10 Best Music promotion platforms In London In 2022- 2023

10 Best Music promotion platforms In London In 2022- 2023

10 Best Music promotion platforms In London In 2022- 2023

The music industry’s platforms are more complicated than you might believe. Most consumers will choose Spotify without considering their alternatives. Still, many other excellent services are accessible, ranging from industry heavyweights like Amazon and Apple to audiophile-friendly businesses like Tidal and Soundcloud.

The Internet has irrevocably altered the music industry. Artists that have used efficient modern technologies like file sharing and digital marketing via an unending number of social media channels are well aware of this. While this information may seem self-evident, many musicians still struggle to find suitable online venues to post, share, and market their music.

  • Apple music

Apple Music is a music streaming service that offers over 75 million songs. It’s made to mix the music you’ve purchased with music saved via Apple’s cloud services in your Apple Music library. The app’s five tabs are: listen Now, Browse, Radio, Library, and Search.

What Is Apple Music Promotion?

Apple Music marketing entails musicians using Apple Music for Artists to expand their content’s reach on the platform. Apple Music offers a variety of features, including music branding and sharing, as well as placement on a curated Apple Music playlist.

One of the newer capabilities is providing analytics and streaming information for artists to construct a data-driven promotional strategy.

How does Apple Music work?

The Listen Now page offers a selection of hand-selected albums and playlists based on your musical tastes. The Browse tab features Apple Music editors’ picks of the week’s newest tracks, videos, and playlists. Apple Music 1 (previously Beats 1), a 24-hour live global station, and Apple Music Hits and Apple Music Country may be found under the Radio category.

All your music is stored in the Library, whether it’s music you’ve downloaded from your computer, purchased from iTunes, or added via Apple Music servers. Finally, Search allows you to look for whatever type of music you wish to listen to.

  • Spotify

Spotify has been operational since 2008 and has 406 million users as of 2021, with 180 million paying for Spotify Premium. The others use Spotify’s free tier, which has a lower quality of music and broadcasts advertisements every few songs. Users on the free level are also denied access to several Premium services, such as the ability to download music for offline listening or utilize Spotify Connect.

Spotify music promotion

Spotify is a terrific way to build your audience because it has over 300 million dedicated enthusiasts worldwide. You can sign up for Spotify for Artists, which allows you to promote your music, track your audience, and manage your profile. Spotify for Artists is available on the web and as a mobile app for Android and iOS.

How does Spotify work?

Whether on the Free or Premium tier, you’ll have access to over 82 million songs, 3.6 million podcasts, ready-made playlists, and Spotify Radio. You can add purchased music to Spotify using your computer, though you’ll have to manually add them, so it’s not as simple as Apple Music for this feature.

Spotify learns from your listening habits and generates recommendations based on your preferences. There’s also Facebook connectivity so you can see what your friends are listening to and Chromecast and Chromecast Audio compatibility for turning speakers into smart linked players. Meanwhile, Spotify Connect (available only to Premium subscribers) allows you to listen to Spotify on compatible speakers.

  • YouTube Music

YouTube Music is Google’s music streaming service, which will replace Google Play Music, which will close in October 2020. It has a free and premium tier, similar to Spotify, with the YouTube Music Premium tier providing ad-free listening, the ability to download music and listen offline, the ability to listen to music with your screen off, and additional features such as working with Sonos, Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay, for example.

YouTube music promotion

YouTube has a global user base of over two billion people and millions of videos. It’s a well-known platform for promoting your music. It’s also the most popular location to share and promote your music videos.

YouTube music promotion entails promoting your music on your YouTube channel and cross-promoting it on other social media platforms.

How does YouTube music work?

Both tiers include official albums, playlists, songs, videos, and music recommendations based on your preferences and what’s popular in your area. You may also search for music using lyrics or descriptions and live performances and remixes.

You can add your audio to YouTube Music and import your soundtrack from Google Play Music, both of which will display in the Library section of the app, just like Apple Music and Spotify.

  • Amazon Music Unlimited

Amazon Music Unlimited, like Spotify and Apple Music, is Amazon’s own full-fledged music streaming service with access to over 75 million songs. It also includes hundreds of curated playlists and stations, as well as the opportunity to contribute your music and individualized recommendations.

Amazon Music Unlimited promotion

Get more plays and followers on Amazon Prime Music, and music promoters and publishers will take notice. Additionally, gain additional exposure and propel your careers into the stratosphere on one of the most popular streaming providers, direct trampoline to new and existing fans. Increase the number of individuals who listen to your music. Streams on Amazon Prime Music are paid at a rate of $0.00402 per stream.

How does Amazon Music Unlimited work?

Amazon Music Unlimited is distinct from Prime Music, which is only available to Prime customers and is included with their subscription. Prime Music has a far smaller repertoire, with only two million songs accessible to stream. Still, both Amazon services offer ad-free listening and the opportunity to download music to listen to offline.

There’s also the regular Amazon Music tier, which includes thousands of stations and top playlists but not the song collection on Amazon’s other music services.

Whether you’re a Prime member or want to use Amazon Music Unlimited only through one of the company’s Echo devices, the pricing structure differs slightly from those of Spotify and Apple Music.

Finally, over 60 million songs accessible on Amazon Music are available in lossless HD versions at no additional cost. Spotify, which only offers compressed music streaming, currently does not match this.

  • Tidal

Tidal is a music streaming service offering over 80 million songs and 350,000 videos from artists worldwide. As many of these services, Tidal offers curated playlists and stations, as well as the ability to personalize suggestions based on your tastes.

Tidal Music promotion

Tidal is a streaming service that focuses on playlist placement and playback. They offer professional playlist push services that mix the two with various playlist genres, playlist numbers, and listeners. Most importantly, we guarantee playlist streams, ensuring that your music is promoted in the Tidal charts and that you are paid royalties. Ascend the ladder of fame one piece at a time.

How does tidal work?

Tidal’s main selling point is that it provides unprecedented visibility into how premium subscribers support the artists they care about. Tidal donates 10% of a user’s monthly HiFi Plus membership to the artist who has been streamed the most.

Tidal has the most audio quality options, ranging from a meagre 160Kbps MP3 on the free tier up to 9216 Kbps Master Fidelity Audio on the HiFi Plus plan, a level of quality currently unmatched by competitors.

Tidal’s support for music videos is also reasonably unusual; while other services provide some support for music videos, none go as far as Tidal. On the platform, you’ll find an extensive collection of music videos and full-length music documentaries and movies to watch.

Tidal was previously exclusively available as a paid service. Still, with the advent of its ad-supported free tier in the United States, it has become an even more tempting option. Tidal hasn’t said when its free level would be available in the UK, but there is a 30-day trial available.

  • That Grape Juice

Based in London, That Grape Juice is one of the Internet’s most famous Urban Pop Culture websites. They are a globally recognized source for Urban news, music, entertainment, celebrity interviews, reviews, and much more, with tens of thousands of daily readers.

They have been featured in Billboard, The Independent, Huffington Post, New York Post, The Voice, MTV, BET, AOL, and E! News, among other publications (TV). This blog, which continues to quench thirsts for delectable music fare, retains its top rank for another year, keeping its readers’ cups filled with music news, interviews, and entertainment updates.

That Grape Juice has a powerful, distinct voice in a crowded sea of websites, one with plenty of loudness and one that urges users to yell back just as loudly. Readers don’t just look at the site; they participate in it, giving us a competitive advantage. To understand that our audience isn’t passive in an age where people are constantly inundated with the same message. They are very much a part of the That Grape Juice experience and are highly active.

  • UKF Music

UKF is a Luke Hood and AEI Media-owned brand dedicated to spreading all parts of electronic music. Luke Hood founded UKF Music in 2009 after starting two YouTube channels, UKF Drum & Bass and UKF Dubstep, to share bass music. UKF celebrated one billion YouTube views on June 28, 2012, the first anniversary of its launch. UKF stands for the United Kingdom and Frome, the hometown of Luke Hood.

Drum & Bass fans will find playlists, information about new albums, live streaming, and the best of what YouTube has to offer at the moment. Explore by Artists, Labels, or Genre, or take a deep dive into the best of last year’s D&B with the UKF team’s devoted series of pieces.

  • XS Noize

Mark Millar launched XS Noize, an independent international consortium of outspoken music fans, in 2014. Since its debut, XS Noize’s popularity among music fans has skyrocketed.

Its goal is to give in-depth musical reviews, interviews, breaking news, and opinion. Our contributors are from various backgrounds, nationalities, and ages. Our musical tastes cover a wide range of genres. The primary headquarters of XS Noize is located in Belfast, Northern Ireland, with satellite offices in the United States, Scotland, England, and Russia.

  • A&R Factory

It has been sharing the best independent music with its audience of record labels, radio stations, broadcasters, management organizations, music publicists, and others. Independent musicians can post their music directly to the blog, and in the Artist Development area, they can learn how A&R Factory has aided other artists. The UK lockdowns didn’t stop the music, as evidenced by the Lockdown Interviews section on the blog.

It highlights up-and-coming independent musicians from all over the world. Now is the time to submit your song and have it showcased. A&R Factory is a prominent music blog with a global audience that includes record label owners, publishers, radio stations, public relations executives, managers, and sync licensing agencies.

  • We Plug Good Music

We plug good music, believe in the power of great music and highlight the best new and upcoming music that our listeners are interested in. WPGM is an innovative platform that promotes, supports, and raises awareness for the best new music and artists through media and publishing, digital PR and publicity, social media marketing, and live events. It was born out of a passion for new and emerging music and efforts to revolutionize how new music is discovered and consumed.

WPGM – been a trendsetter and tastemaker since its first iteration in 2009 – is out to up the ante in disseminating and promoting relevant new media and content to its global audiences, with over 200,000 monthly active users, over 30,000 Twitter followers, over 40,000 Facebook fans, over 20,000 Instagram fans, and over 20,000 YouTube subscribers.

The Plug GOOD Music blog only publishes the music of the highest quality. Here you’ll find ‘new and developing music from around the world,’ as well as reviews and interviews with industry insiders.