Will A Aquarius Man Lead You On? 7 Signs He Is Using You Or Leave You One Day

Will A Aquarius Man Lead You On? 7 Signs He Is Using You Or Leave You One Day

Will A Aquarius Man Lead You On? 7 Signs He Is Using You Or Leave You One Day

Read on for seven red flags if you are unsure whether your Aquarius man is a good lover. Whether flirtatious, open-minded or overly romantic are all warning signs that he might be using you. You should get out of his relationship if you notice any of these signs now. Aquarius men are passionate lovers, but they also like some alone time. Although they are not looking to end their relationships, they want to give themselves some breathing room and relax.

If you want your relationship to succeed, an Aquarius man wants you to engage in active listening and intellectual conversation. If you want to be successful, you must be able to make him understand that you care about his passions, dreams, and life goals. Lastly, you need to communicate with him openly, both verbally and intellectually. While Aquarius men do not care much for shallow relationships, they enjoy intellectual conversations with their friends.

A man born under the sign of Aquarius enjoys intellectual conversation with his friends. He will ask for your ideas and suggestions on certain issues. He will always respect your opinion and will always be willing to listen to it. You can attract him by studying his favorite topics and engaging in intellectual discussions with them. Keeping up with his interests is also important, as you’ll want to stay in touch with him.

Will a aquarius man lead you on

An Aquarius man is a loving, loyal lover who values integrity and honesty in a relationship. A clingy, possessive, or insecure woman might lose this man’s trust. Aquarius men are loyal to their friends, but they may confuse lack of support with emotional distance. To avoid this, be patient and kind. A man born under the sign of Aquarius will remain loyal for as long as his friends value him.

The Aquarius man is an honest and dedicated partner. They will never waste time flirting with other women. They will spend time with a female who he truly enjoys. And they will never do anything that might upset them. As a loyal lover, he will prioritize his relationship above all else. While you may be tempted to ask him out or spend time with a friend, he will always give you the truth.

This means he is not enthusiastic about a relationship without intellectual stimulation. When he is in a relationship with someone he doesn’t respect, he will want to establish a deeper mental connection. In addition, he will try to avoid controlling situations and a need for independence. If you feel like he is using you, he will be frustrated and move on to the next relationship.

If your Aquarius man wants to keep your distance, don’t let him become jealous of you. He will flee from you if you make him jealous. When your relationship is developing, you need to be mature. 

7 Signs He Is Using You Or Leave You One Day

He is flirtatious

It’s unlikely that they’ll be excited about a relationship if there’s no intellectual stimulation.  And if they do, they’ll want to build a mental connection with you as much as a physical one. They will do whatever it takes to get you on their wavelength. Flirt is a sign, he is using you.

Aquarius men are good listeners, but they won’t listen to you unless you start the conversation. They’re also good listeners, so expect to talk about topics you’re passionate about and things no one else has heard of. However, you’ll need to know that Aquarius men don’t commit until they’re ready, making it a good idea to avoid wasting your time with them.

Aquarius men are not  loyal lovers. They will not  listen to you carefully and will not support your dreams, ambitions, and goals. And because they align with the air element, they are the king of surprises when it comes to love. So, if you want to find a man who will remain loyal to you no matter what, he’ll be the most loyal lover you’ve ever had.

Not romantic

Aquarius men like to make their women feel good about themselves, and they can subtly criticize you. They might tell you that you need to put on more makeup, cut down on carbs, or exercise more. They want to build their egos, and they may even try to manipulate you to make them feel good about themselves.

If you’re wondering if your Aquarius man is using you or leaving, he’ll take time to tell you how he feels about you. He’ll give you hints and subtle touches, but you’ll have to wait a while for him to make that declaration. In the meantime, he may tease or compliment you without saying anything. And if you’re suspicious about his motives, he might even put distance between you and him.

Treat women like object

If you’ve wondered whether your Aquarius man is using you or leaving you, look for these signs. Aquarian men don’t treat women like objects, and they will often hold your hand and kiss you when you’re alone. These guys are very emotional, and they’ll never treat you like an object, either. However, they do have some trust issues. Aquarian men tend only to be friends with a select few people, and it will take them some time to overcome their inhibitions.

These men usually don’t like to have their partners interfere with their interests and hobbies. If your Aquarius man has no interests, he’s not interested in getting to know you. He might try to use his time and energy to pursue a different hobby or impress his friends. Don’t let this happen, as he will most likely be disappointed with you.

If you suspect your Aquarius man is using you or leaving you, don’t be surprised when he suddenly stops contacting you. Instead of wasting your time, he’ll disappear when a problem arises. Moreover, he won’t make eye contact with you when lying.

He has a close circle of friends.

Your relationship may be crumbling. There are several reasons why your Aquarius man is withdrawing emotionally. He may value time apart from you or even be attracted to friends or colleagues who are compatible with his personality. You should be aware of these signs to avoid being a victim of their manipulation. You might find it useful to seek advice from a counselor. An unbiased third party’s perspective will help you make an informed decision.

If you feel distant from your Aquarius man, you may be attracting a man who is emotionally distant and cold. These men may not even bother to check up on you. If your Aquarius man refuses to make time to spend with you, he may not be interested in a relationship. You should not fall in love with such a man. They might be dealing with a personal issue, so they will avoid spending time with you.

While most men are attracted to attractive women, Aquarius men may not bother to make her feel special. They may become resentful after being the giver for so long and may demand better treatment from their higher selves. If you see these signs in your partner, it’s time to walk away. It’s important to listen to your intuition and respect yourself enough to leave. When your Aquarius man becomes a nuisance, it’s time to find a new relationship.

He is not a loyal lover.

When the Aquarius man is not a loyal lover they will  not spend quality time with you. While he may  seek physical intimacy with you, he will not  share his deepest secrets. When you are alone, he will smother you in kisses. He will also be interested in your interests and show you around his home. If you are unsure about his true feelings, he might not be your man.

Even though Aquarius men not  tend to be loyal, they may not be quick to make commitments. Aquarius men value their morals and ethics, so breaking commitments will be easy for him. If he is using you.. They also expect you to be loyal to them and will not take sides against your friends unless you show a strong commitment to them. But that loyalty is not enough for everyone. Some other characteristics can help you choose a partner for life with an Aquarius.

He wants to spend time with you but won’t commit until you’re ready. Rather, you should consider the Aquarius man’s personality traits before you leap. He will act  unique and likes to move at his own pace. He will be reluctant to commit if you don’t feel he can commit, so stay calm and patient while he decides whether or not you’re right for him.

He is not a wild spender.

An Aquarius man is not a wild spend, but he is extremely meticulous about his finances. You will have to be prepared to explain every single expense he makes to him. While Taurus and Aries have very different decision-making styles, you will find the opposite in your Aquarius man. Here are a few things to consider before making your Aquarius man your life partner. Read on to find out more about this unique sign!

A great way to win an Aquarius man is to get to know him and his preferences. He will want to know more about you before making any commitments, and he will want you to be more than just a romantic friend. After reading this article, you can confidently ask him if he is the right person for you. If your Aquarius man is a true romantic, he will only commit to you if you share similar interests.

He hides his feelings.

.This sign can come from a lack of interest in you and your relationship. If he’s not interested in you, he may be reluctant to meet you and will make plans only on his terms. He’ll also be more likely to make excuses for not meeting you, and you should be aware of this if you are thinking of ending your relationship.

He’s not interested in your life goals. Aquarian men do not share their life goals or passions with other women. They also rarely discuss what they want to do in the future. It would help if you also looked out for hints of denial.

Your Aquarius man treats you like a trophy. He doesn’t listen to your complaints and is not interested in spending quality time with you. Your Aquarius man is too busy with his career, and he has no time to spend with you. He’s also uninterested in making you happy and only interested in his own needs. Your Aquarius man doesn’t appreciate the way you treat him. If this sounds like your Aquarius man, you should cut ties now.

Final Words

Aquarius man might be the perfect match for you. However, before jumping into a relationship with one, examine your compatibility first. Make sure both of your personalities mesh well and that you have similar goals and interests. 

Aquarius man can be a loyal, fun-loving friend and companion. But don’t wait too long. You should know the signs to determine if aquarious man is using you or not. Above, we have told you in detail so you can know these warning signs before getting in relationship.