10 Best Music Promotion Sites And Apps In NYC In 2022- 2023

10 Best Music Promotion Sites And Apps In NYC In 2022- 2023

10 Best Music Promotion Sites And Apps In NYC In 2022- 2023

As a beginner artist, it might be stressful to consider starting to promote your music and to determine where to do so if you have no connections in the field. Finding the top apps is the first step you may take to deal with the promotion, which are the major sites and apps and apps that fit your budget for promoting your music and provide you with the services that fit your requirements and needs.

A tonne of apps available can help with audience growth and fan development. We picked ten of them because they meet our preferences, and the simplicity of use and affordability are the two main criteria. Let’s look at it.

  • In Focus

It begins with focus, whether trying to level up or go back to the fundamentals. They’ll provide the tools, resources, and recommendations to assist you in achieving your goals in any focus area, from skill to career.

Having your toolkit ready is essential for when inspiration hits. You may learn ways to improve average concepts into fantastic ones here, from the foundation of songs and hooks to mind-mapping and getting the most of a collaboration.

See how you can create a world around your songs using design, cinematography, photography, and audio narrative.

Discover the most effective way of communicating with your audience and become an expert in the marketing strategies that will keep them interested. Learn how to use techniques and approaches to attract new followers globally and help you become their favorite artists.

  • SpotiPromo

A well-known and well-liked organic music marketing service for Spotify is SpotiPromo. This service focuses on monthly listeners, the song plays, saves, and song followers.

Because the interaction in this service is lower than in some other services, your progress will appear more organic and gradual rather than abruptly large.

One of the well-liked aspects of this service is geo-targeting. This site features include unlimited song and playlist promotion, easy cancellation, delayed followers and plays, and a cash-back promise.

You can tell that this is a reliable firm for developing your Spotify if you add all of this up with excellent ratings and satisfying customer experiences.

  • SoundCloud

Soundcloud is still one of the best solutions for connecting to your social networking profile. The software was made simple; you can save your music on it and share it with Facebook and other services without much effort. Additionally, they provide promotions, such as free music giveaways. Listeners can write comments on what they enjoy, giving you quick feedback without requiring them to be signed into Soundcloud on your profile page on the app, which also works as social media.

  • Burstimo 

To assist you with the best placement of your music, the Burstimo team guides you through the Artists for Spotify submission process and closely collaborates with playlist curators and tastemakers.

Reviewers praised the product for being “innovative, valuable, and transparent,” to name three. Reviews are helpful to To get a sense of how much their clients value them on this website. Burstimo has a Google Review rating of 4.9/5 stars and consistently receives high marks from its clients. Their professionalism and track record of success is evident from the first transaction.

They are one of the more expensive providers in terms of pricing. Still, since they have a reputation for delivering on their promises and avoiding bots and useless metrics, the price is more than justified. There will be a lot of glowing remarks. As a result, more people listen to your music.

  • Pitch Playlist

Music advertising is simple by using Pitch Playlist. They have limited workers who provide outstanding service. This business has a strong and wide-ranging curator network. On their website, they include work that they have done and customer reviews that show the company’s unique and validated achievements. Their prices are not listed on the website. Instead, schedule a meeting with one of the Pitch Playlist team’s professionals.

Talk about your wants, needs, and objectives for Music promotion to provide the groundwork for your project. There are a lot of satisfied and happy customers of the company that are sharing how good this service is. A visit to the website is worthwhile.

  • Reverbnation 

Your social media profiles can easily be linked using Reverbnation and music with millions of admirers for a nominal charge. You may use an ad builder to create a professional advertising film for your music, allowing you to market in places where you might not have a natural affinity. 

The website can help you grow your audience because it retains a record of past clients and shows advertisements for your music to listeners with similar likes. To manage their careers, aspiring musicians should use this app.

  • Flowsty

Since Flowsty is a Music promotion service created specifically for musicians and artists, you can trust that they will always understand your needs. They claim to be the best platform in the industry for assisting artists in concentrating on growth and discovery, and at first, when you are still a tiny fish, you can gain from their free plays.

You will immediately benefit from this and ensure that the right people can see you.

They think that every one of their customers has music that deserves to be heard, and they think that because they have been in the business for more than ten years, they have an excellent idea of what you could need and be seeking.

The best part is that they can assist you with global discovery, which entails helping you locate individuals from all over the world who will be interested in viewing what you have going on with your Music playlists. By doing this, you can effortlessly attract new listeners from all around the world.

  • Bandsintown 

Users of Bandsintown can sign up to receive notifications about tours and local performances by their favorite acts. As a musician, you can plan your shows and events and use them for marketing your music. Android, iOS, and Facebook all have access to this app. On Bandsintown, grow your fan base and interact with them.

  • Social Media

YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The main choices for free music promotion are these. They all have millions of users, each with a specific use. Create profiles for each, download them all, and keep them current! Word-of-mouth recommendation is one of the most successful marketing strategies. Utilizing social media is relatively easy and excellent for people on a tight budget

Just be sure to add numerous examples, images, and narratives. On a personal level, you want to engage your audience. Instagram is a relatively new social media platform worth checking out if you aren’t already. It’s free to use and offers a unique way of bringing your admirers closer to you.

By doing this, you can effortlessly attract new listeners from all around the world.

  • Streamsbyte

Streamsbyte is a 360-degree music streaming service that will always have your back, and it is far more than simply your standard organic Music marketing service. They claim to be able to assist you with those Spotify playlists and targeted streams, allowing you to expand your fan base wherever you choose, whether on Spotify, Pandora, or SoundCloud.

You can go through their “promotion approach” link to find out everything they have to offer and how it functions.

We also like how they categorize their features into groups based on the level of interaction you desire with them, and we respect how well they handle the data. This means that they set their features accordingly, considering the Music platform, the algorithm, and what you are permitted to do daily. Hence, don’t worry about yourself getting into trouble.

You can contact them directly using the site chat box if you need to discuss anything. Additionally, we believe that their pricing is excellent.

Why should you do music promotion?

We think getting a head start is one of the most convincing things about using a Music promotion service.

Because there is so much competition and no one is interested in listening to music from artists who at present don’t have a lot of monthly listeners, the issue about being able to be seen by the correct people on online music platforms is that it will take you quite a while to get where you want to be.

Security, Why It Matters

Consider this: You want to ensure that a music promotion agency you use maintains a professional website and services, don’t you?

Additionally, you want to ensure they safeguard your music and prevent theft. Since your music is considered your property by law, the idea of someone else obtaining it is somewhat unsettling.

Regarding security, music promotion services that genuinely care about their customers will go above and above. This includes everything involving their website, such as encrypting it with HTTPS.

Additionally, they’ll ensure that their payment methods are encrypted so you may share your credit card information without worrying that it will be stolen.

How to Market Your Music on a Limited Budget

Friends and Family

In the past, without money or the support of a major label, a band or musical artist had very little chance of ever “making it” or acquiring true fans. Now you can discover many strategies for expanding your fan base that won’t cost you your soul or a fortune by reading on.

The first step in gaining a devoted following can frequently be taken with those closest to you. Due to the misguided impression that they must appeal to new audiences to succeed, many musicians neglect the support of their loved ones. This is just untrue. You never know what people around you are capable of or can reach, so if you want to find good listeners, start with your current supporters.

Social Media

If you don’t have a plan or strategy for regularly producing content related to your music, you should reconsider your music career. You are forced to utilize social media to your advantage because you are an independent artist without sponsorship. 

Make a list of topics you can turn into posts for different platforms as a starting point. Take the list, spread it on a calendar, and start working on some material. It’s preferable to publish music content daily, but since every plan is unique, sit down and consider which technique would work best for you as an artist.

However, social media isn’t just for you. You’ll need to locate other creatives who share your interests and people who can support you on your path. Reach out to those that inspire you, hold similar beliefs to your own, and could use a helping hand. One of the most acceptable methods to develop your fan base and become the artist you deserve to be is through this.

Music Blogs

Blogs on music are a great way to attract some devoted followers. Music blogs can help you spread the word about your music because of their large audiences, much like social media. To reach the audience who will connect with your music the most, starting with blogs that are as similar to your genre or niche as feasible is ideal. The snowball effect starts when people tell their friends about your wonderful music through the incredible power of word-of-mouth.

Keep things brief, short, and to the point when writing a blog because writers and editors are frequently busy. The easiest thing to do is add one or two links to your greatest tracks along with some information and facts about yourself and why you believe their website may benefit from your music. Keeping your outreach brief will encourage more people to read it, increasing the likelihood that you’ll be featured.


Many apps are available to advertise your music for free or at a small cost. However, technology in the present era can only take you so far. The secret to promoting your music is keeping it real and updating it frequently. We are in unheard-of times where we can grow our popularity without the help of a record label, straight through our fans. Please make the most of it.