What Do You Call Music Without Lyrics?

What Do You Call Music Without Lyrics?

What Do You Call Music Without Lyrics?

Instrumental music is the type of music that has no lyrics. Instrumental music can be created through instrumental music recording, synthesized, or by combining both music. It is trendy among electronic music artists

Instrumental music can narrate any picture, story, or scenario. If you want to know more about it, keep reading the article below.

Music Without Lyrics 

Music with no lyrics or vocals is called instrumental music. instrumental music is created by artists who play musical instruments with no vocals. The music is composed using the same framework and guidelines as music with lyrics or vocals.

A variety of genres comes under the term instrumental music. Instrumental music has come a long way from being played during the old-time to being produced digitally. Due to the wide range of instruments and electronic virtual instruments available today, this list has expanded rapidly.

Standard instruments used in producing instrumental music are guitar, piano, violin, synths, and drums.

The selection of musical instruments depends on the type of music genre you want to create.

Types of music created through musical instruments

Following are some popular music genres that are produced using one or more musical instruments :

Classical Music

In this music category, a piano is mainly involved in producing it. It is highly sophisticated instrumental music, usually played in an orchestra.

Electronic dance music

People have drawn an image of instrumental music as always being soft and ambient to ears, but it is not always the case. It is also used to create electronic dance music when vocals are not required and may be referred to as a ‘beat.’

There are many genres involved in electronic dance music, which means a combination of more than one musical instrument. Genres in EDM include house, techno, drum and bass, and many others. 

Drum machines and synthesizers are used in techno, an electronic dance music genre. However, ambient music has a different relaxing vibe when played at a slower tempo.


Jazz is more of a sophisticated type of music based on improvisation. It contains nearly all genres of music, from rock to classical music; everything can be improvised in it. Jazz music can express different emotions to its listeners, like pain or sheer joy.

As it overlaps with many genres, almost every instrument can be used to produce jazz music. The standard musical instruments used to make jazz music are keyboard, saxophone, drum, guitar, and bass.

Blue Grass

Bluegrass music is a subtype of country music, and unlike traditional country music, it is played on a five strings banjo. This includes flat-top guitar, fiddle, mandolin, and bass. Bluegrass music has American roots and is usually known for its high-speed sound and energy.

Post Rock

Post-rock is a type of music genre that is experimental rock music. This type of music focuses on texture and timbre. It combines art-rock, jazz, and alternative elements with electronic music influences rather than typical rock song structures to create a richly textured sound.

Mainly rock music instruments are used to produce this type of song.

Why do people prefer instrumental music?

Compared to music with lyrics, instrumental music can provide a completely different listening experience. Instruments are used instead of voices to perform the lead lines, melodies, or hooks. This may have a very different impact on you and alter the music’s tone.

Songs with vocals also have a language gap, but instrumental music can be heard and understandable by anyone worldwide. 

Through instrumental music, there are many types of emotions that we can feel, from pain and heartache to emotions of love, joy, and friendship. Whereas music with lyrics or vocals is limited to the message, the vocalist wants to tell.

Techniques And Guidelines For Making Instrumental Music: Writing Music Without Words

Many people wonder what the principles and guidelines for writing instrumental music are and if it is similar to writing music with words or lyrics. The answer is yes, it is. Keep reading the guidelines below, which are needed to follow to make instrumental music, so you will find out that it very much sticks with the same principle as music with words.


Both instrumental music and music with lyrics follow the same principle and guidelines for making melody. When creating a melody, its climactic moment placement and contour are two essential factors. This factor applies to both vocal music and instrumental music.

Music Format

The music format is another area where instrumental and vocal music is similar. The design elements in both types of music are the same. For instance, the verse-chorus bridge pattern can be used in instrumental music or music without words. You can also decide to compose instrumental music with just verses or with verses and bridge.

The chorus melody in instrumental music will be pitched at the same level as vocal music, which will have a higher pitch. In both musical genres, the verse melody will also be lower than the chorus.

Music Instrumentation

When you are producing or writing music, make sure the quality of the musical instruments and instrumentalists is good as it is a great deal. It is essential for both vocal music and instrumental music. You never want to compromise on the quality of your song or music.

For instrumental music listeners, people need excellent quality music to be excited about as there are no words, so you need top instrumentalists who know what they have to do.

Benefits of Instrumental Music 

It is not essential if your music has words in it or not because it is the music that has a more significant impact on us. 

Therefore, instrumental music can connect with the audience and have a substantial impact.


Instrumental music is prevalent among people because of its relaxing vibe and can lift a person’s mood. Many genres have instrumental covers; each genre has its format.

You should also know the advantages of playing a musical instrument or learning to play one. Any musical instrument of your choice can be learned, and you can become an expert quickly.