How to Upload and Release to Spotify as an Artist

How to Upload and Release to Spotify as an Artist

How to Upload and Release to Spotify as an Artist

Sign up with one of Spotify’s preferred song distribution companies and submit your music, artwork, and artist details through that distributor to upload to Spotify as an artist.

Once your music has been uploaded to Spotify, you can easily “claim” your artist profile to access a powerful Spotify For Art movement dashboard and the blue verified checkmark.

If you’re wondering what a music distribution company is, how to choose the best music distributor, how to claim your artist profile, and how you can make bank by uploading music to Spotify and receiving Spotify royalties, keep reading.

How to Work with a Music Distributor

The first step in getting your music uploaded to Spotify (aside from creating some music) would be to sign up with a music distributor.

You cannot log in to Spotify and directly upload your music.

There were only just a few music distributors back then, and you had to pay a fee per melody EVERY SINGLE YEAR.

This was prohibitively expensive for the average musician or artist, making uploading songs to Spotify more pipe dream.

Why Artists Should Put Their Music On Spotify

This was prohibitively expensive for the average musician or artist, uploading new music to Spotify is something of a pipe dream more than anything else.

Many indie musicians have discovered that Spotify is an excellent platform for reaching an audience and earning a living. Having your song featured on one of Spotify’s 3000+ playlists can instantly catapult an artist’s career! Spotify provides artists with tools to help them get their message heard by the right people (such as the playlist pitch tool). Additionally, Spotify for Artists provides musicians with detailed information about their target audience.

Spotify has 86 million active monthly users, and this number is rising at an alarming rate during the current crisis. The platform is an excellent way to gain publicity as an author.

Can You Upload Music Directly To Spotify?

In a nutshell, the response is no. However, there are numerous ways to add songs from your music collection to Spotify as just an artist and have them uploaded.

Spotify launched a new trial feature in 2018 that allowed new artists to post their music to Spotify. The tool enabled performers to deliver music directly to Spotify and strategy the ideal release date.

Artists were paid every time someone broadcasted their music instead of when someone downloaded it. They also received a report on how much their streams were earning, a feature enabled through Spotify for Artists, among other knowledge and insight.

How To Upload Music To Spotify Now

The trial feature that allowed independent artists to upload their music to Spotify directly ended in July 2019. Artists can now deliver music to the platform by collaborating with one of Spotify’s distribution partners, who have been serving the art community since the platform’s inception.

Over the last two years, Spotify has also greatly improved its collaboration with distribution teams to ensure metadata quality and artist infringement protection. They also give their customers immediate access to Spotify for Artists, among other things.

Independent artists will register with an online platform and submit their local music in the form of local files, which will then be served to Spotify. Often these major record labels accept having their artists’ music being played on Spotify, and they frequently act as the DSP.

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How Do You Earn Money From Spotify?

When songs are played on streaming services, the artist is paid the equivalent of royalties (based on the number of streams).

Independent musicians have contracts with physical stores and online music distributors for a one-time set-up fee (e.g., Tunecore), a continuing subscription fee, or a continuing proportion of net receipts.

Spotify recently increased its payout per stream, though this increase must still be distributed among various parties (publishers, writers, etc.). Many artists, such as those signed to record labels, are divided on this issue.

The answer to how much Spotify pays per flow is not simple. A variety of factors determines the cost, but it is estimated.

You can always use our internet Streaming Royalties Calculator to see how much you could earn on systems like Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play. Check out this article on music publishing as well!

How to Register for a Spotify Artist Account

  • You can now create a Spotify artist account after successfully distributing your music to Spotify via a music distributor.
  • Make changes to one’s profile picture, biography, and social links.
  • Select an “Artist Pick” (a song, album, or playlist that shows up at the top)
  • Select a “Fundraising Pick” (a charity or straight-to-artist donation option)
  • Get access to enhanced data analytics in the Spotify For Artist dashboard and the ability to pitch one’s music to Spotify editors to be featured on lucrative Spotify editorial playlists.

Final Verdict

Getting your music heard by millions of people is not an easy task! It can frequently take many years (unless you can become an overnight sensation). The great news is that so many offerings that work with Spotify promote an artist’s music extensively.

You can also do a lot to entice audiences to your Spotify profile, such as interact with fans on social media or create an artist playlist. You will soon begin to see royalties in your bank account!

Before approaching any DSP, make sure your music is high audio quality. Spotify has much more listeners than its competitors even though Spotify Top quality streams.