10 Best Music Promotion Platforms In Canada In 2022- 2023

10 Best Music Promotion Platforms In Canada In 2022- 2023

10 Best Music Promotion Platforms In Canada In 2022- 2023

The more people who hear your music, the more potential listeners you will have. By implementing a strategy that gets your songs into more places, you increase your chances of becoming someone’s favorite new band, triggering a word-of-mouth chain reaction that could land you your next gig.

It’s not just about quantity; it’s also about quality. Reaching a larger audience through music promotion allows you to get more and better fans: the devoted die-hards.

Consumers in Canada’s digital music market have many options, including digital downloads, on-demand or web radio streaming services, and online music video services.

1. 7digital

It’s a platform for delivering the best music experiences. 7digital provides all the tools required to offer and manage music as a core component of social, fitness, digital music services, and other occasions.

Every day, hundreds of millions of people worldwide use 7digital to connect to music apps they enjoy. The combination of a global catalog, end-to-end and a-la-carte API services, and cloud-based scale enables digital music innovation while lowering the cost and complexity of using music for streaming, UGC, VOD, and other purposes.

7digital platform advantages for brands and music

Hundreds of companies use 7digital’s music-as-a-service platform to streamline the backend of music licensing and use, ranging from streaming services to online fitness startups to global social media. Our clients rely on our platform, from ingestion and delivery to authorization and reporting.

7digital’s technology platform allows businesses to connect their apps with licensed music from any label or publisher via a fully integrated suite of APIs that supports any user management, music format, and business model.

All-in-one music solution

Using the 7digital platform means less development, fewer integrations, and more focus on your customers’ music experiences.

The mindset that prioritizes compliance

its API and automated label/publisher integration ensure the highest level of compliance with your rightsholder agreements.

Pre-made integrations

To increase efficiency and differentiation, utilize integrations for systems such as MRI, HFA, Super Hi-fi, Muzooka, and others.

Scalable dependability

With 99.9 percent or higher uptime, our systems serve clients with millions of active users.

A platform designed for expansion

API solutions make launching, managing, and scaling music services easier by allowing you to add new territories, tiers, or formats.

Consultation on licensing

As your customer base and music offerings expand, you’ll have access to licensing support and consulting.

2. Amazon prime music

Amazon Prime Music is a streaming service with an Amazon Prime membership. Amazon’s Prime Music service offers on-demand access to over two million songs, hundreds of curated playlists, and personalized stations. The ad-free service is included in Prime users’ annual membership at no additional cost.

Amazon’s music streaming service makes a lot of sense if you’re already a part of the Amazon ecosystem and have one or more Echo or Fire TV devices. One reason is that many songs contain lyrics that may be displayed on your TV, in the Alexa app, or on your Echo Show, brilliant display in real-time with the music.

Like other streaming services, Amazon Prime Music allows you to listen to music on-demand over your internet. This can be done on your phone, computer, or Amazon Echo smart speaker. Because you can ask Alexa to play a song, album, or playlist, this is one of the most straightforward ways to access Prime Music.

Amazon has announced Music HD, which provides CD-quality (or higher) audio for individuals who don’t want to listen to compressed MP3s. A lesser selection of ‘3D’ music is also available in Music HD, which may be played on a speaker like the Amazon Echo Studio.

Amazon music unlimited

Amazon’s streaming audio service adds high-quality music, podcasts, and HD audio support to web browsers, mobile apps, and the company’s various intelligent devices. Amazon has confirmed the launch of Amazon Music Unlimited in Canada, which “unlocks millions more songs to customers,” including songs by today’s top artists, thousands of playlists and stations, and localized programming curated by the company’s music experts.

It provides Prime members with ad-free music from a catalog of over one million songs. However, Amazon Music Unlimited, like Apple Music and Spotify, provides users with hands-free listening via Alexa, unlimited access to any song, and offline listening with unlimited skips from a much more extensive music library.

There are several subscription plans to choose from:

  • Individual Amazon Music Unlimited Plan
  • Family Plan for Amazon Music Unlimited
  • Amazon Music Unlimited Single-Device Plan
  • Each account can only have one active subscription, with eligible customers receiving a free trial.

4.Apple music

Apple Music is a music streaming service that offers access to over 90 million songs. Its fantastic features include downloading and playing your favorite tracks offline, real-time lyrics, listening across all your favorite devices, new music personalized just for you, curated playlists from our editors, and many more. All of this is in addition to exclusive and unique content.

Apple Music debuted in 2015, following Apple’s 2014 acquisition of Beats Electronics, which included the now-defunct Beats Music subscription service.

The Apple Music service not only allows you to stream any track from the iTunes catalog on-demand, but it also allows you to access all of your music on all of your devices, whether purchased from iTunes, copied from a CD, or downloaded from the internet.

The streaming service also includes personalized recommendations, internet radio (including the Apple Music 1 (formerly Beats 1) radio station), the ability to save music to your device for offline listening, expert-curated playlists, integration with the Siri assistant on iOS devices, and features such as Lyrics view.

5. CBC music

CBC Music introduces Canadians to the best in music. CBC Music, available all year through the CBC Listen to the app, online, on radio, and in television specials, prioritizes Canadian artists and songs, including underrepresented genres. CBC Music draws from all genres and classifications with knowledgeable hosts, programmers, and 200 free music streams. Discover the next great act with CBC Music, home of the JUNO Awards, and your favorite music from across the country.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation operates CBC/Radio-Canada, Canada’s national public broadcaster. It used to focus on classical and jazz music. In 2007 and 2008, the network shifted to a new “adult music” format featuring a variety of genres, with the classical genre generally limited to midday hours. CBC Listen is free to download as an app for iOS and Android devices and online at cbc.ca/listen.

6. Deezer

Deezer, like Spotify and Tidal, is a music streaming service that provides access to over 73 million songs worldwide and other audio content such as podcasts.

Deezer has always prioritized high-quality audio, and it was the first service to make Sony 360 Reality Audio available on its platform. However, as of this writing, it does not provide Hi-Res Master Quality Audio, which competitor Tidal does.

Deezer’s Premium plan users can listen to CD-quality 16-bit 44.1kHz FLAC tracks. Spotify does not currently match this, but it is a feature promised by its upcoming HiFi plan.

How does Deezer operate?

Deezer allows you to try it out without providing any payment information, instead opting to serve you ad campaigns between tracks, similar to Spotify’s free tier. This is extremely useful because it allows you to test out the majority of the features without risk. You must sign up to use the HiFi and 360 audio features.

Deezer can be accessed through your desktop web browser and also has a separate app for Windows and macOS. It has mobile apps for both Android and iOS, as well as smartwatches. Integrations are available with various smart speakers, car infotainment systems, and TV platforms.

7. eMusic

eMusic is a subscription-based online music and audiobook store. Users of eMusic can download a set number of MP3 tracks per month in exchange for a monthly subscription. TriPlay owns eMusic, founded in 1998 and headquartered in New York City with an office in London.

The music industry is experiencing rapid transformation. Streaming is taking center stage, while concerts and radio airtime appear to be declining in importance. Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have the potential to introduce a plethora of new use cases, which is what eMusic is attempting to do.

How does eMusic operate?

eMusic is primarily intended to rebuild the essential music distribution infrastructure. This industry can generate a more robust ecosystem by increasing transparency and efficiency. Blockchain technology will provide complementary features, resulting in more music and lower prices for consumers and artists.

Developing a transparent music publishing system will open up many new possibilities. Additional transparency can benefit any music producer or creator. eMusic will also enable retailers and streaming services to generate new revenue streams by collaborating with existing content providers.

eMusic claims to have served over 47 million enthusiastic music fans worldwide to date. This organization has been around since 1998, but its focus on the blockchain has only recently emerged. The project may add significantly more value to blockchain ventures in the music sector due to agreements with music label partners. Millions of tracks are already available for purchase.

8. Qello

Stingray Digital, a Canadian streaming media firm, announced the acquisition of Qello in January 2018. Stingray’s Qello Concerts is the world’s most extensive library of full-length concerts and music documentaries that can be streamed on-demand to almost any digital device.

Qello Concerts provides the concert experience straight to you, with the best seats in the house, with the most outstanding performances on video of iconic and new performers.

Qello offers unlimited on-demand streaming access for $4.99 per month, with an extensive library of concert films dating from the 1920s to today. The service is available on iOS and Android devices, connected TVs, and the web.

 How does Qello operate?

The Qello catalog has around 1700 entries, and their website claims that you can use their technology to find concerts and music documentaries on everyone from Bob Dylan to Bob Marley via a library that spans 30 genres of live concert films from the 1920s to now. However, it’s worth noting that the collection leans mainly toward classic rock.

9. Sirius satellite radio Canada

Sirius XM Canada Inc., doing business as SiriusXM Canada, is Canada’s biggest audio entertainment provider. SiriusXM is a satellite radio station that produces and broadcasts ad-free music, premium sports talk, live events, comedy, news, podcasts, and exclusive conversation and entertainment. SiriusXM is available in every major automobile manufacturer’s vehicle and on smartphones and other connected devices via the SXM App.

SiriusXM radios are available at merchants across the country and on the SiriusXM website. Furthermore, SiriusXM Music for Business offers ad-free music to many businesses.

SiriusXM Canada has been recognized as one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies for the past 13 years and is a Platinum Club Member.

10. SoundCloud

Users can submit, stream, advertise, and share music and podcasts on SoundCloud, an online audio streaming and distribution platform. Fans can listen to SoundCloud for free, with paid subscriptions providing ad-free and offline listening alternatives. SoundCloud is accessible as a desktop and mobile app for iOS and Android.

SoundCloud’s interactive aspect allows producers, ranging from musicians to podcasters, to connect with listeners and admirers via its different sharing methods. This contains one of SoundCloud’s most notable features: the famous commenting system. It allows users to submit their comments on specific moments in an audio stream, which can be seen by everyone listening to the track.

SoundCloud contributors

Contributors can upload and arrange their music to SoundCloud for others to listen to and measure the demographics of those attending. They can also provide fans with links to purchase and download music and post updates on their other social media sites whenever they upload new music on SoundCloud. Some even permit fans to utilize their music in specific ways.

SoundCloud emphasizes the importance of copyright, stating that submitted tracks must adhere to their Terms of Service and not infringe on the rights of others. To put it another way, don’t post audio that isn’t yours.

The SoundCloud Creator Guide is a comprehensive look at all the resources and support available to artists on the platform to help them make the most of it. It offers information on how to optimize SoundCloud recordings for simple discovery and how to share your SoundCloud music via social media and embedded players.