What do you get when you cross a mentally ill loner?

What do you get when you cross a mentally ill loner?

What do you get when you cross a mentally ill loner? | Best solution

What do you get if you combine a mentally unwell loner with a phrase like this? It is a scene from the American film Joker (2019). It was a worldwide smash thriller that captured the minds and hearts of many people. Even though this film was a work of fiction, its message was appropriate and robust.

What do you get when you cross a mentally ill loner?

“What do you get when you cross a mentally ill solitary with a culture that forsakes him and treats him like trash?” says the quote. I’ll tell you what you’re going to get. You’ve got what you’ve earned!” -Joker.

This is a quote from the Joker himself in the film Joker. The world-famous Joker was played by the evergreen and varied American actor Joaquin Phoenix. This is one of the many powerful dialogues in the movie that illustrates the mental state.

Mental Health – a global issue

Mental health difficulties are severe and not to be taken lightly. Mental illness, like any other condition, demands adequate care and treatment. If left untreated, it is a chronic sickness that worsens to the point of no return.

Your brain is the most critical organ in your body because it controls your complete being. It works marvels when in its entire splendor. But what happens if it gets sick? Then it’s a complete shambles.

What’s inside the mind of a loner?

An individual suffering from depression does have a mind that resembles a cluttered house full of crumpled paper. And as he attempts to make sense of this crumpled jumble, he becomes even more disoriented. He is constantly fighting with his thoughts. He is driven insane by this unsettling surge of overthinking. Even though he looks to be peaceful on the surface, his mind is wailing like a maniac on the inside.

When a person is already having difficulty being himself, he only requires someone to notice him. Who makes him believe he is deserving of affection and attention? Who can hear his jumbled mess and not pass judgment?

So why is this the case? Because the first thing a person does when he is mentally distressed is to doubt his entire self. He becomes so self-conscious that even minor details begin to irritate him. He believes he is mocked, neglected, and unimportant. And soon, he begins to isolate himself from others, resulting in his becoming a loner.

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The 4 stages to poor mental health

Poor mental health does not develop immediately; it develops over months or years. It flourishes in an atmosphere of injustice and stupidity. Eventually, it will come to the point of anger and injury. The four steps that lead to poor mental health are just as follows:

Mild symptoms- the warning signs

You get the feeling that something is going awry, but you manage to get by with it.

Increasing inconvenient

Your emotions begin to interfere with your normal activities. You’re constantly distracted and lonely.

Depressive episodes that are chronic and repeated

The guilt, worry, and bouts of depression start developing within you. You begin to feel uneasy and self-conscious at random intervals.

Depression is persistent and severe.

Your feelings have gotten so unsettling and scary that you have to choose between harming yourself or seeking vengeance on others.

We can get a general notion of how significant mental health concerns are based on all of this. What impact do they have on a person’s mental health and sanity? And how, if not appropriately treated, it can worsen, causing harm to the individual and the entire world.

Mentally ill loners and the societal injustice

What do you get if you combine a mentally sick loner with a psychopath? Eminently demonstrates how a person in a bad mood may turn into an unstoppable tragedy. And I don’t believe the damage is entirely due to that individual. But it’s anticipated of our society’s typicality and toxicity. A civilization categorizes, assesses, and mocks persons that fall into this category. A culture that isolates people in a cocoon of fear and gloom. They are being pushed into sadness, anxiety, and, eventually, violence.

Mental health, like any other sickness, is essential. However, we are unaware of its significance. We fail to provide comfort to those who are in need. We don’t comprehend their concerns and are quick to pass judgment. This is our flaw: we are unconcerned with other people’s feelings. And when things spiral out of control, we blame everyone but ourselves. This is the injustice we perpetrate against our people.

A pressing need for Mental Health Awareness

We speak about mental health today, but do we understand it? No, I’m afraid. Mental health has evolved into a new aesthetic in today’s globe. However, when it comes to training it amongst ourselves, we always fail.

Every day, we bully, mock, and dismiss others. It is straightforward for anyone to say something hurtful to someone. On the other hand, we have no idea what our nasty comments do to a person’s head. We have no idea how our cruel words might wreak devastation on someone’s mental health.

Instead of tweeting hashtags or following the latest trends, perhaps you should try something different. We begin to see the consequences of our behavior. This is a problem that affects.

Individual and group efforts are required, as well as personal changes. Mental health awareness isn’t a laughing matter; it’s a serious topic that deserves to be heard. A speech is so loud and soothing that those suffering daily can readily listen to it.

Final Verdict

Why is this conversation so meaningful? This dialogue encapsulates the feelings of mentally ill loners toward society. They’d like to break free from their cocoon for a change. It demonstrates their dissatisfaction with the public. It also illustrates why we cannot save the good that exists within them.

This discussion, as well as the entire film, emphasizes the significance of mental wellness. It describes how the victims feel and react when things get out of hand.