How Easy Is Falling In Love With a Widowed Man? Behavior and Warning Signs

How Easy Is Falling In Love With a Widowed Man? Behavior and Warning Signs

How Easy Is Falling In Love With a Widowed Man? Behavior and Warning Signs

Is it possible to fall in love with a widowed man? The answer lies within the behaviors and warning signs of widowhood dating. The loss of a loved one through death can have many long-lasting effects on someone’s life, and their eating habits are no exception. Read on to learn how you can determine if falling in love with a widowed man would be the right choice for you.

Learning about his ex-wife

When you first start dating a widower, you’ll undoubtedly get to know his ex-wife. How he speaks about her can give clues about how much he’s healed from her death. If he constantly brings up how she did something or blames her for problems, that’s not good. It could be good if he shares loving memories of their time and what he misses most about her.

But if he doesn’t talk about her at all, consider why. Has he moved on so quickly that talking about his ex-wife is painful? Or does he have no feelings left for her at all? This can mean one of two things: He may still have feelings for his wife but has decided to move on anyway because being alone hurts less than losing someone close to him. He may not want to talk about it because it makes him uncomfortable.

Either way, you should tread carefully when talking about your relationship and how you feel compared to hers—it might bring up some unresolved issues and cause tension between you two.

Friends and family’s reaction

Your new relationship will come under even more scrutiny than it usually would. Please expect to be asked about your every move, from where you met him to how often you see him. This can be difficult for two reasons: First, people don’t want to believe that someone who has been through such heartache can be ready for another relationship so soon; second, they worry that you’re not emotionally equipped to deal with his loss on top of everything else.

Prepare yourself for these kinds of questions by thinking them through before you enter into any severe relationships after your loss—and remember that everyone goes through their unique grief process. Most importantly, always trust your gut: If you sense something isn’t right, it probably isn’t! It may seem hard at first, but talking to others is essential because it allows you to release some of your fears and anxieties.

You might also feel better knowing that others have gone through similar situations and understand what you are going through. Talking to others also helps you gain valuable insight into whether or not he is ready for a new relationship. At first, it might be uncomfortable, but he won’t mind telling those closest to him about his feelings for you if he genuinely loves you. He should also encourage those close to him to talk openly about their concerns and how happy they are for you.

The first argument

Behavior if your lover displays symptoms of depression, it will likely be caused by their loss. Such symptoms include irritability, sleep problems, overeating, or not eating at all; they may also feel they have no reason to live anymore, says Bergeron. And that’s why you need to be patient: if you are trying to help him get over his loss, talking about it can reawaken old wounds.

Indeed, he believes that saying: You should forget her, is almost like telling him that he doesn’t deserve happiness. As such, avoid bringing up painful memories when talking to him. If he wants to talk about it, let him do so on his terms. As for yourself, please don’t go looking for signs of grief in everything he does. If someone has loved deeply once before, there’s always a chance they’ll fall in love again, 

Looking at his phone too much

While it’s perfectly normal for both people to check their phones from time to time if you notice he can’t seem to tear himself away from his phone, ask yourself what he might be looking at.

It could just be social media or texts from friends, but are those your friends or his ex-wife’s friends? That time he spent checking Instagram may have been looking through her account. This behavior only gets worse when you begin dating; eventually, he’ll spend more time on his phone than with you. If you want to keep him focused on you, but some of that effort into blocking her number and unfollowing her accounts.

He doesn’t want to lose you when you want to be friends.

Many women like being friends with their exes because they enjoy each other’s company, still trust each other and can be themselves around one another. It makes them feel like they’re still somewhat attached to that person. But if your ex-boyfriend doesn’t want to be just friends with you, there are things he might do that could clue you into his true feelings. If your ex-boyfriend is acting weirdly, but he tells you he has no romantic interest in you—that he only wants to be friends—it’s time to get suspicious.

It sounds counterintuitive, but if someone likes you romantically, he probably won’t spend a ton of time talking about how much he loves hanging out with you or how great it is to have such an awesome friend. It’s not that men don’t want friends; it’s just that when we like someone, we don’t talk about her as much as we used to or as much as we would speak of our male friends. 

So if your ex can’t stop gushing over how great you are and what an incredible friendship you two have (even though he’s broken up with you), watch out! You’re probably still on his mind.


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