13 Signs that a Godly Man is Pursuing You. What shall you do to accept or refuse him?

13 Signs that a Godly Man is Pursuing You. What shall you do to accept or refuse him?

13 Signs that a Godly Man is Pursuing You. What shall you do to accept or refuse him?

Are you wondering if the man you’ve been dating is Godly? Here we will tell you thirteen signs that he might be. When you’re single, it’s hard not to think about marriage. You daydream about your wedding day and the man who will be by your side. You may even have a specific man in mind. 

When a man pursues a woman, he usually does certain things to let her know that he is interested. If you wonder if a godly man is pursuing you, here are thirteen signs to look for. He will take an interest in you. He may ask about your interests and what you do for fun. If he genuinely cares about you, he will want to know you better. He will do your things without knowing you.

13 signs that a godly man pursuing you

Obey God 

He’ll practice the words of God. If he doesn’t do these things, he’s just pretending. If he’s a man who doesn’t honor God’s words, he’s a god. He should respect you and be respectful. Otherwise, he’ll be a godly man who doesn’t respect women.

He Talks about Marriage

A godly man will see marriage as a serious commitment and will want to discuss it with you. Dating can be a tricky business. It’s hard to know when you’ve found the right person and even harder to see if they feel the same way about you. A godly man will be excited about the prospect of marrying you, and it is a good sign. 

Do not Flirt

He’s avoiding flirting with other women. He’s not courting another woman. It would help if you weren’t gazing at him or doing other things. Lustful eyes are sin. His faith is pure, and he’ll know that you’re a chosen one.

Faithful to family

He’s committed to advancing God’s kingdom. He’s devoted to his wife. He won’t use his position as his only priority. If he’s a committed man, he’ll be a spiritual leader for his family and a faithful spouse. If he’s not committed and single, then you should keep looking.


He’s devoted to his wife. He’s devoted to you. He cares about your health. His desire to make his wife happy is his passion. He’s dedicated to helping you become the woman God intended for you. You can be sure he’s a Godly man if you’re willing to do the right thing.

Do not have materialism. 

He’s not a gold digger. He knows the Scriptures and can teach you about them. He’s a good teacher, and you should value your time with him. He should be an excellent example for you. He’ll be a great supporter to you. 

He loves you sacrificially.

A godly man will love you for who you are, not for what you can do for him. He will be willing to sacrifice his time and resources for your benefit. He’s ready to sacrifice things for you.

It would help if you weren’t too greedy, or he would make you look like a gold digger. A godly man will not want to compromise with you. Lastly, he’ll never let you be a gold digger. When it comes to dating, a godly man will be willing to sacrifice. 

Do not have Greedy nature.

He’s a godly man. Do not be afraid of the word ‘godly .’Those are the exact words that a godly man uses when talking to his wife. At the same time, a godly man is not greedy.


you’ll be able to recognize him by his behavior to know if he is a godly man. He’ll be a godly man if he respects you and loves you for who you are. If he’s a godly man, he’ll give respect to everyone and be a godly person.


He’ll take a submissive role in the relationship and be the one to teach you the Word of God. You’ll be a godly woman, and he’ll love you, too. The same goes for a man who genuinely values his family. He’ll be a devoted partner for life. He’ll be a godly man. His behavior will show that he’s a religious woman. You should conduct yourself with a healthy fear of God as if he’s serving you, and he’ll be pleasing you.

Eye Contact 

He’ll maintain eye contact, which is crucial for communicating non-verbally. Eye contact also fosters intimacy between the two of you. A godly guy will show you signs of affection through eye contact and other physical expressions.

He takes an interest in your life.

It is hard to find a man who takes an interest in your life in today’s society. However, a godly man will pursue you and take an interest in your life. He will ask you about your life and what you are doing. He will also want to know your goals and dreams. In addition, he will be interested in your spiritual life.

He will take care of your family and your work. He also listens carefully to what you have to say. A godly man will also want to spend time with you, whether it’s going out for coffee or taking a walk. He will also pray for you and with you.


A godly man will pursue you because he wants to know you and spend time with you. In a culture where divorce is rampant and getting married seems to be more of a financial decision than anything else, it can be challenging to know when you’ve met “the one.”  A godly man will pursue you with passion. He won’t just text you once a week or call you once a month. He will be all in, 100 percent.

Should you accept or reject godly men?

It is best to accept him. He has shown interest in you for a reason, and God likely has plans for the two of you together. Be open to his advances and let him woo you. If you reject him, you may miss out on an excellent opportunity to grow in your faith.

Final Words

If a godly man pursues you, it is essential to consider if he is right for you. Remember to pray and seek God’s guidance in this decision. Ask yourself if his values align with yours and if he will be a good role model for your children. If you decide that he is not the one for you, be respectful in your rejection. Thank him for his interest and let him know that you are not interested.