9 Signs he caught Strong Romantic Feelings for you But can’t Express | Hidden love Secrets

z9 Signs he caught Strong Romantic Feelings for you But can't Express | Hidden love Secrets

9 Signs he caught Strong Romantic Feelings for you But can’t Express | Hidden love Secrets

Men and women are from unlike planets, and they always come together as one. The truth is that in most cases, we don’t get each other.

But I think that among every woman that wants to know about every guy, there is no one ultimate question we have never gotten an answer to: Why do men hide their feelings for a woman?

You can see guys hide their feelings to be heartless as if having emotions is a sign of weakness. So, why is that so?

Well, your years of wondering have just come to an end. You will find why many guys usually hide their feelings for a woman in this place.

Why do many guys didn’t want to express their feelings?

Many guys find feelings and emotions scary. Unlike women, men sometimes pretend their emotional expressions are completely different or don’t exist.

It is why most men are incapable of showing their real feelings and maintaining intimate relationships with their loved ones.

To understand why guys always hide their feelings, we have to go straight to where they were still boys.

From the beginning, boys are taught to be self-reliant and keep their insecurities because all humans are familiar with boys don’t cry.

Most of them grew in a complex environment and critical way that has altered their mindset and, by it, their future behavior.

So, here are 9 Reasons why men hide their feelings.

1. It requires touch, kiss, and how he looks at you.

He may stare at the freckles on your very nose because he sees them as adorable. He will want to see your beautiful face.

He will like to be close to you whenever he feels endearment towards you because of something you had said. He will like to hug and kiss you often.

He can’t keep his eyes off you, and he looks at you as if you are the most beautiful woman he has ever met in his life.

2. He will always like to share many things with you.

He will ask you about your day or doing and always tells you where he went. He will be glad to know about your life because you are a big part of him.

He will like to tell you about his day, even if you didn’t ask him, his past, what he wants to do next, or his thoughts on his business because you are much bigger to him, and you are already in his life.

3. He will always contact you whenever you need him

He will always show deep feelings of love every morning by wanting to know you slept very well. He will always send you a goodnight message every night.

By doing these little things, that means he’s telling you that you are in his mind, and he can’t imagine his mornings or his nights without you in them.

4. He’ll like to give the audience

You don’t need to demand his audience or time; he will like to spend more time with you no matter how busy.

He’ll let you know how supreme you are to him. You will understand that he can’t wait to be with you all the time. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, as long as you are with him all the time. Honestly, it’s and joy to him.

5. He is all about surprises

He shows you that he cares when he knocks on your door with take-out chicken soup while you are sick. If he could not do that, he’d rather text you and see how you are doing.

He will always remember the stories you told him a long time ago. He will want to know your private things and your things as well.

He will remember how and when you like to take your coffee and why you don’t like pineapples on pizza. There’s no problem; it only pays more attention to you than anything.

6. He doesn’t like to hide you

He’ll like to show you to every one of his friends, even in his office. He is proud to have you around him. And he’ll always like to introduce you to his friends as his girlfriend even if it provokes redness in his cheeks.

What is important is that he is not hiding you from people around him, even the virtual ones.

7. He will like to stay by your side

He will always be there for you when you are sad. He may not run for the hills when things are hard for you. He stays and helps because he understands that everything will not be perfect. 

If he understands that he was wrong, he will beg you without any problem and make sure that it doesn’t repeat something that will hurt your feelings.

8. He thinks of the future

He’ll make sure that they take you to a concert or movie premiere or winter holidays and where you would like to go.

He will make plans with you in advance, even for a dinner date next week. He will try all his best to show you that he sees you by his side for the lo0ng run.

9. He will like to tell you everything in his heart; you must focus and notice.

If he has done any of the things listed above, you are very lucky. He will make you feel his love and something more important in this world.

And whenever you know about it, trying to talk about his emotions seems so common and simple.