Will A Sagittarius Man Lead You On? 7 Signs He Is Using You Or Leave You One Day

Will A Sagittarius Man Lead You On? 7 Signs He Is Using You Or Leave You One Day

Will A Sagittarius Man Lead You On? 7 Signs He Is Using You Or Leave You One Day

Let me think you are here because you are dating a Sagittarius man, and you can not shake that feeling that something is fishy here. You also doubt his feelings and intentions, but you do not know how to get to the absolute truth. This article will let you know about the signs that a Sagittarius man will leave you one day. 

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Signs A Sagittarius Man Will Leave You One Day

Bold, Charming, and very worldly, a Sagittarius man is a very confident and adventure-loving soul. In addition, this fiery sign loves romance, which is very significant because being with a Sagittarius means that you will have such a great time! 

But if you find yourself being seduced by a Sagittarius man, you may be out there wondering how long this will last. We are here to help you figure this out with the seven ways to tell if a Sagittarius man is playing you. 

1. He Tells You He Is Looking For Something Casual 

You can ask your Sagittarius man if he sees a future in your relationship. A Sagittarius will always appreciate an open conversation, even if challenging. This is the zodiac sign that he will most respect straightforwardness and honesty, both in themselves and others. He will probably let you know how he feels. 

This is a good sign that you do not like stringing people along, and opening up a straightforward conversation is one of the easiest ways to see where your relationship is really at. For example, saying something like would you ever be interested in a good relationship? It is such an excellent way to open this kind of conversation. 

He is probably not even looking for anything more than a casual fling if he is messaging you unless it is already night. A Sagittarius that wants something more would not just talk to you only when he wants a good hook-up. 

2. He Makes Excuses For Not Being With You 

A Sagittarius interested in someone will be so scared of nothing when an archer knows what he wants; he does not let anything that will stop him. So if he is always coming up with the flimsy reasons why he can not be with you, it is such a good sign that you will not be his priority for him. 

3. He Has Not Told You That He Cares For You 

When a Sagittarius has some feelings for you, he will always let you know. However, you must remember that sex might be sex to a Sagittarius. These Signs are so straightforward and would not lie to you, but if he has not said that he sees you as more than just a hook-up, please do not assume that he secretly does. 

If he has not said anything about any of his feelings about you, he could just be thinking of your relationship as such a passing diversion. Or, he could just be waiting to get to know you some more-sometimes only time will tell you. 

4. He Seems Like He Is Hard To Get 

You are so straightforward means that a Sagittarius would not ever play hard-to-get. If you suspect that your Sagittarius is just trying to play this kind of game, take this as a good clue that he is not interested in taking things further. 

Some of the signs love the mystery and the excitement of playing so hard-to-get, but not a Sagittarius. They will grow frustrated with this kind of game quickly and will exit a relationship fast once the other person plays games with them. 

5. He Only Talks About Himself

You have to think about if your Sagittarius has been interested in your natural form of yours. Check-in with yourself about whether he has ever asked you some questions about yourself, your daily life experiences, or your own goals. Sagittarius is well known for their irresistible bravado, but that does not mean that he should only be thinking about himself. 

If your Sagittarius man does not seem as interested in really getting to know you, this could be a good sign that he is more interested in pulling you into his orbit than sharing a perfect life with you. 

6. He Avoids Bringing You Into His Life

If a Sagittarius man keeps you away from his adventures, he could be just playing with you. Sagittarians do want to settle down with a very adventurous companion. If he avoids bringing you along while just checking some of the new places out there, this could be a good sign that he does not want to see you as a romantic partner yet. 

This does not mean that he will need to invite you to everything he will do-a. Sagittarius will always want you to have an independent circle of friends and always want you. But if he is not making any effort to have a new experience with you, the chances are that he is not interested in a deeper relationship. 

7.He Has Not Given You Any Sign That he Wants To Settle Down 

You have to ask your Sagittarius where he sees himself in the next few years. If your Sagittarius is still just thinking about their life without any indication that they would want to share it with another person, believe them. No one can ever force a Sagittarius to settle down when he does not want to quickly. 

When a Sagittarius man is ready to settle, he will be a wonderful and loyal partner. But getting to that only point might take a while. Being ruled by a very playful Jupiter means that all the childlike sensibilities of a Sagittarius outlast many other signs, which can easily keep them away from the commitment. 

8. He Does Not Pass The Filtering Stage 

Just think through your conversations with your Sagittarius. Then, ask whether there was ever a time when he got much more severe and was not just flirting. It can be so tough to tell that sometimes, since the Sagittarius is often that funny, even while discussing many serious subjects. 

Sagittarius loves to flirt, and they are also very good at it; these charmers can always sweep you off your own feet with their self-confidence and wit. But what makes them such good flirts is that they will treat flirting like a good game, and since it is an excellent game to them, they can always back out at any time. So if you are not that able to quickly identify a moment when he ever got much more accurate with you, this could be a sign that he has not decided to commit his feelings to you yet. 

9. He Is Not Interested In Repeated Adventures

A Sagittarius man will always want to try new things so that he might move on quickly. A Sagittarius wants to collect as many different experiences as possible, and he might lose interest after one very great night with you. 

This does not mean that he does not like the you-in fact that Sagittarius will often count former flings as close friends. However, this sign can have such a one-and-done personality that moving on to the next thing might be very quickly. If he may seem very reluctant to keep things going out with you, try not to take it that personally. The Sagittarius will always think of his time with you fondly and hope you will too. 

10. He Does Not Respect Your Ideas

Sagittarians will love two-way conversations with the people they are interested in. If you feel brushed aside in your more abstract discussions with the Sagittarius, that could be a good sign that they are interested. Ask him what kinds of movies or even books he likes and see how he will respond when you tell him about your own opinions. 

Final Words 

In this article, we have discussed the signs that a Sagittarius man will leave you one day. We will recommend you do some research of your own to get one of the best results.