What Does It Mean When a Girl Holds Your Hand and Interlocks Fingers

What Does It Mean When a Girl Holds Your Hand and Interlocks Fingers

What Does It Mean When a Girl Holds Your Hand and Interlocks Fingers

You are walking down the street when you see the most gorgeous girl you have ever seen. You look at her, and she quickly looks away but then looks back at you with a smile that says she wants to meet you. You go up to her and ask for her number because you want to call her later, but she tells you she doesn’t have one. She asks if you would like to go out on a date later that night. Then she interlocks her fingers with yours and holds your hand as you walk off into the sunset as beautiful love birds…

Does Holding Hands Indicate Any Specific Meaning?

If you’re wondering whether your sweetheart is interested in you, the chances are good that they will hold hands with you at some point during your first date. This is perfectly natural and even shows that your date feels comfortable enough to be touchy-feely, so don’t fret. But there are different reasons why someone might hold hands with another person.

So before you make any assumptions based on her grip strength, please look at what she’s doing overall, according to body language expert Blanca Cobb. Is she facing you? Is she looking into your eyes? Is she leaning toward you? These factors can help give context to how intimate her actions are. If all of these things are happening, it’s probably a sign of affection, says Cobb. But if only one or two of these things happen, then I would say that it’s probably just an act of friendship rather than romantic interest.

Interlocking Fingers Vs. Holding Hands

Don’t get caught in a dilemma about whether to hold hands or interlock fingers with someone. There’s no right or wrong answer – make sure you make one of these gestures because if you don’t, things might be misconstrued. You were holding hands while walking is typically perceived as an intimate gesture between two dating people, but not engaged. Interlocking fingers can also send mixed signals; there’s something very romantic about holding someone else’s finger (like proposing marriage), but it can also be used to convey closeness without implying a romantic connection.

To prevent any confusion, have a quick conversation about how you both feel about touching before locking hands or intertwining digits. And keep in mind that even if you only want to be friends, letting someone down gently isn’t easy, so use words instead of actions if you sense they expect more than friendship.

What Are The Different Reasons Girls Hold Hands With Guys?

Holding hands is one of those body language cues that doesn’t always have to be understood literally. Some guys take hand holding very seriously and use it to indicate that they’re close with their date. Others think of it as less severe, a simple sign of affection or familiarity. It can also be used to express support in certain circumstances. In all cases, however, we should look at how our date (or friend) uses physical touch—and how we feel about how they use touch in general—before making too many assumptions based on hand-holding alone.

She Wants To Be Close To You: For some people, holding hands is just another way to show closeness and intimacy. When two people care for each other deeply, there’s no reason not to enjoy physical contact together—hugging, kissing, or holding hands. Hand-holding is often reserved for romantic partners because it’s a personal gesture, but if you’re good friends with someone who wants to share physical intimacy with you outside of romance, don’t knock it until you try it!

She Wants To Support You: A woman might hold her boyfriend’s hand during an important event like his first extensive job interview or college graduation ceremony to show him support and encouragement.

Is Hand Holding Necessary For A Girl To Feel Comfortable Around A Guy?

While many subtle signs indicate a girl is feeling more at ease with you, holding hands is undoubtedly one of them. Generally speaking, girls will naturally reach out to hold hands with their guys if you’re walking down an aisle together or maneuvering through a crowd.

It’s all about comfort level: When she feels most comfortable around you—and things are going well in general—she’ll want to hold on tight! If she only wants to hold hands once in a while, that doesn’t mean she’s not interested. It could be as simple as her not being used to being affectionate in public.

How Can You Get Her To Hold Your Hand?

Holding hands is one of those universally recognized body language signs that tells everyone around you that you are in a relationship with someone. Holding hands shows people that you care about each other and may even indicate a desire to maintain more intimate contact (i.e., kissing, cuddling). Whether or not you’ve already kissed, being comfortable holding hands with your crush is an essential first step towards building attraction.

Learn to read her body language and make sure she’s comfortable; it may be worth waiting until she initiates if you notice uncomfortable holding hands. But don’t be afraid to hold her hand once you’ve established comfort!

Should She Interlock Her Fingers In Yours?

Interlocking with her puts you on equal footing: You’re showing her that you feel connected, secure, and together. However, if she doesn’t intertwine with you, don’t be discouraged. Although finger-linking is one of many signs of love in intimate relationships between couples, like any other body language cue, there are exceptions to every rule—so keep an eye out for other signals that might convey closeness. For example, if she places her head on your shoulder or leans into you while sitting down, that could signify affection.


When she grabs your hand, interlocking her fingers with yours and holding on firmly, she expresses her interest in you. This gesture can be seen across a room as an invitation to chat or a start-up conversation. If you’re interested in her, try intertwining your fingers with hers for about 30 seconds to communicate mutual attraction. Then slowly pull away before saying anything. Don’t overdo it – holding hands for too long can give people around you an impression that something is wrong with you or that you’re attempting to be inappropriate!