Leo Man Suddenly Distant | 10 things to do to get him back

Leo Man Suddenly Distant | 10 things to do to get him back

Leo Man Suddenly Distant | 10 things to do to get him back

If you want to win a Leo man back, you need to subtly feed his ego and show him a different, more exciting side of your own. This article will discuss ten things to do to get a Leo man back. 

Things To Get A Leo Man Back & Ways To Get Him 

The Leo ex-man who is used to being in your own life was probably all over the place, even if he is more introverted than all of the other people in the same sign. He will most likely always know what he wants to say and when to say it, so you should not be shocked if, after the breakup with him, he is spending a lot of his time with his friends and no longer will remember what you two used to do together. 

However, when the day is over for him, he will go home and think of such great memories that you two have made together. The Leo man seems to love the beautiful moments in his life just as much as he loves the attention of all others. He will always have the movie of you two who are being together playing in the back of his head, so the more time will pass without him talking to you, the more he will remember about your connections. 

1. Feed His Ego 

The Leo man can be genuinely impressed when paid with a sincere compliment. He is always open and easily trusts people when he truly loves them. This person is always sincere, so do not lie to him because you may genuinely hurt his feelings. 

When talking to this male native about you two getting back together, do not hesitate to mention how much you want him to return to you as he is very proud and self-centered. 

He may pay much more attention to what you have to say if you keep flattering him all of the time. But, being a true dreamer, he has such a high idea that many consider him very childish and irrational. 

Constantly feeling so good about himself, he may want to use all of his confidence and positiveness to make the world a much better place. It’s also possible that he has many plans. 

Make sure that you express your admiration for his dream and support his ideas. He is also successful in what he is trying to do, so you will have the chance to enjoy his accomplishments with him when these will happen quickly. 

2. Do Not Lie To Him 

More than anything else in this world, Leos hates being lied to. You are being honest with your Lew ex because this is one of the only for you to get back together with him. After being told a lie, he will no longer want to trust you ever again, not to mention how much his stability will be shaken.

He wants a woman who will protect and love him very much because he always offers the same things when it is involved. If you can always open up and sincerely talk to your Leo ex, he will most likely be curious about what you two could have together as a good couple. 

3. Avoid Any Insults Or Throwing The Blame 

Leo man always imagines himself being a king because his sign represents honor and royalty. Naturally, therefore, he will want women to be his queen, especially when the two of them are out in public. 

As soon as you and he are behind the closed door and arguing, make sure that you are straightforward because he is like this himself and can genuinely appreciate you for your deep honesty. 

However, do not even think of hurting his ego by only insulting him. Also, avoid disagreeing with this man in the presence of the others. As his queen, you will have to be by his side, especially when the people are looking. The man who is born in Leo will never stay next to the woman who will keep nagging him in front of all of his friends. He can not even forgive such behavior. 

4. Give Him Lots Of Compliments 

Make him feel like he is one of the most extraordinary men. Although they will never admit it, Leos thrive off of the positive reinforcement, and they will appreciate some of the excellent flattery. 

When you are with him, compliment his personality, looks, and fashion choices. These small expressions will make him think about you even when you are not around. 

Leo men tend to put a lot of thought into how they will dress and look. So if you’re ever struggling very hard to think of a compliment, something about the outfit, his grooming habits, and his hair is sure to put a smile on his face. 

5. Show Him Affection 

Share a good hug, give him a good kiss, or tell him that you love him. Leos will tend to have fragile egos, so telling him how much you care about him will make him feel much more incredible. 

Plus, it will bring you much closer together, making him think about you even more. You could also buy him some small gifts or perform acts of the service, like watering his plants or tidying up. These little things will show him that you care about him. 

6. Make Glamorous Fashion Choices

Wear one of your nicest clothes and put some effort into your appearance. While Leos are incredibly kindhearted, they can also be quite vain and attracted to showing superficial beauty. 

To get your Leo ex to notice you even after a breakup, show up at a place that he likes while you are all dressed up, or post some photos of yourself looking so gorgeous on social media. 

Loe does appreciate luxury. Wear one of the most expensive outfits and some accessories, and indulge in spa treatments to make your skin glow. Even if you do not turn his head and will be able to get his attention right away, you will be turning other heads. Guys are very visually-oriented and will notice your sense of style. 

7. Spend Time With Your Mutual Friends 

Keep your mutual friends updated about your lids to pass that kind of info along. Leos tend to be the leaders in the friend’s groups, and they do love to stay up-to-date on all the latest drama.

If you can maintain your friendship with your mutual friends, go on outings with them, and show up to the parties and all other social events. This strategy works particularly well if you are not in contact via text or social media. 

8. Leave A Few Things At His Place

Accidentally leaving a scrunchie or one of your shirts will make him think about you. If you just spent an afternoon together, try dropping some small items on his floor or near his bed. Then, when he finds it later, you are sure to pop into his memory, and he will get lost in his thoughts about you. 

If you have a signature scent, consider spritzing it onto his pillow or his blankets to make him think about you when you are just gone. Do not do this if he has some perfume allergy. Be very sure to go light on the scents. You could also try wearing his clothes while at his house to leave your scent on them. 

9. Flirt With Him 

This will make his engine go crazy and make him miss you like crazy. If you are not together in person, send him a very flirtatious text or leave a sultry voicemail. When you two are together, tell him how good he looks or that you can not wait to be alone with him tonight. The more you can flirt with him, the more he will think about you later. 

If you want to send a very flirtatious text, try something like, send me a pic of what you are wearing right now or wish I was there to kiss you goodnight. 

10. Connect With Him Emotionally 

A very deep emotional connection which is super important for the Leos. Without it, they may not see you as relationship material. Try to get to know your Leo man by having intense talks and asking him lots of questions about himself. Make him feel like he can always open up to you and trust you by keeping his secret and never talking badly about him.

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Final Words

This article has discussed how you can quickly get a Leo man back. We recommend you do some research to get one of the best results.