When a Guy calls you his Girlfriend, what does that mean? Girlfriend material vs Hookup

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When a Guy calls you his Girlfriend, what does that mean? Girlfriend material vs Hookup

So when a guy starts talking about you being his girlfriend, it might seem incredible that he’s thinking about a relationship. Yet most times, it means another thing. The guy’s calling you girlfriend because he wants to take the relationship to the next level.

That next level is a hookup. So when a guy calls you his girlfriend, you know where the relationship is headed. In this post, we will discuss girlfriend material vs. hookup and have a brief discussion to find out your question answer.

If a guy calls you his girlfriend, what does that mean?

You have to ask yourself some critical questions before entering into any relationship. One of those questions is: Is this relationship a girlfriend relationship or a hookup? Hookups and girlfriends are two entirely different relationships. If you are interested in a guy romantically, you need to determine his girlfriend material. If you’re not, there will be problems in your relationship.

how to know if a guy wants to be your boyfriend or if he wants to be your friend

If you want to know if he is serious, you have to look at his actions. He could say many things that would tell you that he is serious, but his actions are the best indicators. If he’s saying it, he might not be meaning it. One of the main reasons some guys say they have a girlfriend is that they believe that if they want to be more than friends, it will keep other people away. If he’s telling a girl that he has a girlfriend, then she isn’t going to try to mess around with him.

The problem with this is that if he has a girlfriend, he is lying, which is never good. If a guy calls you his girlfriend, and you’re not, then he’s just using you. You may think that you’re his girlfriend, but if he’s saying this to you, he doesn’t mean it. Also, if a guy is telling a girl that he has a girlfriend, and she is his girlfriend, then he’s lying to her as well. He should be going to her and telling her that he wants to be more than just friends with you.

What constitutes girlfriend material?

When a guy calls you his girlfriend, there can be so many things that he means by that. Some guys are looking for girlfriends, and some are looking for something more casual. If you want to find out if you are girlfriend material, you need to look at how you are treated by the guy who wants to call you his girlfriend. The way you are treated is the best way to tell if you are girlfriend material or just a hookup.

The guy who wants to call you his girlfriend will treat you with respect; he will be thoughtful and genuinely care about your feelings. He will plan dates with you, and he will be excited to see you. He will want to be around you a lot, and he will want to be with you. A guy who wants to be girlfriend material will ensure that you know that you are unique to him and that he is excited to be with you.

What is girlfriend material, and how to become one?

Girlfriend Material is a guy’s dream come true. This is the girl that can be his princess, his queen, the mother of his children, his friend, and the woman he wants to share his life with. No other girl will do. What makes a girl boyfriend material? What makes a woman’s boyfriend material? What qualities should a woman possess to be boyfriend material? These are the questions lots of men have in their minds.

If a guy calls you his girlfriend, he has probably already decided to be with you for the end of his life. This means that you are the person he wants to be with and build a life with you. It doesn’t mean that he is ready to marry tomorrow or have babies with you.

It means that he sees a serious future with you, and he wants to start the journey. He is committing to you that he would like to start a relationship with you.

What is a hookup buddy, and how to become one?

A hookup buddy is the opposite of a boyfriend. If you are looking for a partner for lifelong, this is not the person you are looking for. However, if you are open to casual flings and one-night stands, then you’re in the right place! A hookup buddy is a guy who is down to have relaxed with you regularly. He’s not looking for a girlfriend; he wants a booty call.

A hookup buddy is not a boyfriend, and you should not expect him to be one. When you get involved with a hookup buddy, you need to know what you’re getting yourself into. Hookup buddies are not like boyfriends.

They are uninterested in your emotions (or if you feel at all). They are not looking for a future with you; it’s all about fun in the present. They are not going to call you every day or even every week. And if you’re looking for a long-distance relationship, forget it! You need to be close by to be a hookup buddy. Forget about being just a hookup buddy. Being a booty call is probably a better idea.


You may have heard it time and time again: stop getting into relationships with guys who are not serious about you. However, a few things are more frustrating than falling for a guy who keeps treating you like the other girls. Learn to recognize what makes the difference between a guy simply hooking up with you and a guy who wants to be your boyfriend.