How Much Does It Cost To Promote On Tiktok For Your Songs And Music Album?

How Much Does It Cost To Promote On Tiktok For Your Songs And Music Album?

How Much Does It Cost To Promote On Tiktok For Your Songs And Music Album?

Promoting your songs and music albums on TikTok can be expensive if you don’t know how to do it correctly.

Here are the five things you should know before promoting your songs and music album on TikTok to avoid getting scammed by fake promoters or even wasting your money on something you aren’t aware of.

What is TikTok+

TikTok is a short video platform. In its most basic form, TikTok lets users create 15-second videos of themselves lip-syncing to popular tracks or recording original material.

The app contains hundreds of filters users can apply to their footage, making for some fun content creation capabilities.

As mentioned above, it also serves as a platform where you can view original videos from other creators too.

TikTok has become one of the most popular mobile apps today, with over 500 million monthly active users worldwide.

With that many people using TikTok regularly, you will have a ton of potential eyeballs viewing your videos and potentially listening to your music if they like what they see.

The advantages of TikTok+

In TikTok+, you get paid for every view, like, comment, or share on any video you have posted.

It works straightforwardly. When a user sees your video, they can give you an amount between $0.10 to $5.00, which is then added to your balance and will be available to withdraw anytime once it reaches a minimum $50 credit.

You can promote your videos by sharing them on other social media, like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Why brands are using TikTok+

TikTok, also known as Douyin in China, is a Chinese short video app. It has attracted brands that are interested in reaching young consumers.

On TikTok, people can share videos by creating their unique videos or filming with live filters available. Although many users make their content directly in English or Chinese, there are now more than ten different languages used by users.

If you want to promote a product through short videos on TikTok, then here’s how you do it;

How Much Does It Cost To Promote A Song On Tik Tok?

Make sure you have an account on TikTok before promoting your song because you need an account to publish a piece on TikTok.

Creating an account is free, but if you want to publish any content, including songs, you need to upgrade your account, which costs around $10 per month (but it might be cheaper depending on where you live).

The good thing about upgrading your account is that your future uploads will not require further payment once done.

For example, suppose I will upload ten videos today but only pay $10 for my upgrade package from tomorrow onwards.

In that case, I won’t have to pay anything extra whenever I post new content onto my profile page until next month, when my subscription expires.

The four main ways you can use to increase your song plays;

  • 1. Buy real TikTok followers.
  • 2. Make a video of your song.
  • 3. Get people in TikTok groups to follow you
  • 4. Get your followers on other social networks to find you in TikTok.

How do I get my songs played more often on TikTok?

You can try doing any or all of these things to increase plays: – Ask friends who have popular accounts to feature your song.

Pay for promotion: Use hashtags relevant to your song, such as #song, #music, #singing, etc.

Create a music video using only clips from TikTok videos. This is not recommended because creating an original idea without violating copyright laws is challenging.

Post in relevant groups that are likely to be interested in what you’re posting about

Things you should know before spending any money on promotion

Don’t send out mass promo emails: Before you start throwing around cash, remember that there are plenty of ways to get your name out there without paying a dime. 

That includes emailing critical people in your industry with a news flash message or reaching out to industry writers individually.

Pay attention to followers: Before shelling out money, you must understand how many followers any platform has because not all platforms are created equal.

While one video might rack up hundreds of thousands of views, another could be lucky if it gets 500 plays in two weeks, and that kind of number will drive up costs quickly.

Understand what promotes a song: To create an effective promotion campaign, you must know what goes into making a compelling promotional video (which we’ll cover letter).

This means understanding your video’s length (the sweet spot is between 30 and three minutes) and which camera angles work best.

Find out how many viewers each channel has: If you spend money on promotion, then make sure you spend it on something that works.

Find out who owns each channel: Research before handing over any cash to know precisely who owns each channel.

Not only can knowing their ownership help prevent fraud from happening down the road, but it also helps build trust within your community by showing them where their hard-earned dollars are going.

It would help if you spent time looking at the TikTok+ charts before promoting any songs

TikTok users aren’t just listening to their favorite artist’s tracks; they want variety in their musical interests. They want a song that matches their mood or fits into one of their various social gatherings.

With a strong presence on TikTok, you can ensure that your single or EP has a place among hundreds of other talented musicians in whatever genre they specialize in.

The chart rankings may seem meaningless at first glance, but they provide an accurate overview of what people are listening to at any given time, so make sure you stay informed about current trends before wasting any more money trying to push songs onto TikTok users.


This is a difficult question to answer. In short, there is no definite answer. It all depends on how famous you are.

For example, to increase likes or views of an individual post from 5000-to to 15000, you need roughly 10$ per week, with some accounts being more expensive than others.