8 signs he wants to make you his girlfriend just for hook up

8 signs he wants to make you his girlfriend just for hook up

8 Signs He wants to Make you his Girlfriend just for Hook Up

Is your relationship with the person you’re dating going well? Do you want to know how he’s feeling or if you’re on the same page as him? Or maybe you genuinely DO KNOW. Just a smidgeon of self-doubt has crept in. It occurs all the time. So, just in case you’re worried, here are ten indicators he wants you to be his girlfriend soon and is about to ask you out.

Doesn’t He Want To Make You His Girlfriend? 

So, before we go into the indicators that he wants you to be his girlfriend soon, let’s get a sense of where you are right now.

Have you been dating for a long time?

  • How long had you known each other (if at all) before that?
  • Have things progressed to the point of exclusivity?
  • What’s the status of your relationship? Was it a one-of-a-kind connection?
  • Is everything still moving in the correct direction?
  • Have you spoken about your relationships and what you want as a couple?
  • Is he aware of your feelings? Do you realize he has deep feelings for you as well?
  • Signs He Wants You To Be His Girlfriend Soon
  • So, what are the signals that he’s planning to make you his girlfriend soon? How do you know he’ll go ahead and make it official? So, here are 08 critical indicators. As you can see, you’ll also notice:

1) Everything Is Going Well

So, first and foremost, one of the most telling signs that he wants you to be his girlfriend is if everything is going well and has been for a while.

Taking the next step and asking you out is, after all, a logical evolution. Of course, you have to know that he’s sincere, that he wants a relationship, and that he’s ready for one (these are the only things that may throw that off!)

Is there any chemistry going on? Do you tend to click? Are you looking for the same things? Are you in the exact location as me?

When all of these factors come together, your chances of making your relationship official skyrocket.

Is he aware of everything that has happened? 

2) He Asks You What You Want

If you notice he asks more questions and seeks clarity, this is one of the indicators he wants you to be his girlfriend soon and is preparing for it.

In general, he could inquire if you want to be in a relationship. Maybe he wants to know if you could envision yourself in a relationship with him.

He could also affirm your feelings about him, the relationship, and where it’s going. Or he might make a joke about asking you out shortly to see how you react.

All of this is just a build-up to what he wants in the end and ensuring that you’re both on the same page.

3) He Digs  Deeper If He Wants to make you his girlfriend Soon

He’ll want to be sure it’s the correct option before he asks you out. Not because he doubts you, but because it’s always wise to take things slowly and avoid rushing into anything. It’s better for everyone.

So, if you see he takes an extra effort to get to know you, that’s one of the indicators he wants you to be his girlfriend. He asks more in-depth inquiries, even qualifying questions.

4) You Do More With Friends & Family

As time passes, you may find that you begin to do new things together, such as meeting family and friends, venturing beyond each other’s comfort zones, and putting yourself in unique circumstances. This is significant since it displays several aspects of your personality.

It’s also a strong indicator that he wants to make you his girlfriend as soon as possible. He’s gradually integrating you into his life to see how well you fit in and whether he can fit into yours.

5) He Opens Up He Wants You To Be His Girlfriend Soon

This isn’t simply a one-way street — there are tests following tests! There has to be trusted if he wants you to be his girlfriend. There must also be a connection, a tie.

So, whether he’s a naturally outspoken person or not, you can discover that he begins to open up and share more with you, bringing you closer together.

This might be the result of lengthy discussions and heartfelt conversations. You could also notice that he tells you more about his day. Have you had a horrible day? You’re the one he looks to for help.

It doesn’t have to be very intense all of the time, but as time passes and you come closer to being official, you’ll start to feel like best friends and co-conspirators.

6) He Still Makes an Effort

If he wants you to be his girlfriend, but you’re not yet officially engaged, he’ll keep grafting and putting in the effort. He wants to wow you, make you happy, show you what you can have as a couple, and make you WANT to be with each other.

Yes, as time passes, you will grow more at ease. You may begin to fall into habits or rituals, especially as you grow closer to “relationship status.” This is natural since you are both at ease in one other’s presence. There must, however, be a balance.

He’ll still make an effort if he genuinely wants to be with you. If he puts in LESS, it begins to seem like It’s all coming from you, which suggests he’s either gotten too comfortable, taken it too easy, or is mullin’ along, unconcerned about whether it goes somewhere or not.

Final Verdict

This may be a major one, depending on where you’re at, how your life is going, and how the two of you are like.

There are fewer “threats” if you and your partner are exclusive. To decrease the “threats,” he may have made something of it sooner than you’d think. He desires you to be his and will, at some time, ask you out.