Why do girls like bad boys

why do girls like bad boys

Why do girls like bad boys | Dirty secrets you should know

In this article, we will talk about why most girls nowadays like bad boys. 

What girls want in a guy 

Not even one girl out there would not agree that confidence is the number one characteristic that actually attracts them to a guy. In most cases, we all know that bad boys are actually very confident, and it also shows in everything they can do.

Girls also love a guy who also appears to be living on the edge, but they still have time to win their hearts over. Many people suggest that a girl loves being in the center of attention, and when they also have a bad boy on their arm, everybody notices.

The big truth behind this scenario is that girls also love claiming the rights to the one who was actually able to get the bad boy to commit. It’s as if she is the only girl in the world that sees the other side of him and understands him much better than he understands himself.

Characteristics of a confident bad guy

When most of the confident men walk into a room, everybody always notices his presence. But, of course, we also sometimes wondered if it also has a scent he was wearing at that time and come to find out, but that actually works too.

A medical study was also done once on manipulating your body odor and how it can also alter your self-confidence. It showed that also the men who were wearing a formulated fragrance were also more confident than the group of men who just didn’t get sprayed with it.

Reasons why girl bad boy

Not all girls like the bad boys; let’s just be clear about that—however, those who also do tend to like them for several reasons. Everyone is very much different and also has varying motivations for who they are actually attached to. Still, we have also put together many of the reasons why some women like the bad boys. For a girl who really loves bad boys. Here is our list.

It’s a fack you to our ex.

Okay, this is a bit slightly petty; we have all been there. However, you are just freshly just out of the relationship, and you also may want to get back to your ex. The one best way to do that? Move on with someone totally different from them.

Then if your ex sees photos of you just making out with a guy with a motorbike and is covered in tattoos and totally ripped, he will feel intimidated and pretty rubbish about him.

In some ways that is also kind of what you also want. You want to get back at them and make them feel very insignificant and forgotten about- just like they also made you feel when they just dumped you. We are not recommending this kind of behavior or just saying that it’s very healthy or fair, but it still explains why some girls like bad boys.

They are s*xier and better in bed, right?

There is also just something about bad boys that will make them so sexy. Maybe it is just all about the drama or the simmering anger and the passion. Whatever it is, we just want it, and we are also pretty sure it will be a lot of fun.

Then there are a lot of stereotypes that all of the bad boys are very great in bed. They are more exciting, adventurous, and passionate than the nice—normal guys. We are also attracted to that as much as anything also eles, and we also want a very steamy s*x life also.

We are in self-destruct mode

We have already talked about the spiced-up s*x, but it is also time to get serious for a moment. Some of us also choose to be with the bad boys because we also have been going through a self-destructive phase.

We also want to just go through a breakup, so we also look for the options that we also know are good for us. We are also attracted to the things that will also make us feel bad about ourselves because we also want to experience those negative emotions. It’s weird, we know but not too uncommon.

We have got daddy issues

One of the biggest reasons some girls like bad boys is that they never had a very great relationship with their dad. They also do not know how to have a very healthy relationship with their day. They also might be drawn to bad choices on any level because they do not know any better, as we discussed at the beginning of this article.

However, some of us also have to take control of our childhood issues by just recreating them on our terms. For example, if you had a bad relationship with your dad growing up, it was also probably because of his more than your actions.

We think we can change them

Of course, some of us also like projects. We also just met a guy who could also be amazing—he is just a bit of a fixer-upper. We also like the idea of being a girl who managed just to tame the wild guy. If we can get the dangerous bad boy to settle down and also commit, that must mean that we have also been pretty special, right?

We also love thinking about being that kind of girl in every movie, which makes the guy finally change his ways. He may go from drugs and motorbikes to marriage and also kids, all just because he loves us so much. It is very nice and is also a huge ego boost. 


In this article, we have explained why girls like bad boys. We have also described the reasons in detail why a girl likes bad boys. We recommend you do some research of your own to get the best results.