9 signs He Wants to Make you His Girlfriend and Marry you in Long Run

9 signs He Wants to Make you His Girlfriend and Marry you in Long Run

9 signs He Wants to Make you His Girlfriend and Marry you in Long Run

Since the beginning of love relationships, women have been looking for indications and indicators from possible spouses. For example, is he interested in marrying me? Is he on the lookout for a wife? And, at the end of the day, what are the signals that he wants to marry you? 

Of course, in the past, when suitors proclaimed their intentions to you and, primarily, your parents, it could have been more straightforward. But it’s gotten difficult in the following decades of dating and romantic love, as we’ve started valuing love above arrangements and suitable “matches.”

Men and women’s emotions and intentions have become a little murkier as they become entangled in the complicated web of romance. How do you know if a guy wants to marry you?


Honesty is essential to me. I believe it is ridiculous for two adults not to be upfront and honest with one another about their thoughts and intentions. If you’re wondering how to find out if he wants to marry you (whether now or later), the most significant thing you can do is ask him directly.

I wouldn’t advocate asking this on your second date or even a few months into the relationship. Still, after a few years together, it’s perfectly OK to just inquire, “Where are we headed?” So why don’t we get back to being honest about our goals? 

That, in my opinion, is far superior (and healthier) to any game or intrigue. But if you’re not quite ready yet, if you’re still looking for signals about his affections for you, this article might assist. If he’s thinking about proposing, there are a few telltale signs you’re the one he wants to marry.



1. He is Making Future Plans

Guys don’t bring up topics they genuinely don’t want to discuss. When a man brings up plans, it’s an indicator that he wants to hear your thoughts on them, and your thoughts matter to him.

2. You are Invited to Every Occasion

You’ve been his plus one for all of his important occasions and family vacations. This suggests he regards you as an essential component of his life’s bigger picture. He wants to make you feel like you’re a member of his family by introducing you to his relatives.

3. He is Punctual

Your partner is undoubtedly into you if he is constantly on time. When a man is serious about his girlfriend, he will ensure that she does not have to wait for him. If he’s running late, he’ll let you know, and he’ll never leave you waiting. 

4. There’s an Increase in Touch

It’ll be almost as if you’re dating for the first time. Your boyfriend will be a lot more tactile, rubbing your arm while you’re cooking or massaging your neck while you’re at work. But, when it comes to meaningful choices, does your boyfriend consult you? 

Do you think he respects and trusts your opinion? Does he consider how his decisions may affect you? Maybe you and your partner already feel like a family. This is strong evidence that you have a prominent place in his life and that he is already considering how things may affect the two of you.

Suppose he never consults you or makes big life decisions without consulting you. In that case, it might indicate that he still has a bachelor mindset and is just concerned with his desires and requirements.

5. He Misses You

When your partner decides to make time for you, you’ll feel like nothing can stand in your way. He keeps it when he commits plans, which is a positive indicator. On the other hand, if he is constantly phoning to cancel arrangements, it suggests you are not on his mind. Someone who does this is not committed in the least.

6. He Only Sees You

He will not have a wandering glance that makes you feel envious or uneasy. Instead, even at a crowded restaurant, your boyfriend will be focused on you.

One of the most obvious signals that he wants to marry you is that he sees you as a couple. Marriage is about making a commitment to your spouse and becoming one with them; it’s about presenting a united front. A man who stresses your cooperation and “we “-ness frequently is likely already seeing the two of you as a unified entity. This man is much closer to being ready for marriage, and you’ll probably be the one he chooses.

7. He Opens Up to You

Suppose your boyfriend confides in you about anything worrying or disturbing him. In that case, it implies he respects you and values your viewpoint. This is a degree of intimacy that is unmistakably pointing toward marriage.

8. He Has Said That He Wants to Marry You

Even if he’s kidding when he says he wants to marry you, it implies he’s confident enough to say it and wants to see how you react.

9. He is Shy and Blushes when he meets you 

Men aren’t always the best at stating precisely what they mean, and when they do, it often comes out incorrectly. So keep a watch out for these indicators that your partner is thinking about marrying you, whether he has voiced it vocally or not.

Final Verdict

This factoid is at the top of any list of indicators a man wants to marry you someday: he’s introduced you to his family.

While this isn’t a guarantee of intended marriage—especially if a man is merely close to his family—indeed it’s a fantastic indicator.

 If you and your partner have been together for a long time and you haven’t met his family, this may be an issue.

 When a guy introduces you to the key people in his life, he’s letting you know that you’re important to him as well and that he wants to show you off to the people who matter to him, such as his family and friends. This might also imply that he wants their thoughts on a prospective future partner.