How To Make A Song On SoundCloud On Your Phone

How To Make A Song On SoundCloud On Your Phone

How To Make A Song On SoundCloud On Your Phone

SoundCloud is an all-in-one platform for free audio platforms for creators, curators, and listeners. New artists from throughout the world have music tracks available on SoundCloud. The service is worth checking out if you’re into music discovery. That’s not all, though. It provides a platform for emerging musicians to share their songs and check the data of their work.

You can build a following of users who share your taste in music if you switch from simply listening to producing. Using your phone, you may upload your music, use the mastering tool, and share it with the world.


It is a  platform for sharing and streaming music online founded in 2007.

SoundCloud’s interactive features enable producers, from musicians to podcasters, to interact with listeners and fans through its different sharing tools. Included is the function for which SoundCloud is likely best known, i.e., the well-liked comments option. Users can contribute their opinions on particular moments in an audio stream, and anyone who listens to the music can see what they have to say.

The basic version of SoundCloud is available for free online and on iOS and Android smartphones. 

Uploading Song On SoundCloud From Your Phone

The process of adding songs to SoundCloud is quick and free. Your audio files and an account are all you’ll need.

On your iOS or Android mobile device, use the SoundCloud app to upload your tracks. Your account must have previously received an email confirmation to upload tracks using the mobile SoundCloud app. Following are the steps for uploading music on the SoundCloud app by your phone.

  1. Ensure you are signed in to your account before opening the SoundCloud app on your smartphone.
  2. Tap the upward-pointing arrow-shaped icon in the top right corner.
  3. An upload from your device will be required. Select the desired file and tap it.
  4. Include the track’s title, genre, and description in the text box. Additionally, you may add custom artwork and specify whether you want it to be visible to the public or not.
  5. They will process and upload your file. When it’s finished, you can discover it on your profile or by touching the lightning bolt icon to access your feed at the bottom of the app.

The maximum file size is 4 GB, so keep it in mind while choosing the songs you want to upload. If your file is too large, consider splitting it into multiple uploads.

You should upload your music in a lossless file format for the best audio quality. SoundCloud does accept additional common file types like.MP3, but the sound quality will be lower.

You have the option of uploading a track either publicly or privately. Private uploads are only accessible with a unique URL. Songs’ privacy settings can be updated at any moment or set to become public on a particular day.

SoundCloud emphasizes the value of copyright and states that submitted tracks must follow their Terms of Use and not violate the rights of others. In other words, avoid uploading audio that is not your own.

Types of SoundCloud Account

Four types of accounts are available for you to choose from based on your requirements and budget. Choose the type that suits you best.

Basic Account

You get three hours of upload time, basic metrics, and attached settings with the free Basic account. Before you upgrade, it’s a terrific place to start and clearly understand what you’re doing.

Pro Unlimited Account

They did the math for you, and most users will find that this choice offers the best value. You receive all the benefits of a Pro account in addition to an increased upload limit, the ability to plan your releases and access to SoundCloud Go+ for only half the price of a standard membership.

Go Account

You may access SoundCloud Go from any location and listen to the service offline. You get ad-free listening, over 120,000,000 tracks from both well-known and up-and-coming artists, the ability to download tunes to your mobile device, and more.

Go + account

You can download tracks from SoundCloud Go+ for offline listening on mobile devices, ad-free listening, and access to a few DJ integrations that let you immediately find and mix millions of tracks.

Make Money On SoundCloud By Uploading Music

You may make the most of and profit from your efforts on SoundCloud by using monetization. This includes gathering significant ad money produced in regions where the service is available.

Independent musicians who monetize directly with SoundCloud can receive payment through fan-powered royalties, which is a more fair and open method. You get paid more the more people listen to your music on SoundCloud.

You are paid depending on the actual listening habits of your fans under fan-powered royalties. Your pay increases as your devoted followers spend more time listening to your songs. Independent artists gain from the most recent model.

How can You meet the criteria for fan-powered royalties?

Three ways are available for artists to automatically engage in fan-powered royalties:

SoundCloud Premier 

For Pro Unlimited subscribers, Premier is their monetization scheme. As soon as artists can monetize, they will be informed and invited to sign up.

Repost by SoundCloud

Repost by SoundCloud is for musicians who wish to spread their music across all of the primary music streaming services to connect with listeners worldwide. Repost by SoundCloud has no qualifying conditions for those who want to monetize.

Repost Select

This program is exclusively available to chosen Repost by SoundCloud subscribers and is not subject to any eligibility conditions for monetization.


The SoundCloud application gives users a complete overview of all the tools and sources at their disposal to help artists make the most of the service. It offers guidance to artists who want to upload their music on how to share their SoundCloud music on social networking and embedded players, as well as suggestions for optimizing SoundCloud recordings on a cell phone. 

In the regions where SoundCloud is now offering monetization, your track will start to receive money. Also, make sure you don’t upload a song that has been marked copyright by its owner or if the song doesn’t belong to you.