5 Texting habits of a guy who likes you | When a guy includes your name in a text

5 Texting habits of a guy who likes you | When a guy includes your name in a text

5 Texting habits of a guy who likes you | When a guy includes your name in a text

Flirty messages and having feelings for him? Yes, you’re probably falling in love with him. But the thing is that you don’t know if he likes you more than a friend or not. 

This article will discuss five texting habits that show that a guy likes you and always includes your name in a text. 

1. Being more expressive – Using more emojis

Some guys aren’t fond of emojis or don’t understand them, so don’t be too concerned if your love interest only interacts with words. On the other hand, if he sends you a lot of flirty emojis, he’s more than likely trying to be cute and flirty with you. 

Heart eyes ❤, smiley face with tongue sticking out 😜, and wink emoji 😉are some of the most common ones he sends. So if the guy texts you with any of the above emojis, it means he likes you and shows his affection through text. 

2. Quick texts — He replies more quickly

When you text someone and get a quick response from his side, people are busy all the time. There are times when you cannot use your phone, but it only takes a few seconds to send a quick response. This means he takes time to talk with you even if he is busy and gives you more importance than his work. 

Is he quick to respond to your texts, or does he leave you hanging? If he doesn’t respond for several days, he’s either avoiding you or something is seriously wrong. On the other hand, if he texts back regularly, it’s because he wants to talk to you and is most likely interested in you. It is just another sign that he is interested in you and showing affection to you. 

3. He laughs and agrees with everything you say

When he thinks you’re the funniest person on the planet, he likes you, nothing more to explain. If he responds to everything you say with “haha” or “lol,” that’s a good sign. So, if you’re curious if he likes you, there’s a simple way to find out:

See how he reacts to a silly joke or a joke that makes no sense to you. He likes you if he laughs at you. And if he doesn’t laugh or at the very least make you feel good about your joke, he may not like you.

4. Gut Feeling

When you get a text from him, do you get butterflies? When your phone rings, does your face light up? Maybe you just have a romantic feeling that something special is already going on with this particular guy. It’s obvious when a guy likes you, as we always say. Guys don’t try to hide their enthusiasm. It will show up in text messages, when you see him in person, and pretty much everywhere else.

It is possible that he likes you but doesn’t want to be in a relationship with you if he doesn’t pursue you. If a guy likes and wants you, he’ll let you know, as long as you’re sending him enough signals that his interest is reciprocated so that he won’t be rejected if he makes a move.

5. He compliments you at every step.

It’s obvious when a guy likes you when he mentions specific things about you. For example, does he say anything about how much he likes your hair or how much he likes your perfume scent? Is he texting you to compliment you on how nice you looked the last time he saw you? Is he aware of your eye color?

Compliments, at least one way, are a way to a woman’s heart for guys. And if a guy likes you, he’ll like many things about you and won’t be able to keep those things to himself.

What does it mean if he takes your name while texting?

Suppose he uses your name while chatting to call you or tell you an incident and wants to address you repeatedly. It is a clear sign of affection and pure love. However, because there are many reasons why a guy might often text your name, it’s essential to consider the context of how he does it and his body language and behavior when he’s around you.

There are higher chances that he is attracted to you and is using your name as a sign to tell you that he is attracted to you. 

However, there is a minimal chance that he is using this trick because he is annoyed by you and usually does it after you get into an argument. He uses your name to downplay your character, and if it’s true, he is a pathetic person. To make this sign transparent and more predictable, it is possible that he is texting you way less than before. 

Another reason he uses your name in a conversation is that he wants to be more personal with you in a situation and wants you to feel that you’re special for him and want all of your attention. 

When trying to sort out why he uses your name so much and how he feels about you, it’s essential to think about how he reacts when he sees you. For example, suppose he changes his behavior and body language when he sees you. In that case, it’s a strong indication that he has positive or negative feelings about you.


Men are a mystery. No doubt that many signs can predict if he is interested in you or not. However, you need to chill and observe these signs one by one, check which one resembles the most, and follow that one. 

He is coming to the other point of why he often includes your name in a text. There are multiple reasons why he calls your name. For more updates, make sure to sign-up for our newsletter to keep yourself updated on information all over the world.