7 Signs She Doesnt Love You Anymore | But Why Doesn’t She Love Me?

7 Signs She Doesnt Love You Anymore | But Why Doesn't She Love Me?

7 Signs She Doesnt Love You Anymore | But Why Doesn’t She Love Me?

Many signs can indicate she doesn’t love you anymore, and some of them might surprise you. You might be surprised that she doesn’t feel the same excitement when you kiss her as before or that there isn’t that magnetic attraction between you. The fact of the matter is that over time, people change, and even though they love their partner very much, they may not feel the same spark as they once did in your relationship.

Does She Answer Your Calls?

If she’s not answering your calls or delaying them and then answering with something like I was taking a shower or in a meeting, she may not be interested in talking to you. She may also be screening your calls.

It doesn’t seem likely that things will ever change between you two, which means she may already have moved on. It’s possible that she still loves you but is scared of being hurt again. If you want her back, don’t wait too long before trying to talk to her again. The longer you wait, the more time she has to move on without having any contact with you at all.

Does She Laugh at Your Jokes?

In a loving relationship, laughter should be frequent and genuine. If your girlfriend doesn’t laugh at your jokes or finds them stupid, it could mean that she’s not happy with you. Also, if your girlfriend rarely shares humor with you in return, it could mean that she doesn’t feel comfortable enough to do so.

Instead of forcing her to share something humorous with you when there isn’t any inside her, work on strengthening your relationship by encouraging more communication and asking questions that help you get to know each other better. That will make both of you feel happier, which means there will be more fun and laughs between you in no time.

Does She Cry When You’re Not Around?

This is a classic. It’s pretty easy to figure out whether your girl is crying because of you or for another reason. If she calls when you’re not around, something else is going on in her life that’s making her sad.

Your relationship could be causing problems for her at work, for example, or perhaps she doesn’t like being in a relationship with someone who doesn’t treat her well. She may feel trapped by your association and simply unable to get out of it no matter how much it sucks.

Does She Show Concern for You When You Are Sick?

A sign that a woman loves someone is when she shows concern for him, even if he’s not her partner. If your lover doesn’t display tenderness towards you when you are sick or shows little regard for your feelings, the chances are that she does not have feelings for you.

Of course, there could be other reasons as well. For example, some women tend to disregard their partner’s emotions if they are stressed out because of work or another reason. Also, many people don’t know how to show sympathy towards someone else due to a lack of experience and maturity.

Does She Ask About Your Day When She Sees You?

If a relationship isn’t going well, most people are desperate to get out of it quickly. However, if someone loves you, they’ll try to make things work as long as possible. Even when they know they want to break up with you, many women will continue acting as though everything is normal and ask about your day even when they see you.

This is so that they can have more time with you to make sure that their decision was made for the right reasons. If your girlfriend doesn’t seem interested in asking about your day, it might be time to move on.

Does She Get Excited Over Anything You Do Together Anymore?

One of the ways to know if a woman still loves you is to observe her body language, especially when something exciting happens. Suppose your woman doesn’t get excited when something good happens to or around you or your relationship. In that case, it’s probably not too early to start looking for warning signs that say that your girlfriend has fallen out of love with you.

Suppose she no longer shows excitement over anything with you and your relationship together. In that case, it could signify that her feelings have changed towards one another. Another reason why interpreting how women express their feelings through non-verbal communication is essential is if a man wants to make sure he knows what his woman is feeling and thinking before any misunderstandings arise between them.

Does She Want to Spend Time with Her Friends Without You Around Anymore?

If your girlfriend avoids spending time with you, it could be because she doesn’t want to let her friends know that you are no longer together. She might not have enough courage to break up with you. So instead of telling her friends that you two aren’t dating anymore, she prefers spending time without your company.

If she doesn’t want to spend time with you around her friends, then there might be a good chance that she wants to break up with you. If so, try talking things out; even if it doesn’t work out in your favor of getting back together with her, at least there is peace between your lives and hearts as far as relationships go.

But why doesn’t she love me?

There are a million things to consider when wondering why she doesn’t love me anymore? The answer to that question will vary from person to person. However, there are always sure common denominators in cases where a girl has lost feelings for her boyfriend. Here are seven signs we have elaborate that tell you whether or not your girlfriend still loves you. If there are even just two of these traits evident, your lady is no longer head over heels for you; your relationship is on thin ice.


It is hard to admit that your relationship isn’t going in a healthy direction. If you read these signs, it might be time to face reality and do something about it. You have a right to be happy! If you think your significant other isn’t taking care of herself, or loving you back, maybe it is time for her to move on to someone who can take better care of her…and that doesn’t mean waiting around with the hope that things will change. It takes two people working together to keep their relationship strong and healthy.