How to make a boy fall in love with you

How to make a boy fall in love with you

How to make a boy fall in love with you | Make him say “I love you”

In this article, we will explain how you can make a boy. We will also explain psychological tricks in detail.

How to make a boy fall in love with you 

Do you really want a man to fall in love with you forever? You also might be asking this question because you may like a guy really a lot, and you may be looking forward to him feeling the same for you.

He is also the man of your dreams, and you also really adore him. You also want him by your side at the moment, but unfortunately, you still have not him. You are actually willing to do whatever it takes for him just to chase you, like you, also be attracted to you, and fall madly in love with you, but it also seems like a huge undertaking. In this article, you will learn the basics that you can just get a boy to fall in love with you.

Be aware of your Appearance

The first and the basic thing you have to do is to never let your Appearance let you down. Your Appearance will make you win or lose when it comes to dating. So when it comes to pleasing a woman and making him interested in you, you should be very presentable.

You should be aware of what you are wearing, whether your hair is clean, and then if you are dressed appropriately. Of course, you may also want to look even sexier just for the man you want to fall in love with you, but your s*x appeal also does not mean body-hugging clothing and lots of cleavage.

Jeans and t-shirts with wind-blown hair can also be just as sexy as a manicured look in a very formal outfit in the right circumstances. Key? Feel comfortable, confident, and good about yourself.

Ways to help you look and feel your best 

  1. Just choose your best clothing and your best style to match the occasion
  2. Choose clothing that will work for the occasion but also that makes you feel very comfortable 
  3. You have to do your best to look as good as you really can, no matter where you are going. You also never know when you might unexpectedly bump into the man of your dreams, whether it is the one you are actively pursuing or actually not.

Listen, Do not Just Talk. 

When you actually want to please and make a man fall badly for you, It is also very important that you listen. Do not just talk. If you chatter incessantly when you are very nervous, Just find another way to cope with your nerves.

Many of the girls also make the mistake of actually talking more than listening when they are around with a potential male partner. Girls also are not the only ones, of course. Many men also do the same thing. But this is a very big mistake that can just easily cost you getting the man of your dreams.

Even a not very talkative man will definitely have something to say. Everyone also likes to be actually heard. If you just keep talking and taking all of the time without even giving him a chance to express himself, he is more likely to be very disappointed. Making it very hard for him to just get a word in could lower your chances of him just falling in love with you.

Show confidence

First of all, the thing that actually matters is just liking yourself will also make it very much easy for him to like you too. This is because you are a very good person with very special qualities. Be very confident that you are actually worthy of being loved.

Confidence is also the key. Sure, some of the women also seem to make a career out of just catching the men by playing the victim or even a helpless female. Without the confidence, you may also risk being left behind.

If you also want a guy to like you, you also need to have a very good sense of confidence in yourself that will ultimately make you just approach him without even fearing or sensing the danger.

Smile and laugh

It is also essential to laugh and smile when you are actually working on making a guy fall in love with you. Do not also present an unfriendly face. Be as outgoing, friendly, and social as you may feel comfortable being.

Guys also generally like the girls with a sense of humor who can make them feel very good. Tell him enjoyable stories, and do not be very afraid to also laugh. Remember not to go overbroad and also look like a comedian. It is very great to have an enjoyable and outgoing partner, But very few people like the idea of living with just a comedian.

Let him put some extra effort in

Let him just put some extra effort in. If you really keep chasing after a man for months while he is just going on with his activities, you will most likely be seen as a very desperate woman. Being available to him always is not a very good thing. Do not also let him get that bored.

Instead, also allow him to make very advances towards you. Many men also enjoy the thrill of the chase. Catch his eye and also his attention, and then just let him work a little to win over you. Let him also notice how much he actually misses you when you are not around. As soon as he suspects he is actually falling in love with you, he will also definitely do something to get you.

Do not be very Possessive

You do not have to be very possessive. But unfortunately, many of the women make the mistake of being too possessive of a man before he will even admit his love to them. When this is the case, she may also try to protect him for other women to remain the only woman in his life.


In this article, we have talked in detail about how you can make a boy fall in love with you. We have also explained the tips of how you can get a boy. Finally, we recommend you do some research of your own to get the best results.