Signs that a woman has not been sexually active or not getting laid

Signs that a woman has not been sexually active or not getting laid

Signs that a woman has not been sexually active or not getting laid | Signs you can date her

Caught your eye on the perfect girl and thinking why she flirted too much with you? We might have the perfect answer for your problem; We have listed some signs telling why a woman is doing this. 

Maybe, she is not getting laid and wants you badly. Let’s look at the possibilities you need to look out for.

Signs that a woman has not been sexually active and wants to be with you

Take a look at some of the most common signs you need to look out for if you think a woman has not been sexually active or is not getting laid.

  • She is overly affectionate. If there is such a thing as too many kisses and hugs. It’s easy to become overwhelmed. Most men dislike being “mushy” all of the time. In a relationship, this is referred to as being clingy. Because you’re not in a relationship, this is referred to as desperate for your attention. This is her way of letting you know how she would be in a relationship with you.
  • She is showering you with presents all the time. She believes that purchasing expensive gifts can make you fall in love with yourself. Some men will grow accustomed to this and continue to converse with her even if he isn’t particularly interested. If he takes advantage of this, he will create a monster.
  • Thirsty screams for attention on social media. “I wish I had a date,” she says, or “I wish I had a man.” Men don’t like women who make them feel sorry for themselves all the time.
  • She is constantly trying to force you to get into a relationship. Some women are simply desperate for a man. Men are reluctant to give up their single status so quickly. They enjoy getting to know people. This will give the impression that she wants him to fill a role in her life as soon as possible. He doesn’t want to feel tethered to her in the early stages of their relationship.

Side Effects when you are not sexually active

According to a 2015 study, the sexual frequency was only an indicator of well-being when people were in relationships. They discovered a link between having sex once a week and greater relationship satisfaction. However, when the frequency of sex was increased to more than once per week, this satisfaction did not appear to change.

People who do not have enough sex may worry that something is wrong with their relationship or that their partner is no longer attracted to them.

In such cases, people can experiment with different methods of improving communication and intimacy. For example, cuddling, kissing, affectionate gestures, and opening up to one another can all improve the health of a relationship, regardless of whether sexual activity is involved.

Is it wrong not to be sexually active?

There is no wrong or right way to express your sexual desires or feelings as long as both of them involve consent. Whether sexually active or not, no one should ever feel compelled to engage in sexual activity. It entirely depends on you how you want to live your life. Avoiding sex has no adverse effects on one’s health and may even be beneficial.

Anyone concerned about their sexual desire or the effects of infrequent sex on their relationship should consult a doctor or therapist. Medication, therapy, lifestyle changes, better communication, and various other approaches may all be beneficial.

Not wanting to have sex isn’t always a bad thing unless you believe it is negatively impacting your mental or physical health. Although some others may pass judgment or make conclusions based on your decisions, trust yourself and ignore the negative feedback.

If you’re serious about figuring it out, you must remain open, curious, and non-judgmental of yourself. For example, you might learn more if you ask yourself thoughtful questions about why you stopped having sex in the first place.

If you’re feeling down or self-conscious about your lack of interest, don’t try to mask your feelings. Instead, concentrate on allowing yourself to feel whatever comes. Then, investigate what caused the lack of interest in a sympathetic manner.

Possible consequences of not being sexually active

As discussed before, it is totally up to you how you want to live, and not getting laid might be beneficial for you. But this might not apply to everyone. You might face some consequences after some time. Here are some consequences that you need to see if you’re not being sexually active for a long time. Remember, it does not apply to everyone. So stop overthinking!

Getting Anxiety

Suppose you don’t have sex with your spouse regularly. In that case, you may feel less connected to them, leading to you not talking about your feelings as often or receiving as much assistance in dealing with day-to-day difficulties.

And sex causes your body to release hormones such as oxytocin and endorphins, which can help you cope with the impacts of stress. Oxytocin also has the added benefit of promoting sleep.

Lack of Emotional support and connection

Regular sex allows you to feel emotionally close to your partner, allowing more excellent communication and a healthy relationship. In addition, couples who have sex more frequently report being happy than those who have less of it.

However, it does not have to happen every day; once a week seems to fulfill the desire, but it depends on an individual level. This appears to be true regardless of your age, gender, or length of time in the relationship.

Weak Memory

Expert research has revealed that persons who have sex are often better at recalling memories. There are also indications that sex can help your brain grow neurons and function better in general. However, the research is still early and does not represent a definitive conclusion.


Not getting laid or not being sexually active is okay!. However, we have researched and guided you about the signs of why a woman is not being sexually active and its impacts on your practical life. 

The impacts can vary from person to person. For more updates, make sure to sign-up for our newsletter for the latest information worldwide.