What does the bible say about tattoos in revelations

What does the bible say about tattoos in revelations

What does the bible say about tattoos in revelations | Is it a sin to get tattoo?

This article will explain what the Bible says about tattoos in revelations. Let’s discuss it in detail.

What does the Bible say about tattoos?

Nowadays, tattoos are very much common in the modern world and at this time, more than ever. The majority of people with tattoos increased dramatically over the last several years. Tattoos are not only for delinquents or the rebels anymore. The edginess of the rebellion, which is also historically connected with the tattoos, starts wearing them off.

Many Christians always struggle with whether tattoos are allowed or not. Many also believe that tattoos fall into disputable matters where the Bible is still unclear.

The theology of inking is a dangerous Christian attack

If so, if you are searching for the Bible’s clues about whether to get a tattoo or not. We all are very inclined to get one. After all, the first inking was done by God in Genesis 4:15,a.k.a the mark of Cain, extending grace for the murderer. They also continue as frequent signs of divine grace.

In Ezekiel 9:46, the prophet is also told to put a mark on the forehead of the faithful. Then, in Isaiah 11:5, they are to tattoo their arms with the words of his lords. Bible scholars will also say this owes to the custom of slavery. An enslaved person was also tattooed with their owner’s name in the ancient world.

But in Isaiah 49:16, God also tattoos himself. See, I have just engraved you on the palms of my hands. Why does God want humans to tattoo on His palms? It is not that explicit, but as the Bible scholar Sandra Jacobs notes, there is an immediate association with a wedding. So when they get married, God and Israel also get matching tattoos.

Tatted-up with the name of another deity?

It’s also like having the name of your ex around. Your husband is not too amused. So we also came to Leviticus 19:28: you shall also not make any of the cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor tattoo or any marks just on you: I am the Lord.

In this BIblical Prohibition Against Tattooing, John Huehnergard and Harold Liebowitz also puzzle over the reference and suspect that tattooing was associated just with the mark of slavery in the biblical period. But, of course, as we also know from the Old Testament, Israel had just had a habit of keeping the other gods in the back of her thoughts.

Did Jesus have a tattoo on his thigh?

Many people think that Jesus had a tattoo, which is not that much true. Jesus would not have just disobeyed god words in Leviticus. In the Bible, nowhere did it say that Jesus got a tattoo or any disciples got one. This passage was also very symbolic. In those times, a king also would have his title engraved on his garment, or he could have had a banner that said, kings of kings.

Revelation 19:16 And on his robe and thigh, he has a name written, KINGS OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS.

Mattew 5:17 Do not even think that I have just come to abolish the Law or the prophets; I have not come to abolish them but also fulfill them.

Is getting a Tattoo a sin

Some Christians also believe that since the only mention of tattoos was written in the old testament at the Law, which no longer applies to the Christians. There is also no mention of body modifications or tattoos written in the new testament. Since there is also no explicit command against the modern-day concept of tattoos, it would also mean that it is not a sin to get one.

The youth culture and Tattoos

One of the compromises we see nowadays is that the parents allow their children to mark or even tattoo their bodies. Christian can also look at someone who has tattoos all over them and is also known by the discernment that it is not God. However, the same Christian may still get a small tattoo themselves and allow their children to have one without even thinking about it.

Even today, Toymakers sell washable ink transfer kits so most children can also mark their bodies and designs. This also seems like a harmless game, but this is only the enemy preparing or setting up our children early to receive the real tattoos later on. Some people may also teach that a number will be tattooed on the forehead or hand.

If this is true, would this not be the devil who is just setting up people to accept his evil mark, as tattoos are now considered more. Many young people today do not even realize that they may be sorry in the future and may also choose to put tattoos on their bodies. We also know many people who had also said to us that they had not been much foolish when they were young.

They must also live with the remainder of what they did when they were also immature and foolish. Only a few people have the money to have them removed by the laser. We also believe that the Lord in the days ahead will also remove them by doing a miracle for those who ask.

In this 19 chapter of Leviticus, God also calls the people of Israel to live a life of just holiness: be holy, because I, the Lord your God, and holy. Once he made this call just to Israel, God reminded them that obedience to many series of the Lord, unlike the other territories.

Final words 

In this article, we have explained in detail what the Bible says about the tattoos in the revelations. We also explained that Jesus has a tattoo on his thigh. We will recommend you do some research of your own to get the best knowledge.