10 Best Music Promotion Sites And Apps In USA In 2022- 2023

10 Best Music Promotion Sites And Apps In USA In 2022- 2023

10 Best Music Promotion Sites And Apps In USA In 2022- 2023

Social media is a great place to do all sorts of business, so if you want to expand your music globally and get recognition in the music industry, you have come to the right place. 

When you start working on a music promotion website and application, this helps increase your monthly traffic and fan following. Building your fan base and promoting your music is tough, but with the help and support from the right website and application, you will get your desired results.

Many excellent music promotion platforms have thousands of monthly active users globally. So this kind of reach is a great way to kick start your career and build your reputation.

Due to massive competition among artists to promote their music, it is essential to create a  360-degree marketing strategy that connects with every potential opportunity and reaches all of these audiences. To do this, you need the appropriate tools on websites and applications on which you will promote your music.

  • WOMEX 

The largest conference in the world’s music industry, WOMEX is the most worldwide and culturally diverse music gathering and features an expo, discussions, films, and showcase concerts.

Its musical range is unmatched in the worldwide showcase performance market; it encompasses folk, roots, jazz, local and diaspora cultures, urban and electronic sounds from all over the world, and ranges from traditional to the new global-local underground.

Through the encouragement and promotion of creativity and art, WOMEX and the many delegates who make up its community want to support and strengthen the role of culture globally and spread its values. The local and international world music scene may and must make positive, tolerant, diverse, and valuable contributions to intercultural understanding.

The event is still committed to facilitating and promoting the global music industry and offering a platform for people to connect, be inspired by, and share their experiences. 

  • Indie Network

 Indie Network is a music promotion company of music experts and fans committed to finding and exposing the best indie music. In a weekly radio and television show, they aim to showcase the incredible creations of the most outstanding independent artists. It is simply the best airplay that indie musicians can receive.

A more effective and secure music promotion service is required—just pure value—no gimmicks, no tricks, no empty promises. The whole of the company’s package features is guaranteed. Start by submitting your song for review to be considered for exposure on Indie Network Radio and TV Show. Our team will evaluate your song contribution to see whether it’s good and if it matches the show. Before they proceed, you will receive notification and confirmation that your music will air.

Get connections to your broadcasts in advance and be aware of your airplay. Get your show promoted on satellite TV, which 595 MLS members may watch for free. Utilize video teaser promos to take your social media to new levels.

  • Spotify for Artists

You may enhance and raise your performance on the platform with the help of the tools provided by Spotify for Artists. Starting with personalizing your Spotify profile, you may obtain vital information about playlist additions, streams, and followers/listeners.

Playlist additions are essential to Spotify performance, and Spotify for Artists levels the playing field for independent artists by giving you a direct connection to pitch your music to Spotify’s editorial team.

  • UseViral

One of the best businesses to assist you in growing a substantial, active fanbase on a music platform is UseViral.

UseViral has given companies a terrific technique to increase their followers on Spotify and other social platforms. They are a proper authority in social media growth. UseViral offers a selection of different packages that will help you promote your music and increase your numbers if you want to become renowned throughout your musical career.

UseViral has increased the size of its internal network to make it easier for monthly Music listeners to grow. UseViral is aware that Spotify is one of the market’s most widely used music streaming services. When you’re ready to expand, you won’t have to wait around wondering what’s happening because their order processing is among the fastest in the sector.

Their bundles start at $3.00, and they offer quick delivery and a refill guarantee, which can help you attract serious listeners. The most common plan is the 5000 listeners package, although you can obtain anywhere between 1000 monthly listeners and 50,000 listeners.

UseViral is one of the most reliable choices if you want to increase your Spotify listeners without sacrificing quality. Additionally, they may assist you with strengthening your profile on various other sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, SoundCloud, and many more.

  • Media Mister

One of the market’s first social media growth companies, Media Mister has thousands of happy customers who have used the company’s services over the years and have years of experience.

There aren’t many businesses more reliable than Media Mister with their wealth of expertise in social media growth. Media Mister ranks among the best for promoting Spotify growth. Even the delivery time for each box is provided so you can plan your listener’s arrival accordingly.

You can purchase monthly listeners as one of their bundles. They provide packages for almost every social media network and give a 30-day refund policy and a satisfaction guarantee.

If you want to contact Media Mister directly, their contact details and service times are posted at the bottom of their page. Monthly Spotify listeners are available in packages starting with 50 listeners and up to 50,000 listeners.

We prefer Media Mister because you can buy listeners from specific nations, such as the US, UK, France, and a few more.

  • TikTok

The latest topic of obsession in the world of music marketing is TikTok. Users of the platform can transform music into memes suitable for sharing, and it turns out that these can be very effective. Making your music accessible to users so they can create their content and spread word-of-mouth is the new frontier in music marketing. The innovator in this emerging market is TikTok.

TikTok proves that your audience is your most valuable media source since they share, interact with, and promote your content on websites like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. 

  • ReverbNation

In 2006, ReverbNation. was introduced as a website focused on the independent music business. It intends to give musicians, producers, and venues a central location where they can collaborate and communicate.

ReverbNation is one of the world’s largest online forums for music industry professionals and a fantastic place for music marketing tools on several platforms; it includes features such as:

  • email bulletins.
  • Targeted social media and streaming platform marketing where visitors can rate your song on crowd reviews.
  • Widgets for viral marketing.
  • Electronic press releases with tracking.

You’ll be expected to perform live shows when you start interacting with larger crowds to elevate your music career to whole new heights.

For the past ten years, ReverbNation has been introducing services to support the growth of your profession. ReverbNation caters to its audience by providing practical advantages after joining a platform with thousands of interested artists. You’re sure to succeed with so many alternatives at your disposal, from crowd reviews to gig finders and chances.

  • GetAFollower

GetAFollower is one of the best solutions if you want to increase your Music following and monthly listening audience, as their name could indicate.

They promise to help your social media marketing strategy at an excellent price, making them a great option for artists on a limited budget who want to see results.

The company checks all order deliveries to ensure you obtain the highest quality products without risk to your account or investment. GetAFollower only uses actual users to provide all of its services.

Check out GetAFollower when you’re prepared to increase your Music audience consistently and see if they provide a service that suits your requirements. Through their services, almost any social network can develop.

  1. Show.co

Show.co offers a selection of music marketing products, such as:

Spotify Pre-Store: To encourage early streaming, allow fans to save your music on Spotify before it is launched.

YouTube Premiere: Create unique debut websites for your videos with YouTube Premiere to increase view counts and strengthen your identity.

Spotify and iHeartRadio Ads: Create and run advertisements on the most extensive streaming networks, Spotify and iHeartRadio.

Place banner advertising on well-known music websites, such as Rolling Stone and Billboard.

  • Buy Real Media

Buy Real Media is a promotional service and is an excellent choice if you want to increase your Music content’s organic reach and maintain your reputation’s growth.

They have a staff of social media specialists who are masters in expanding your Spotify account with loyal fans. With extensive expertise in social media growth and round-the-clock service, Buy Real Media will always take care of you. You can expand other social networks besides the monthly listeners, followers, and plays on Spotify.

The majority of orders will be completed within 5-7 days. They don’t need your password and Buy Real Media will handle the entire process from beginning to end to increase your Music presence and listening audience.

Types of music promotion platforms

Music artists can utilize some great platforms to promote their work.

Social Media

To gain a fan base on social media, you must, however, be aware of the characteristics of your target audience and set objectives for metrics like online mentions or content engagement. Your fans are the media itself in the age of digital sharing, and they occasionally have a lot more power than traditional means of communication. Don’t disregard alternative sources, though. Your complete communication plan should include social media marketing as just one element.


Since you can choose the people you interact with and the time and place of your communication, digital advertising can be pretty valuable. You can target people using demographics, musical tastes, and interests through social media (such as Facebook ads), search engines, digital displays, and even digital audio platforms like Spotify and Pandora.

Paid advertising music promotion is a fantastic way to attract an audience. Still, you should use it carefully because the traffic you obtain won’t stick around for very long, and if you can’t generate genuine interest on other platforms and channels, you won’t be very successful.

Direct communication with fans

Direct engagement with your fans is essential for building a devoted following. Music is, first and foremost, a passion and an integral element of people’s identities. In the music industry, direct engagement may go a long way in establishing a stronger relationship with your audience.

You can create a close group of supporters by sending them emails, texts, or direct messages on social media, either manually or automatically.

Digital Service Providers

Numerous Digital service providers make up the landscape of digital music consumption, including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Soundcloud. Gaining exposure to the users of these platforms is essential for increasing your fan base and professional profile.

The playlist placement is one of the most important ways to contact the audience of the numerous streaming services. The playlist strategy is now at the center of every music marketing effort because of this.

You need to establish your story on the other platforms to transform streaming viewers into fans who will attend your gigs because the playlist space can be a great way to reach new fans but also runs the risk of reducing the artist to just another name in a long list.


What we like about the music industry is how it is constantly innovating. Music industry professionals must adapt quickly and constantly innovate to stay competitive. Promotional strategies that were effective yesterday may not be effective today, so ensure you get the right one.

You could want to hire one of the businesses above if you’re ready to step up your musical efforts and attract more devoted listeners to your work.

They provide a secure solution to acquire Monthly music listeners and expand your audience.

It doesn’t hurt to get your content in front of more people that want to hear your music, especially with the amount of competition in the music industry. This will encourage long-term development and assist you in advancing your musical career.