8 signs a player is falling for you | What to say to a player to hurt him?

8 signs a player is falling for you | What to say to a player to hurt him?

8 signs a player is falling for you | What to say to a player to hurt him?

Starting a new relationship after a breakup can be stressful and sometimes steep ahead. However, there are signs that you need to look out for. This article will discuss eight signs that a player is falling for you. 

Signs that a player is falling for you

Here we have listed some signs that indicate that a player is falling for you.

They are not dating anyone else

When someone wants to be in a relationship with you but is afraid to do so, they will try to spend time with you in ways that do not appear to date. For example, they will frequently ask you to go out with him whenever he is near your neighborhood, or he will just find excuses to look out to go with you. 

They are slow in moving on and wants to stick to you

Relationships develop at different rates, but if your possible partner is moving slowly, it could be a polite way of saying they’re afraid to commit to you that he is falling for you. 

They may continue to play you for a fool, with no clear indication of what they want or where your relationship is going.

He wants to meet with your friends

We don’t usually tell our friends about dates immediately unless you already know them because you hang out in the same circles. It’s not a big deal if you run into his buddies, but it’s a big deal if he invites you to meet them. He’s willing to describe who you are and how you fit into his life to strangers.

Similarly, if he wants to meet your close friends, it means he wants to know more about you.

Your conversations go very deep

You talk about more than simply chit-chat or flirtatious language; you also discuss serious issues. Politics, global issues, lofty ambitions, and life aspirations are discussed.

Even though players are excellent conversation makers, the conversation tends to be basic but eventually goes deep/personal. It is kind of lighthearted and amusing. He may ask you about you or your life, but it never becomes personal.

So, if you can talk for hours on end about a wide range of profound topics, it means you have a deeper connection.

Relationship is progressing

Most relationships, after all, develop over time. It usually begins with casual dating and gets more severe as you bond with one another.

We may progress from seeing someone one or two nights per week to seeing them several, if not all, nights per week.

When you’re first dating, communication may be restricted to setting up dates or sending the occasional text message. But, as time goes on, check-ins will grow more regular, possibly even daily.

One of the most typical complaints about dating your average guy is that you eventually hit a brick wall, and things don’t appear to be moving forward.

Sex hits differently

When sentiments are involved, sex takes on a new meaning. It has a distinct energy that is difficult to describe but that you can sense. Making love builds a more profound bond beyond lust or the need to satisfy one another’s bodies. 

Of course, it’s a highly personal experience — and just because it means more to you doesn’t imply it does for the other person.

He wants you to meet his family

Players do not invite you to their homes to meet their mothers. They avoid all levels of connection or signs of commitment — yet it doesn’t get much more intimate or committed than coming home to meet the family. People can date for months or even years without ever meeting their partner’s family.

Whether we’re close to our family or not, bringing someone home is a huge step for most individuals.

What should you do? | How to make him feel guilty?

After you know that he is a player, it is essential for you to tackle this situation and think of a wise solution to teach him a lesson. So here we have some ways listed that you can use to teach a player a lesson. 

Avoid meeting/interacting

Don’t make eye contact with him, don’t look him in the eyes, and don’t smile at him. Do not respond if he texts you a casual message like “hello, babe.” He might begin to miss you, and if he realizes what he’s done wrong, he might begin to regret it. 

On the other hand, if the player asks what’s wrong or what he did, take advantage of the opportunity to explain. He might not know he’s done anything wrong at first, and when he does, he may sincerely regret it.

Make him feel jealous

Hanging around with other guys may be your way to learning how to play a player and make him feel bad or jealous. Because no one is immune to their emotions, showing him that you don’t care about him should help calm him down.

He should understand that you are OK whether he is present or not. Demonstrate that you have more important things to do than spend time with him. Have a good time, eat, drink, and dance. Enjoy yourself and don’t limit yourself because of him, but make sure he notices.

Plat Tit for Tat

Some people are in urgent need of a taste of their poison. Allow him to try on the shoes to feel how they ache. Allow the phone to ring a few times before responding with a text that says, “I’ll call you later.” Then, of course, you’ll give it some time before calling him back—a day or two at the most.

You may ask him to help you with something at your house, then leave an hour before he is expected to arrive. Then, when he calls, give a lame excuse and say you forgot. 


This article discussed how you could ignore or teach a player a good lesson. First of all, you need to confirm that the guy you’re dating is a player. After that, by using our best methods listed, teach him a lesson so that he knows what you’re made of!

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