10 Best Music Promotion Sites And Apps In London In 2022- 2023

10 Best Music Promotion Sites And Apps In London In 2022- 2023

10 Best Music Promotion Sites And Apps In London In 2022- 2023

Your audience size will increase as more people hear your song. By putting a plan to get your music into more places, you raise your chances of becoming someone’s favorite new artist and start a chain of positive word-of-mouth recommendations that could lead to your next concert.

The online platform has fundamentally changed the music industry. This is well known to artists who have utilized effective modern technologies like file sharing and digital marketing through many social media channels. People are using several different applications and websites to listen to their favorite artist’s music, so it will be wise to promote your music on these platforms to attract listeners and increase your fan following.

  • Buy Real Media

Another Music promotion company is Buy Real Media. At first, the site may not seem like your standard service, but after you learn more about what they offer, you’ll see that they have all you need and even more.

They aren’t going to mess with you with this because they are aware that you want to be able to increase your popularity on your social media websites generally.

They advertise as a one-stop shop for all engagement requirements, including that Spotify account. We are grateful for their diversity because today’s social media growth sector needs diversity to thrive. They make it incredibly simple to choose the most attractive features for your music even if you initially feel a little lost or overwhelmed. You may talk to them directly using their chatbox.

They have more than seven years of expertise in social media marketing, and they believe that because they already have so many happy customers, they would be a great choice if you value your image and only want to see it get better going forward.

  • UseViral

Monthly listeners, artist fans, playlist followers, and Spotify plays are available to package options from UseViral for Music promotions. This organization offers a wide variety of packages to provide you with the highest return on your investment in fans and listeners.

You can choose from one of their packages, but you can also speak with them if you need a more significant purchase or locate a tailored plan to meet your requirements. After selecting the package for your Spotify account, fill out the necessary information.

To receive delivery of your Music listeners or followers, you will not be required to reveal any private or sensitive information, such as your password. To begin processing your order, provide them with the URL to your Spotify page and your email. Your campaign should begin within 24-48 hours of finishing this step, though you might see results immediately.

UseViral is a secure, affordable, and trustworthy way to increase your visibility on the Spotify platform. UseViral has more than three years of experience in the social media sector and provides a 100 percent guarantee on your marketing services. They have an excellent support staff who frequently update and enhance their services.

Nobody will be able to tell that you bought the subscribers you obtained from UseViral because they appear genuine. Additionally, they come through naturally. Real and active Spotify subscribers who have complete profiles, likes, posts, and comments are encouraged by this involvement.

  • TikTok

With the help of the app TikTok, consumers, musicians, and label managers can produce and distribute quick 15-second music videos. In 154 countries, TikTok is accessible on smartphones through the App Store and Google Play store. Releasing your music on TikTok can significantly boost your total release promotion because it is so widely used. To advance to the next level, be creative and post clips that promote your music.

  • SidesMedia

SidesMedia wants to work with you to increase brand awareness and audience growth through legitimate social media platforms like Spotify. You select the platform for engagement, purchase the engagement type you require, and then observe your audience’s growth on that platform.

You can select from monthly users, artist fans, playlist followers, or song plays on platforms like Spotify. The number of fans, plays, or listeners you require will determine the engagement package you receive.

Additionally included in your bundle are quick 1- to 2-day delivery, high-quality and active users, and 24/7 customer support. According to the website, they only give you real followers in a risk- and harm-free way. Compared to individually and organically growing your account, you may see more than ten times the engagement, expansion, and retention with SideMedia’s assistance.

  • SocialViral

The great thing about Music promotion services is that they can assist you in every way. They can help you with Spotify, but they also have the tools to support Instagram and TikTok simultaneously.

One of these promotion services is SocialViral. We appreciate that they give their customers both real and exclusive engagement. These people can provide immediate results, so if you’re the customer who thinks that time is money, you won’t need to worry.

Furthermore, everything on their feature list is inexpensive, so that you won’t pay exorbitant prices.

  • Storm likes

Since Storm likes is a Music promotion service, it has some knowledge about Spotify and other major music promotion platforms. They discuss how they can assist you with both Spotify and Instagram simultaneously, and we appreciate that they include a section on their website explaining everything they aren’t simultaneously.

They assert that excluding features like ghost profiles and bots makes the process simple and secure for their customers. Visit the FAQ section on the homepage if you want additional information before committing.

  • Songkick

Songkick is primarily a ticket-buying app, but it also introduces users to musicians. Depending on the user’s location and musical preferences, advertisements for musicians appear to them. It reaches a sizable demographic, informs users of musicians who are on tour, and provides recommendations for new music. 

This is a great low-cost software for people on a tight budget to promote music. Songkick also compiles data from Spotify, Google Play Music, and other services, increasing the likelihood that your music will be promoted.

  • Indiefy

Once you have produced your song for publication, it is critical to gain exposure on platforms that call for fans, plays, and listeners. Indiefy assists in promoting your song. Their playlisting crew is skilled at generating interest in your music and always comes up with inventive new strategies to do so.

The online music App algorithm is enabled by regular and continuous activity on your account. As a result, you might be included in Weekly Discovery, and users who like your genre might get recommendations for your music.

  • Last.fm

This software is excellent for marketing because it suggests songs to the user based on their tastes. Last.fm makes sure that your music is being played by someone who has comparable preferences, so it isn’t just a matter of luck if people enjoy it or not. 

Last.fm, one of the most popular online radio stations, offers fantastic music promotion options. They provide a range of options for managing your music, including a 30-second preview and a complete download. They undertake advertising campaigns to attract new fans and followers and maintain a personal page.

  • DailyPlaylists

Daily Playlists can be your service if you seek something simple to use to promote your Spotify presence. The procedure used by this company is to add the link to your song, select playlists, and then proceed to submit.

The best aspects of this service include its quickness, direct access to playlists, freeness, ability to reach new audiences, ability to run fan competitions, and suitability for artists or playlists. Using this site might increase your traffic, receive more plays, pick up more followers, and broaden your audience.

Techniques for Music Promotion

According to the online music analytics and insights service, about half of the musician’s tracks are categorized as “undiscovered.” These artists have modest social media followings that are frequently dropping, little YouTube and Vevo views, and little to no radio play.

Imagine how many more tracks and artists there are that we are unaware of due to no lack of promotion and marketing of those artists. Here are some Music Marketing Techniques for artists to get discovered and recognized.

To improve music promotion, provide interactive content

According to research, when consumers encounter content that appeals to a variety of senses, they are more likely to think favorably of your brand and purchase your music.

Furthermore, 43% of consumers claim to favor interactive video over other kinds of media. Because it gives each client the freedom to choose what information and when they want to see it, music performers can benefit much from producing interactive content.

Promote Your Music Across Various Platforms

Promote Your Music Via As Many Platforms As You Can  Additionally, don’t pass up chances to cross-promote across several platforms, such as when you upload your most recent video to YouTube and then share the link on Facebook.

Establish a Network to Promote Your Music

Forming the appropriate relationships can be pretty helpful in your pursuit of recognition. But you can’t just  wait for those connections to happen naturally. You must market yourself and use networking to achieve your goals.

Locate individuals employed in the music industry’s appropriate areas, find them on social media, and establish contact with them. When you get in touch, hold off on asking them to sign or book you. Engage in discourse. Inform them that you like their work or venue, solicit their opinion, or participate in online discussions.

Get involved as much as you can in your neighborhood. Play as many performances and open mics as you can, go to workshops and conferences, and hang out at places with many regional performers.

Every engagement is a potential networking opportunity. Speaking to someone at a charity planning a festival or a local vocalist who wants to collaborate on a few performances are two possibilities. Prepare yourself to always have business cards on you and perhaps demo CDs, USB drives, or download cards.

Musicians’ Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing has a lot of potential for increasing your profile, creating a following, and generating income from your music. There is a greater probability that emails you send to your followers will be opened and clicked on.

Think about sending an email with a discount on merchandise or a free music download. Give customers an incentive to continue subscribing by providing details about your creative process or early notice of upcoming tour dates, for example.

Avoid spamming your subscribers. A couple of emails every couple of weeks should be sufficient unless you have important news, such as the release of an album, but experiment with varying frequency and dates to discover what works best.

Pitch Media Outlets With Your Music

Reaching out to people and media who already have engaged audiences of their own makes sense as the primary goal of your music promotion is to get in front of new audiences. Depending on the music you produce, different brands may be the ones you pitch to.

If you can, put money into your music.

Though it may be overused, the adage “It takes money to produce money” is frequently true. An excellent example of this in action is Facebook.

Social media is becoming more and more of a pay-to-play platform. Ads can dramatically increase your audience and engagement; therefore, spending a little money to develop your brand is worthwhile. Of course, social media isn’t everything. You might also consider working with a creative agency to improve your branding or engaging a PR agent to get media attention.


These and many other music promotion applications will be a turning point in your career if you’re an aspiring musician. A music promotion website and applications advertise music for musicians or music labels through strategies including print ads, internet ads, and social media promotion. Through social media, you may promote your music for nothing. Try posting your music online, making Instagram reels with it, or making TikTok videos.

Use these well-liked applications to attract fans and followers and become the next big musical star. Wishing you luck as you pursue music!