Are gemini women loyal, beautiful and jealous?

Are gemini women loyal, beautiful and jealous?

Are Gemini women loyal, beautiful and jealous? | Astrology signs about Gemini women

This article will discuss that Gemini women are loyal, beautiful, and jealous.

Are Gemini women beautiful? 

A Gemini is just beyond gorgeous. She usually has a very fair pinkish complexion and a very medium-average build. You can also learn about the kind of beauty we are talking about by looking at some of the most popular Gemini women celebrities: Kylie Minogue, Angelina Jolie, Disha Patani, and Courtney Cox.

Are Gemini loyal 

Not all people realize this, but Geminis are very loyal to zodiac signs, especially in a very long-term relationship. They can also run here and there or just get involved in many different affairs. However, once they find the right person, they will become completely devoted and committed. Here are the signs to help you know that Gemini is very loyal.

She wants to be intimate with you emotionally

Most people often say that men are not trustworthy, especially when in love. Most people approach you because they only want one thing: sleeping with you. Of course, we know that most women are the same, but good men are very rare.

When you love a woman, you should notice if she puts the effort or thoughts into the dates. But, unfortunately, some people seem not to care about the dinners or places to go out.

She is interested in you on all levels

To know if a Gemini woman is loyal to you or not, you must notice his behavior during the conversation with you. For example, does he tune out when you start talking about topics she is not interested in?

Are Gemini women jealous? 

Suppose you wonder whether a Gemini woman is jealous of you. In that case, I will say that Gemini women rarely show their jealousy. Instead, she does it in a very Gemini way, which is very subtle. Hence, unless you are a compassionate person or have a good radar that can sense her jealousy, the probability is that you are not aware of when she is jealous.

Lucky for you, you do not need to decipher her behavior yourself when she gets jealous. So instead, this article will provide you with a list that will contain several signs a Gemini woman is very jealous of you.

She barely talks to you

You must have been aware when she suddenly barely talked to you. It is also because, as you may know, a Gemini woman is Ms. Chatty. She is also a social butterfly and a good talker. She is also full of energy and has an endless topic to talk about.

Whether it is a just light topic about how good the weather is or a weighty topic about how feminism can also shape someone’s perspective towards one’s life, she will also bring it to keep the conversation going. 

So there is no way that you will be running out of topics whenever you’re having a conversation just with her, which is one of the reasons why Gemini is simply the best.

She will also not suddenly become so silent without any reason behind it. But, of course, there are many reasons why she suddenly became Ms.Quiet. One of that possible reasons is she is just being jealous of you.

She denies her jealousy 

It is also almost impossible for a Gemini woman to express her jealousy so clearly that she can also be fickle. She also changes her object of interest and affection very quickly. It is also because her desire to seek excitement is so big that it can also drive her to keep changing that she is fond of you .

Some of the people may also find it very hard to fathom. That’s why this is one of the main reasons. Moreover, loving whomever or whatever is a form of freedom to her. That is why the jealousy she is just feeling contradicts her freedom-loving nature.

She treats jealousy as a weakness that she expresses easily. When she feels it, she will be just denying it. When you ask her directly if she is that jealous, she will take it as a joke or quickly change the topic.

She is invading your privacy

This may also sound not so Gemini, but a Gemini girl can also be super possessive and jealous when she loves you very much. Most of the time, when her jealousy is so intense, she will also become very insecure and doubt your loyalty to her.

However, since she is just a Gemini, she will always try everything to prove that her jealousy is just a silly feeling. She is also wrong to be that insecure. One way to validate it, she will also stalk your social media and also will borrow your phone just to read your texts, chats, and also history calls. She will also check all the pictures which are on your phone gallery.

She Tells you her true feelings 

Not all of the Geminis try so hard to get jealous secretly. Some will inform you just right away when they are very jealous. Your Gemini lover is also perhaps one of these kinds. She will honestly tell you when she feels envious.

A Gemini girl, after all, does not have a problem when you are dealing with a disagreement or an argument in her relationship. She wants to bring all negative feelings that both of you feel towards each other out to the open. She also wants both of you to discuss them so that you can get over it.

Final Words

This article has discussed whether a Gemini woman is loyal, beautiful, or jealous. We have also described all of them in detail and recommend you do some research of your own to get better results.