MAX Releases Summer Jam “Love Me Less” Featuring Quinn XCII

Photo courtesy of Spotify

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Photo courtesy of Spotify

By: Caroline Rohnstock

MAX’s new song “Love Me Less” featuring Quinn XCII is the kind of song that makes you believe in the power of pop music again. It addresses the fact that everyone has skeletons in their closets, but acknowledges that it can be daunting. Everyone has a past before they meet someone, and MAX sings about this regarding the fear of scaring away someone once aspects of his past are revealed.

The lyric “if I introduce you to my demons would you love me less” is a line that alludes to this, and points to the fact that everyone questions their emotional vulnerability when starting something new. It’s a common feeling, worried about being loved less once someone knows the true you, and MAX does an incredible job blending these real feelings with a funky pop beat made for dancing to, and singing in the car. MAX keeps putting out these songs that tug at heartstrings, but are layered with a beat making them easy to fall in love with, either on your own or on the dance floor. With his smooth voice, and the addition of Quinn XCII’s verse, “Love Me Less” might as well be the next spring/summer jam.