Best Beatboxers In The World In 2022

Best Beatboxers In The World In 2022

Best Beatboxers In The World In 2022

Beatbox has been an established art form since the early 1980s. Many famous artists around today use it as a significant part of their music and performances. 

Many beatboxers have yet to prove themselves at a world-class level or release any projects for people to sample their talents. Who also should be the world’s best beatboxers in 2022?

1. France: Pierre Guimard

Pierre Guimard has been called the Michael Jordan of beatboxing. His flawless technique and smooth style have made him one of the most popular beatboxers in history. However, he is incredibly humble about his skill level. I really shouldn’t think of myself as exceptionally talented. I have constantly been striving to improve.

I love music, and beatboxing allows me to make music on my terms, Guimard said in an interview with BizTimes France. He has also won six European championships and three world championships in beatboxing. It is likely that by 2022 he will be crowned as one of, if not THE best beatboxer ever. No other competitor comes close to matching his talent.

Though there are many skilled competitors in Europe, none compare to Guimard’s sheer talent. Additionally, no one has been able to defeat him in a championship since 2011. So long as he continues training hard and stays healthy, it is unlikely anyone else will take home gold from any significant event until 2022 or beyond.

He first picked up a mic when he was only four years old! He started beatboxing after watching videos of children doing it online. He began to teach himself enough to use a microphone shortly, even though he could pick one up! Soon enough, his friends were asking for advice on how they could get better too! From there, he began posting videos online and practicing daily!

2. Sweden: Viktor Svensson

At just 22 years old, Viktor is already dominating global competitions. With an unconventional style that blends traditional beatboxing with classical singing, Viktor took gold at The Solo Championships in 2016 and 2017 and silver at The Team Championships during that same period. His innovative take on hip-hop vocals gives him a new dimension of sound few can match, and he’s slowly becoming one of the beatboxing’s most recognizable faces to date.

It won’t be long before he takes home top honors at events worldwide and is considered one of its all-time greats. – Grady Kirkland A full-time instructor at Udemy who produces videos for beginners and advanced beatboxers, Grady has traveled across America to participate in solo battles. He has competed alongside some of today’s biggest names, including Andrew Dice Clay, Fabian Hitboy Jimenez, Dave 1 from Chromeo, YTCracker, etc.

Known for his soulful delivery of raps over his rhythmic beats—with quick hits reminiscent of drum fills—Grady makes up for what he lacks in power with finesse and nuance. While not many know about him yet outside his hometown of Dallas or other Texas metropolises like Austin or San Antonio, it won’t be long before his name is synonymous with modern beatboxing.

3. Canada: Alex Kid Twist Ramos

He’s been performing for more than 20 years and is considered one of his country’s top beatboxers. One of Ramos’ most significant claims to fame is being crowned Canada’s representative at the 2007 and 2010 Battlebeat World Championships. He also reached the fourth place at 2015’s Shout World Championship, making him a fan favorite and a force to be reckoned with on any stage.

Since he has yet to retire from competition, look for Ramos to perform on some big stages in major cities over the next two years and make his way into contention for 2022. In addition to local recognition, Ramos boasts nearly 50,000 subscribers and dozens of millions of views across multiple channels; he’s an Internet star, just like one of our other contenders!

4. USA: Eli Cosey Mo Reed

With a unique sound and skill set, Reed was thrust into the spotlight with his recent performance at an NFL game. His mastery of beatboxing is unparalleled, and he will undoubtedly continue to captivate audiences for years to come. As he pushes himself and grows as an artist, Reed’s star will only continue to rise.

Look for him on tour in 2022! USA: Kaila Mullady: I’ve heard that timing is everything, but nobody ever said anything about being on the beat. This 11-year-old beatboxer from Denver wowed judges during a battle last year by tapping her toes while performing fantastic sound effects.

5. Japan: Nariaki Kato

Many people will argue that Kato is currently on top of his game. With a unique style influenced by cultures as diverse as African hip-hop, Nariaki has succeeded outside of Japan thanks to his hard work and YouTube channel.

His consistency over the years has cemented him as one of beatboxing’s most influential figures—and he doesn’t seem like he’ll be slowing down anytime soon. He may not be number one when 2022 rolls around, but I think it’s safe to say he’ll still be around, at least. It’s hard to bet against such a talented performer who isn’t afraid to try new things. That said, some other beatboxers have impressed me lately.

Just behind Kato is Francesco Facchinetti from Italy, also known as Paracas. You might remember him for his collaboration with Jordi Chiquito or because you follow. BeatboxCommunity or BBF forums. They always find themselves competing for either online or offline (BBX Italy). Paracas holds two world records: lowest note hit(18Hz) and highest freestyle note(4033Hz) – Europe’s Official Record Label – They need an official endorser to become an artist in their database and sign contracts if accepted.


While beatboxing may not be as popular as it was in its heyday, several talented musicians are still looking out for it over the next few years. Please keep your eyes peeled for these five performers and check out their music whenever you get a chance! With any luck, they’ll continue to inspire people everywhere with their exceptional talent.