7 Signs He wants to Make you his Girlfriend but not Marry You

7 Signs He wants to Make you his Girlfriend but not Marry You

7 Signs He wants to Make you his Girlfriend but not Marry You | Signs He is a Player

Even at the outset of a relationship, men are usually the last to reveal their actual sentiments. They believe that expressing their feelings to their colleagues or love interests is unmanly or mushy. Women are more likely to overtly express or demonstrate their desire to further a friendship or relationship.

Men communicate their feelings in various ways without ever speaking a word. It happens regularly! Some people, particularly men, find it challenging to communicate. It isn’t that they don’t have something to say; they mostly don’t know how to process themselves. Just because he isn’t saying, it doesn’t mean he isn’t trying to tell you anything.

It is usual for women to want to be married one day; therefore, marriage should be your ultimate objective if you are in a severe marriage.

When you’ve been in a partnership for a while, and it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere, you could start to wonder, “Will he ever propose?” The usual signals he doesn’t want to marry you might be beneficial if you’re in this scenario and wondering if it’s time to reconsider the relationship.

He doesn’t make any progress in the relationship.

When a man is interested in marriage, he will use the chance to advance the relationship seriously. It is typical, for example, to relocate together within a year or so of dating.

If his lease expires and he moves in there with a roommate or finds a new home instead of seizing the chance to live with you, it might be a hint that he isn’t interested in continuing the relationship.

Maybe you’ve been together for a long time but have never gone on vacation together. If he isn’t willing to take these measures with you, it’s a safe bet that he won’t marry the reader anytime soon.

He’s stated that he has no intention of ever marrying.

However, if a man tells you he has no plans to marry, he’s generally telling the truth. Some folks do not want to marry. Maybe they’ve seen their parents’ marriages fail, or they don’t believe marriage is vital for whatever reason.

He minimizes the gravity of your relationship.

If you’ve been dating for years and he keeps telling people, you’re not serious or refuses to accept you’re courting in person, that’s one of the telltale signals he does not have to marry you.

It implies that he isn’t happy with the marriage, and if he is, he will not publicly express his love for you by marrying you.

You’ve never met his family.

If he’s made a big point of presenting you to her family and appears to be concerned about their opinions, this is a sign that he wishes to marry you.

It’s uncommon for a guy to marry without first presenting his prospective bride to his family, so if you’ve been dating for quite a while and haven’t met the family, the wedding is probably out.

When you inquire about the future, he becomes defensive.

In a long-term relationship, it’s natural to discuss plans. When you talk about your future together, he becomes furious or defensive, which indicates he is torn about it.

He likely senses your want to discuss marriage; this makes him feel pressured because he doesn’t want to marry.

He keeps making reasons for not getting married.

Does he ever want me to marry him?” you might be asking. However, if he keeps making reasons for not marrying, the answer is most likely no. It’s natural to desire to be financially secure before getting married.

Still, if he gets a huge promotion and is doing well at work but then finds another reason not to marry, it’s evident that marriage isn’t in his plans.

His  explanation could have been that she needed to make more money, but if he received a raise, her next excuse would have been to purchase a home.

He can then argue that he has to save up for a destination wedding till he can afford it. He is delaying proposing you marry him by making an excuse after excuse.

The dude refuses to address marriage or shifts the subject.

If a guy knows he doesn’t want to marry but doesn’t want to argue about it, he will refuse to talk about it at all. He knows that would irritate you. Therefore, he would rather ignore the topic than offend you.

You’ve been dating for a lot longer and haven’t shown any proposal signals.

If you’ve been together for a long time and you’re starting to wonder, “Will he ever propose?” and he doesn’t typically respond to either of your indications that you’d like to marry him, it’s a clear indication that he isn’t interested in marriage.

You’ve been together for years, perhaps even living together for some of that time, and you’ve seen numerous familiar friends marry, but he still hasn’t proposed.

He appears to be careless about the future.

When you tell him about your future ambitions, such as your desire to return to school or relocate for work, he appears wholly indifferent or sets plans for his forthcoming exclusive of you at all.

This indicates that he does not regard you as a long-term partner, and, probably, he will not marry you.

He emotionally distances himself from you.

When a guy is sincerely in love with a woman and desires her to become a part of human life for the rest of life, he will let her be near him. A man who is prepared to be sensitive with you envisions a destiny with you; therefore, if he is erecting barriers and emotionally separating himself from you, he isn’t ready to marry you.