7 Obvious Signs He Pretending Not To Like You


7 Obvious Signs He Pretending Not To Like You

It can be harder to say whether a guy likes you or not, and here are some signs that can allow you to determine whether he’s falsely claiming not to like you or is simply unwilling to engage in you. Those same signs will help you figure out now if he likes you!

1) He never calls

If a guy never calls, it’s because you aren’t a priority. He isn’t interested in investing time or energy into your relationship if he knows that your heart isn’t invested in him either. If you want to know if he is really into you, pay attention to how much effort he puts into keeping in touch with you. If his answers get shorter and shorter and texts come less frequently, chances are there is someone else who has caught his eye.

Just one way to be certain will be to ask him directly. And don’t worry about being direct. Guys hate games as much as girls do! Just be honest and straightforward when you ask him why he doesn’t call more often. You will probably be surprised at what you hear. Even if it hurts a little bit, remember that it would hurt even more to keep wondering whether or not he likes you!

2) He Doesn’t Text Back

Don’t take it personally when your crush doesn’t reply right away. It could be several reasons: he’s busy, doing something else, or isn’t that into you. Whatever it is, don’t worry about it and text him back at some point; if nothing else, how are you? The message shows that you still care.

And even if he doesn’t respond right away (or ever), don’t lose hope. It’s all part of dating in 2016, where good connections come and go—and come back again and again! If one thing doesn’t work out, move on and try something new until something does. 

You’ll find any one who appreciates you for who you are quicker and better or later. Here are seven other signs that he may not be interested in.

3) The Mystery Man Has No Social Media

If a guy has no social media accounts, he seems mysterious and interesting. At first glance, it may seem cool because guys with social media tend to come off as selfish. However, suppose you end up dating him. In that case, it becomes a problem because, without social media, there’s no evidence of his existence for people who might be searching for him on various platforms.

If he doesn’t have an account but doesn’t use it either—but if he has an account and never uses it or deletes posts after just a few days? Then that’s a red flag!

4) He Says One Thing and Does Another

A man who says one thing and does another is a good indication that he’s faking interest in you. When it comes to communication, honesty is key. He should never promise something and then fail to deliver. And above all else, if he’s constantly flaking on plans or standing you up, your relationship simply isn’t working out.

What’s worse than wasting time on someone who doesn’t care about seeing you? Avoid being his next victim by ending things before they start. It’ll save everyone a lot of heartache in the long run. If he likes you, he won’t let you go so easily. If anything, he’ll try harder to keep your attention. So don’t settle for anything less than genuine interest from him—because that might be all you get.

5) He Seems Normal at First, but Something Seems Off

You’ve been on a few dates with someone, and everything seems perfect. But something feels off — there’s no connection, or they seem super boring. Maybe they’re mean or rude to waiters/waitresses (or even other people) when out on a date. You also notice that they seem uncomfortable when in public with you; for example, your date will turn away from you when someone tries to take a picture of you two together.

Your date is just trying too hard to act normal around you, but nothing about their behavior makes sense. It’s as if they are trying to be somebody else entirely. If any of these things sound familiar, then the chances are that your date is a psychopath trying very hard to pretend that he likes you so that he can continue dating you!

6) He Never Does What You Want To Do

If one person likes something in any normal relationship, it’s usually assumed that their partner will also be into it. If your boyfriend/girlfriend wants to get ice cream, you get ice cream; if they want to play video games all night, then so do you. However, in a one-sided relationship, your partner only knows what will make you happy.

If you’ve ever been there before—wondering why someone loves hanging out with their friends more than going out on a date or generally acting bored when around your family—then there’s a good chance that person doesn’t like being with you. Please don’t feel too bad about it, though!

7) Other People Think He’s Not That Into You (And They May Be Right!)

Just because someone says they’re not that into you doesn’t mean they’re interested in dating you. Whether it’s a guy who seems too busy for a date or one who keeps canceling plans, here are seven typical behaviors guys use when they don’t want to be around and may need space—or might have feelings for someone else.

If you notice one or more of these warning signs, stop stressing and start worrying: You could be right! Or, take a chance on your gut instinct and ask him what’s going on. After all, he may need a gentle push (and an answer) before he realizes how great it would be if his heart were yours!


If you’re still wondering whether or not he likes you, then there’s only one thing left to do: ask him out. But do it casually—if you come on too strong, it could backfire and make him feel uncomfortable. Even if your guy has made some of these mistakes, don’t worry: Plenty of fish are in the sea. If a man doesn’t call after a date, then move on!