Pisces Double Personality

Pisces Double Personality

Pisces Double Personality

The zodiac’s amazing poets and visionaries are Pisceans. The two fish swimming in opposite directions symbolizes how Pisceans are constantly torn between wanting to make a difference in the world and wanting to retreat to the safe harbors of their inner worlds of vision.

Gemini and Pisces are an excellent combination! Both are flexible and independent, and both can be good at taboo-breaking, weird, and bizarre things! Gemini can intellectually stimulate Pisces, but he must be careful to make sure the relationship comes first. Gemini has to watch out for Pisces’ tendency to speak without thinking. Pisces can bruise Gemini’s ego when he says things that he regrets later.

The dark side of Pisces’ personality

The Dark Side of Pisces’ personality is often misunderstood, but it can be a good trait for someone who wants to make a difference in the world. So often, people with Pisces as their Rising Ascendant are known as misers, liars, and cheaters. But don’t let that stop you from being a good friend. If you are a Pisces, you can see through this dark side and make the most of it.

Though Pisces is a spiritual sign, they can be cold and standoffish, especially when it comes to their finances. Because they’re generally not materialistic, they’re notorious for being penny-pinching pigs. This tendency can lead them to steal from friends or eat their plates. Eventually, this habit can lead to violent behavior, abuse, or even criminal activity. However, this trait is often unintentional and will not manifest until the Pisces have enough money to support it.

The Pisces can also be emotionally unstable. Because they’re so emotionally vulnerable, they tend to hold on to people for comfort when they’re feeling down. They’re also highly susceptible and often don’t think logically, so people tend to take advantage of their lack of self-confidence. Pisces’ perception of reality can be cloudy – if it isn’t always clear, they’ll end up with the wrong outcome.


Although the Pisces sign is considered the most optimistic of the zodiac signs, a few traits can be problematic for them. While most Pisces traits are passive and hard to change, the double personality can lead to many issues, from total inaction to hedonism and malice. This can cause problems in relationships, especially in a romantic sense, because Pisces usually cannot change their behavior without some warning.

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The good side of Pisces is that they are very compassionate, generous, and energetic. On the negative side, Pisces tend to lie and deceive others. Often, these people have been taken advantage of or are in denial about their behaviors. Luckily, most Pisces who fall victim to their behaviors end up caught or learn their lesson. So, if you’re a Pisces and are wondering if you’re a good person, take note.

Aside from laziness, the Pisces also enjoys escaping reality. They have been known to create their worlds in their minds, imagining themselves in a parallel universe or dimension. While this behavior might seem logical, it’s very counterproductive. When Pisces get too caught up in fantasies, they become emotionally restless and often resort to self-medication, addiction, or self-destruction.


The double-headedness of the Pisces Sun sign is a reflection of its nature. It is ruled by Neptune, which makes Pisceans exude oceanic energy. The Piscean soul yearns for a calm existence away from the chaos of the world. Their depressing thoughts often lead them to splurge on indulgence. Some Pisceans are known to hide their excesses from their partners and friends, who might be upset by it.

Pisces may take things too far in their desire to please, believing in fate and illusion. They may have unrealistic expectations and take rejection especially hard. They tend to view rejection as punishment for not being good enough. This way, they can be easily tricked by others. Pisces also suffer from the tendency to live in their world. This may result in a disconnected relationship with the real world.

Couples with a Pisces male and a Scorpio female are likely to enjoy a direct relationship. These two are highly possessive and nurturing. Together, they’ll push each other towards positivity and inspire each other to be true to themselves. Pisces men and women will find common ground in their creative ideas and sensitivity. Ultimately, they’ll be good partners for life.

Lack of assertiveness

A Pisces double personality can lack assertiveness in a variety of ways. One major cause is a lack of awareness of one’s assertiveness. Pisces may be prone to being moody, overemotional, or in denial. Lack of assertiveness may also be caused by not valuing positive feedback. Listed below are some other reasons why Pisces can struggle with assertiveness.

The Pisces double personality lacks assertive behavior when it comes to friendships. Pisces are usually overly emotional and don’t take criticism well. This can make them seem like jerks. They can also be pushovers. However, despite their lack of assertiveness, Pisces are highly loyal and will go along with the majority of your friend requests. As a result, you may find yourself walking on eggshells with Pisces.

While favorable Pisces are very good at helping people, they often need more space. They do better when they are self-employed, as they have greater freedom to express their creativity. However, this can make it challenging to be assertive with friends, especially if they are your work colleagues. However, the Pisces double personality is not entirely wrong – plenty of Pisces individuals have negative traits.


The positive side of Pisces is its kind and generous nature, but the negative side is the fear of being misunderstood. The natives of Pisces are often secretive and may even veil themselves to hide their true feelings. Pisces natives are also highly intuitive and can be easily confused by their own and others’ emotions. Pisces may even have bizarre hobbies, like twirling, snatching, or stealing.

Although Pisces can’t always briefly verbalize their complex feelings, they crave solitude. This aloneness helps them tune into a higher realm, and they seek comfort from intoxicating substances. However, Pisces must learn to assert themselves more. The dual traits can cause fissures in a relationship. Neither sign is likely to be happy if the other person doesn’t respect their independence or self-denial.

A dual ruling planet can cause this secretiveness, and Pisces has the potential to be extremely generous. This is due to their affinity for the subconscious. Pisces is attracted to the mysteries of the world and the occult. They may even superimpose medical professionals to heal others. The dual ruling planets result in unique energy. A Pisces has a deep spirituality and can be very charitable.

While Pisces is usually the most trustworthy employee, they can also be a difficult person to read, as they have a unique way of internalizing their emotions. As a result, Pisces’ emotional reactions can be challenging to gauge, and they may not realize they’ve hurt someone’s feelings until they’ve done it. Hence, the secretiveness and double personality of Pisces is one of its main features.

Lack of empathy

The Pisces double personality is not without fault. They’re highly intuitive and empathetic. They respond deeply to people’s experiences and pick up on subtle cues in their environment. Because of this, they are sensitive and moody at times but are often insightful, supportive, and compassionate. Here are some common characteristics of a Pisces double personality. Read on to discover what makes them such a unique personalities.

They often put the lives of others above their own. They are sensitive and often challenging to reach out and accept help. Pisces people can easily be misunderstood and may take advantage of others. They take lousy treatment very personally and can quickly close off in a self-defeating way if they feel they have been hurt. This is why Pisces need to protect themselves from hurtful people.

A Pisces will often go to great lengths to help people, but they can be challenging to trust. They often assume the worst, which can cause them to feel lethargic. As a result, Pisces often avoid conflict and will attempt to divert blame onto others. Despite being extraordinarily empathetic and compassionate, Pisces is also easily deceived. In their efforts to ensure their family and friends’ independence, they tend to assume the worst and will not spend energy if it doesn’t have to.