whatever scenario unfolds, alone together, providing an opportunity for flirting without distractions from others around him.

8) Positive vibes = positive relationships

People react to positive vibes, so exuding positivity and excitement is essential. The easiest way to do that? Inform them how excited you are to meet up. There is no need to get overly gushy or over-the-top here — just a simple I can’t wait! will suffice. (Bonus points if your excitement stems from an actual place of excitement.) The more excited and optimistic you are, the more likely they will be interested in your relationship. 


If you’re constantly experiencing doubts about your relationship, there’s a good chance it won’t last long. If your boyfriend isn’t taking his time to make sure you know he cares, then it might be time to move on. Whenever a man desires to be with a woman, he will use any magnitude to express that desire. Keep an eye out for these eight signs your boyfriend is into you (and then double-check yourself).