10 Best Music Promotion Sites And Apps In Canada In 2022- 2023

10 Best Music Promotion Sites And Apps In Canada In 2022- 2023

10 Best Music Promotion Sites And Apps In Canada In 2022- 2023

The main feature of marketing services like those included on this list is to give you the foundation you need to start developing your musical career.

But it would be best if you didn’t count on getting results right now. Still, it will take some amount of time. Therefore, be patient and easy. Combining your interaction and marketing efforts with the following list of legit and excellent music promotion services is advisable.

If you want to maintain your growth over time ultimately, you should avoid relying too heavily on these services since you still need organic growth to complement your bought promotions.

  • Sound Campaign

A Music marketing website called SoundCampaign collaborates with well-known Playlist curators to place the songs of great musicians on playlists.SoundCampaign has been in operation for more than four years and has placed its artists’ music on some of Spotify’s most well-liked playlists.

Creating a profile, uploading your music, and choosing the genres you wish to target are simple steps to using the platform. The rest will be handled by SoundCampaign, which will send your songs to curators and check in with them to ensure that they are being taken into account for playlists.

SoundCampaign can assist you in reaching a large audience of new listeners thanks to Spotify’s more than two million subscribers globally. Based on genre, style, and other considerations, SoundCampaign uses its matching technology to suggest Playlist curators for your music.

This company provides a money-back policy if the curators don’t like your song. The genres and playlists that are given usually help in determining the platform pricing. Most campaigns cost around $150.

  • Daimoon Media

Daimoon Media is a top provider of Music promotion services since they have a lot of experience in the field and a solid understanding of what clients want. They offer a wide range of alternatives for their services, allowing you to take advantage of the Playlist algorithm and join fresh playlists to expand your fan base.

They believe they have the know-how and features to help you achieve one of your primary objectives, gaining more fame on online platforms.

Daimoon Media has a great reputation among its current customers. It offers excellent customer service, so you know that you can contact them even if you have a problem in the middle of the night. Working with established businesses is usually beneficial since you can be sure that they will understand precisely how to handle your profile to achieve great success.

  • Indie Music Academy

The following Music promotion website on our list is known for assisting its customers in a unique method that you probably won’t be able to find anywhere else.

We make this claim because Indie Music Academy is passionate about the idea of assisting their clients on a deeper level than simply sending them engagement. They accomplish this by assisting you in learning all there is to know about promoting your music on Spotify and other major music streaming platforms.

They claim to be good at assisting you in learning practical marketing techniques. You can sign up for Indie Music Academy today and take advantage of the free training portal to access their advanced features and learn everything there is to know about marketing your music on Spotify.

  • Spotify

Both music listeners and music producers like using the app Spotify. They can advertise Music via Spotify for Artists. Additionally, it offers incredible tools to help you follow the path to success. 

The first step is to customize your Spotify profile so that you can access important data like playlist additions, streams, and followers/listeners. It’s like a golden opportunity for independent musicians out there because Spotify for Artists provides a direct conduit through which you may pitch your Music to Spotify’s editorial team. The app is available for desktop and laptop computers and iOS and Android devices.

  • YouGrow

YouGrow Promo is an authentic Music promotion website that provides its services that genuinely cares about helping you stand out.

Working in this sector has its drawbacks, though. While many businesses claim to want to assist you in advancing your music, many people just want to throw their business at you and move on.

According to them, you can start promoting your music on music platforms right away, dominate playlists without the need of bots, and never run out of Spotify users who want to listen to your music. We appreciate that your growing Promo is the perfect Music marketing service for someone who may be having trouble getting recognized and needs someone to step in and take care of everything.

The best feature of this website is that everything they do for you is safe and organic. They claim they are on a mission to assist all of their clients stand out. You may be confident that you can outperform everyone else when you have organic engagement.

  • Omari MC

Omari MC is a website that uses a straightforward organic music advertising strategy. This company has experience in the social media music promotion sector because it also serves other platforms like Apple Music, Instagram, and YouTube.

This business concentrates on giving you the ideal playlist placement to give your track or tracks more natural exposure. Omari can be the service you need if you want to get a new track added to many playlists that will give you tens of thousands of followers.

With over 40 million followers, a number one Google ranking, and the support of around 12,000 other artists, Omari MC is an excellent choice for both emerging musicians and those with a large following on a global scale. Almost every budget can be accommodated with a package.

  • TikTok

Users, musicians, and label managers can create and distribute quick music videos using the video-sharing app TikTok. TikTok is used in over 150 countries and is readily available on Android and iOS mobile devices through the App Store and Google Play store. 

Sharing your Music on TikTok may help you achieve a lot of traction with your overall release marketing because of how well-liked it is. Take your music and work to the next level by promoting it on TikTok. As of 2020, there were 2.6 billion downloads; by 2022, it is expected to have 800 million active users and 1 billion downloads.

  • Media Mister

Because of its user-friendly website, Media Mister is undoubtedly one of the most simple Music promotion services in the business.

One of the things you’ll see on the homepage is a banner where you can scroll through various functions, indicating that they can assist you not only with Spotify but also with LinkedIn and YouTube.

Every network, every company is their company’s motto, and they genuinely mean it. They will smoothly manage all parts of your music with their social media improvement.

  • GetAFollower

Although GetAFollower may not seem like your average Music marketing website, trust us when we tell you that they are more than capable of assisting their clients in moving their playlists forward and ensuring their voices are heard.

When you first visit their website, you might notice that they can assist you with Facebook and SoundCloud, but believe us when we state that they are among the best for Spotify.

We genuinely enjoy that they can assist you with anything because they can regularly alter things for you, and you won’t have to worry about your music becoming repetitive. You can be guaranteed that you’ll get your results quickly and also get some of the most acceptable prices in the business with a marketing service like this one for your music.

Additionally, you will get some of your most significant results yet, and when it comes time to pay for your features, you can do it quickly, knowing that everything is secure.

  • Song Kick

Songkick primarily functions as a ticketing service that advertises bands to its users. Based on the user’s location and musical tastes, ads for artists are displayed. It reaches a large audience, informs subscribers of touring artists, and suggests new music. For those on a tight budget, this is a terrific low-cost option for music promotion. 

Your song has a better chance of being promoted because Songkick also collects information from Spotify, Google Play Music, and other sources. SongKick has over 1 million downloads and a 4.4-star rating.

Why Use a Service for Music Promotion?

Getting a head start is one of the most convincing arguments for using a Music promotion service.

Due to the intense competition and lack of interest, it will take a while to get where you want to go if you can get your Music on Playlists to be heard by the correct people.

How long will it take for delivery?

The music promotion service you choose to sign up for will determine how long delivery takes.

Some of the businesses on this list that we’ve discussed will supply their engagement in hours, while others may require a few days. Anything between 24 and 48 hours, in our opinion, is ideal.

Is Using a Music Promotion Service Going to Get You Banned from Spotify?

There’s no way you can be blacklisted by a music platform for utilizing a Spotify promotion service, as long as you stay by the regulations and work with a business that complies with platform terms and conditions when it comes to employing a third party.

It would be best if you looked out for them since others out there will get you blocked.

Strategies for music Promotion

New artists should follow some tips and tragedies if they want to up their game of music promotion and marketing.

Own website

It is essential to have a website if you plan to market yourself online. It is a one-stop-shop for all things about your act. Your website will be my first stop if I want to look up your tour dates, reserve you for a gig, learn more about you, or purchase some of your merchandise.

 Another important point for building a website is having complete control over it. Yes, you’ll want to grow your social media following, but those platforms also belong to other people. These third parties can frequently change their algorithms, which might drastically cut your reach overnight. You don’t want to rely entirely on them for your music marketing.

You can use your website as a place where you can make announcements about new releases, upcoming tours, and media appearances. People want to see you perform live, so let them know where and when they can do so and how to purchase tickets.

Electronic Press Kit

To succeed as an artist, you might not require a record deal, but you will need the media’s support to increase your brand’s visibility. You should have an epk for this reason. It might be simpler to get bookings and build awareness for your act by creating an EPK and distributing it to magazines, bloggers, radio stations, playlist curators, clubs, record labels, festivals, and more.

Social Media Profile

In the past, music fans preferred their favorite artists to remain mysterious and distant; today, we demand 24/7 access to the performers we adore. We use social media to research them to check what they are up to next.

A new artist might benefit significantly from having a large and expanding social media following on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Nowadays, it’s not unusual for musicians to create social buzz before getting mainstream attention.

Create a community around your work by engaging with fans on social media, promoting your music, announcing new tour dates, and communicating with them.


Though it’s essential to make sure the goals, features, and services of a company you are going to choose are in line with your needs and budget. All of the above natural & organic Music promotion services are worthwhile for your time and money. Which one you choose to utilize is ultimately up to you,

You should be aware that you need assistance with Music promotion, so try to get your lift from businesses with a track record of success.