How To Get Your Song On TikTok For Free?


How To Get Your Song On TikTok For Free?

The most popular social media network right now is TikTok, which has over 120 million monthly active users. It can turn a song into a worldwide success and make an independent musician a star overnight, making the site a new music marketing breakthrough for artists. For artists, it’s not simply another social media platform.

When TikTok first launched, users could submit any audio or music from the platform. However, TikTok stopped using that function because of copyright issues. You may now utilize the TikTok app’s built-in music library to add sounds to videos or use a third-party app to add your music.

What is TikTok?

TikTok is the go-to app and platform for creating short video producers and connecting them with users from all over the world. Millions of users visit the site daily to watch, like, and share the videos that make them happy. Users make short, vertical movies that are typically between 15 and 60 seconds long and share them publicly with the world.

By concentrating on mobile engagement and being optimized in a vertical aspect ratio to emphasize smartphone use, it distinguishes itself from other video sites like YouTube.

It’s all about creating content that is quick to consume and easy. As opposed to sitting down to watch one clip for a longer duration, this encourages more frequent viewing of various little content. It makes browsing content as simple as swiping up and down by using a timeline feed similar to those found on social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

TikTok is a platform created by its community, so sharing is an essential component of it. Users may quickly share and repost their favorite content when watching a video by clicking the share symbol in the bottom right corner. Even videos can be shared via other apps.

Upload your music for free on TikTok

if you want to submit your music on TikTok, which is not already included in the application’s catalogs, there are two great ways to upload music to TikTok so that users can use it as the soundtrack for their videos. The first option is to use a music distributor or a third-party app registered on TikTok. You can upload as many of your songs as you like for free, and every time your music is featured in a video, you’ll be paid. 

The second option is to upload your song manually by going through simple steps which are simple and easy.

Make sure the music you’re using has permission to use it or is yours. Be cautious since TikTok strictly enforces copyright laws and may deactivate your account if you submit copyright-protected music.

Utilizing a music distribution


On TuneCore, it only takes a few seconds to choose your package. Unlimited releases are available for a fee starting at $14.99. Additionally, you don’t have to give up any of the rights to your music and get to retain all of the money you get from social media and digital stores.


In 2019, users saw the announcement from Symphonic that they had partnered with TikTok to begin distribution there.

On symphonic, you can choose the part of the music you want to upload on TikTok. Choose a song segment that will work for the platform since the video sound will last 30 seconds, such as a clip that may be used to start a dance challenge, a humorous trend, or an acting trend. Many individuals make jokes about the lyrics by using these noises. Make sure to choose “TikTok” for delivery after you’ve finished this. Additionally, you can change your clip times by editing and redelivering.

CD Baby

TikTok began working with CD Baby in January of this year. They made it accessible for both recently released music and music from the past. Make sure you are signed up for “music distribution to streaming platforms” before purchasing a new release. They immediately release your music to TikTok if it has already been released through CD Baby. They’ve made the process very simple.

Uploading music manually

By manually uploading the music, you can use your song as a TikTok sound in a do-it-yourself manner. Although it is a relatively simple setup, you won’t make any money from it if you don’t use a distributor.

The first step is to submit a video clip that includes the audio you want to utilize for the sound. Then select the spinning profile image in the video’s lower right corner. Lastly,  Edit the music name.

TikTok’s Music Library

The app’s music library, which offers millions of tracks from musicians for your videos, is another significant feature of TikTok.

There is a vast selection of music available to find the ideal tone and soundtrack for your clips, ranging from hit songs to tracks created especially to pair with short movies. Find the appropriate song and include it in your video. You can adjust the volume of both the music and the video’s original audio to achieve the ideal balance and give the music you want to stand out.

Make your music popular online.

It would help if you actively worked to promote your music to TikTok influencers and other people worldwide once it is uploaded on the platform. You don’t need many followers or a large following to do this; individuals with less than 1000 followers have also succeeded in going viral by creating compelling videos. Consider TikTok a massive chance for you to reach audiences in ways that weren’t previously possible through essential marketing as an independent artist.


Music fans’ listening habits are evolving more quickly than ever. It’s simple to understand why TikTok has become a significant player in the streaming industry, particularly among younger listeners. 

You can use the application to upload your music to be used in video and get paid for it. Just ensure you are not uploading any music to the platform that has been marked as copyrighted material from the owner or isn’t yours. Learn how your audience interacts with the app. If you are consistent, your followers on the app will naturally expand from there.