Can Extramarital Affairs Be True Love?

Can Extramarital Affairs Be True Love?

Can Extramarital Affairs Be True Love?

It can be accessible that people cheat because they are not satisfied in their marriage. This is often true, but it can sometimes be far from the whole story. In some instances, the extramarital affair might be caused by dissatisfaction with the marriage. Still, other times the cheating spouse could be happily married and commit adultery because of intense love and passion, rather than just lust or frustration.

Can extramarital affairs be true love?

Many have asked can extramarital affairs be true love and, if so, what does it mean for their relationship? In almost all cases, infidelity is a symptom of other issues in your relationship. It may well be a sign that you’re not as compatible as you once were or possibly seeking validation outside of your marriage.

So long as there are unresolved issues with your spouse, it’s unlikely that infidelity will go away. You may not be in a position to save your marriage right now. Still, if you haven’t made any progress on resolving these deeper issues, then divorce might bring some clarity to both of you. And there’s no shame in that!

Why cheating happens

Having an affair doesn’t mean you’re not in love with your partner. According to research, women are likely to cheat after a significant life event, like childbirth or death. Women also tend to be cheated on because their partner has become emotionally distant; 81% of men and 77% of women say that men cheat for sex, and 62% of men and 73% of women say that women cheat for emotional connection. Bottom line: The reasons people have affairs don’t necessarily make them bad people—they may want something new in their relationship (which is OK!).

Is it cheating if you’re still in love with your spouse?

An affair is never just an affair. When you have to choose: Do I choose my spouse, or do I choose my needs, wants, and desires? Have we all become so desperate for happiness that we will do anything for it, even if it involves betraying someone else’s trust to get it? There are many questions involved when looking at cheating; however, one of them is not. Is it possible that infidelity can be a positive force in someone’s life? Many people can (and do) fall back on religion or upbringing to justify why they could never cheat on their spouses. 

The signs someone is cheating on you

A person cheats for various reasons, but there are some telltale signs your partner has strayed from your relationship. You can’t know for sure whether or not your spouse or significant other is having an affair unless you’re a mind reader. However, there are ways to look at their behavior that may point to infidelity.

Notice any of these signs and have concerns about infidelity. It might be time to confront your partner and ask them directly. Suppose they out deny that anything is going on. In that case, it’s probably best to keep an eye on things until you feel more comfortable with what’s happening in your relationship. It’s hard to know when someone is cheating, but paying attention to how they act and talk around their friends, co-workers, and family members could give you clues about what’s going on.

It’s also important to remember that just because your suspicions seem justified doesn’t mean they are—it could be that you’re looking for something wrong where nothing exists. Try not to jump to conclusions until you have evidence proving your hunch right or wrong. Even if your instincts turn out correct and someone does cheat on you, remember: It’s never too late to save a marriage!

How to stop yourself from having an affair

First, it’s important to recognize when you’re entering dangerous territory. Most of us know in our gut when something is off in a relationship, but sometimes we choose to ignore that feeling. If you’ve been arguing more than usual or your partner seems disinterested or withdrawn, take note and figure out what’s happening before it worsens.

And remember: Because infidelity happens so quickly—before a person can think through their actions—if you notice warning signs, don’t wait around for things to get worse; talk to your partner right away and work together to create a healthy relationship. Infidelity doesn’t have to ruin relationships—it often happens because a couple isn’t communicating.

What not to do when it comes to infidelity

If you want to catch a cheating partner, here are some tips to help you out. But more importantly, if your partner has cheated on you once, they will likely do it again. Unless you want to end up in an endless cycle of heartbreak and betrayal, take steps to prevent your relationship from going down that path.

After all, infidelity doesn’t just hurt a couple: Children can also feel crushed by their parents’ broken vows. Stay or go? That is ultimately your decision, but before making any rash decisions, make sure you have all the facts. It’s easy to get caught up in emotions when dealing with infidelity—and sometimes, we don’t see things clearly until after we’ve had time to calm down and reason about what happened.

Take a step back for a few days before deciding what to do next. You might find that your decision changes as time goes on—and that’s OK!

Someone new and exciting who made them feel alive again. The old saying goes: Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. Well, my friends, there’s a lot of guilt going around these days because most people are more than willing to be fooled by an affair when it comes along.


No, no, it cannot. No matter how much you try to convince yourself otherwise, an affair is not real love; it’s a betrayal of trust. I know that plenty of people will disagree with me on that point, but if you want to feel great about your relationship and enjoy a long future together—not only with your spouse but also with each other—then go ahead and argue with me. All you want!

And while you’re at it, ask yourselves why so many people who have affairs end up getting divorced anyway. Because they weren’t happy in their marriages in the first place, that’s why. They didn’t believe in their vows or think they were worth sticking to until temptation came along and made them see things differently. And then they fell for someone else who was willing to give them what they wanted when their spouse wasn’t.