How can I see my husband’s text & Whatsapp messages without his phone?

How can I see my husband's text & Whatsapp messages without his phone?

How can I see my Husband’s Text & WhatsApp messages without his phone? | IS my Husband Cheating on me

Do you think your husband is cheating on you and has some other relationship going on? What are some signs that you need to look for? However, we will tell you some apps and tricks by which you can check their WhatsApp message and texts without their phone. 

Can you read Whatsapp and Text messages without his phone?

You’re wrong if you believe you can read your partner’s text messages without ever touching their phone. You’ll need physical access to their phone to install the spy app.

However, once the setup is complete, you may track their text conversations remotely at any moment without requiring physical access. Here we have listed some best spying apps that can help spy on your husband’s text messages.


SpyBubble is the first hidden spy app that will help you track all of your husband’s text messages sent and received. Text messages sent via a cellular network or social media apps like Whatsapp can be used.

SpyBubble’s best feature is that it can track deleted messages after they were sent or received. So, if your husband thinks he’s being clever by deleting all of their private communications in the hopes that you won’t notice, guess what? 

Aside from that, it displays screenshots of the target phone, allowing you to monitor their social media activities and see who they text. You can also save the screenshots to your computer and save them as proof.

It even highlights the deleted texts so you can quickly identify which ones he doesn’t want you to view. It displays all of your husband’s message conversations. You can choose to read the entire chat between your husband and the other person by selecting one of the threads.

Spying on iPhone

If your husband has an iPhone, you don’t have to touch it even once to read his texts.

This is because the iCloud capability is embedded into every iPhone. All of an iPhone’s private data, including iMessage data, is uploaded to the iCloud server thanks to the iCloud function. You just need their iCloud username and password to get access to their data. You can get their messages, call logs and chat backup to read all their messages.


Minspy for iOS is an application that allows you to monitor your boyfriend’s text messages without ever touching his phone. It works on any iPhone version or operating system he has installed. Not only that, but it also works on the iPad. 

Because Minspy is a remote app, it does not require physical contact. It’s made to save space and not drain the battery. Minspy does not transmit notifications to the target device, therefore the person is never aware that their device has been hacked.

Minspy’s Android app will simply run in the background on his phone and not send him any notifications. You may use any feature, such as seeing your husband’s WhatsApp chats, by simply going to that tab. You’ll find the WhatsApp monitor under the ‘Social Apps’ page. You may check your boyfriend’s texts and the person with whom he is texting in this section.

As a result, he will never be suspicious of it. It doesn’t even use any of the battery. Suppose you ever need to uninstall the app. In that case, you can do so remotely from the Minspy dashboard, accessible using any web browser. You’ll never have to use your boyfriend’s phone again.

Without touching the application, you may always uninstall it remotely. Any app on your phone can be hacked using Minspy. You can monitor multiple social media accounts, as well as all of your contacts and browser history. This will show you all of the searches the target device has performed.


You might use Spyzie mobile phone monitoring software to follow your husband’s phone. It offers a straightforward user interface that ensures a pleasant tracking experience. In addition, it has over 20 tracking features. Here’s how to use the Spyzie tracking program on your iPhone or Android phone:

To begin tracking your phone with Spyzie, go to the company’s official website and get the software. Plans are available for a variety of Android and iOS devices. You can select an appropriate plan based on your requirements. 

After you’ve chosen a plan, download and install the application software on the target device. After that, finish the software registration process. Finally, log in to the program after completing the registration procedure to see the management interface. Then you may choose from several alternatives to monitor the data on the target phone.


With more than 30 features, Spyier is one of our most trustworthy spying apps. When spying on his messages, it can operate in stealth mode. As a result, your husband will be completely unaware of what you’re up to. Stealth mode is activated on Android devices by selecting the ‘hide application’ option. It is automated in iOS. 

The messages will be captured and made available by Spyier. It also works with all browsers, allowing users to access your online account from any device. Make sure your internet connection is stable.

The app will be able to access and extract text messages from your husband’s phone remotely. They’ll be sent to you with the precise time and date that the SMS was sent to his phone.

For iOS, log into your account remotely after receiving an email and verify the target’s iCloud ID. After that, choose your husband’s device and wait for iCloud and Spyier to sync. 

Use the given URL to install Spyier only once on his phone if he has an Android smartphone. First, make sure you’ve selected the ‘hide application’ option to enable stealth mode. Finish the installation process after that.

Bottom Line

This article will cover everything you need to know about ‘how can I see my husband’s text messages.’ Simply follow the instructions outlined in this guide, and you will not encounter any issues.

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