Foreigner I Want To Know What Love Is

Foreigner I Want To Know What Love Is

Foreigner I Want To Know What Love Is

The song “I Want to Know What Love Is” is a popular power ballad by the American rock band Foreigner. The song was written by Mick Jones and released on Foreigner’s 1984 album, Agent Provocateur. Mick Jones is married to the socialite Ann Dexter-Jones, the mother of renowned record producer Mark Ronson. The song was also written by Lou Gramm, whose contribution was uncredited.

The Foreigner had been enjoying the fruits of their early rock stardom when the song was released as a single in November 1984. Although the band had previously released four albums with combined sales of over 20 million copies in the U.S., Mick Jones felt the pressure and stress of the behind-the-scenes work. Despite the pressure, “I Want to Know What Love Is” quickly rose to the charts, reaching No. 1 in February 1985. Since then, it has become a classic and has been covered by many artists.

“I Want to Know What Love Is” was a worldwide hit for the band. It topped the U.K. Singles Chart and reached number one in the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 in February 1985. The song was Foreigner’s first number-one single in the U.S., and it topped the chart in both countries. It has been used in numerous films and is still an enduring radio hit today.

This song is about a singer who feels so utterly alone and lost in his own life. He wants to know what love is to the world, and he is asking God to step in and help him find it. The lyrics of the song are heartwarming but straightforward. Foreigner was a great band and one of their best. They’re still one of the best rock songs of the 1980s.

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Foreigner songs

One of the best-selling rock bands in history, Foreigner is a British-American band. They formed in 1976 in New York City with guitarist Mick Jones, an experienced member of King Crimson, and singer/songwriter Ian McDonald. Foreigner is still going strong today, with members Mick Jones and Lou Gramm contributing to the band’s sound. If you want to know what Foreigner songs are, read on. This article will introduce you to some of their most beloved songs.


One of Foreigner’s best-known songs is “Double Vision,” which peaked at no two on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 Chart and reached No. 7 on Canada’s RPM chart. The song was featured in many famous movies and T.V. shows. It was also featured in the film “Anchorman 2,” the hit video game Pitch Perfect, and the television series Magic Mike. Despite Foreigner’s relatively newfound popularity, it’s still a fan favorite.

Urgent is another of the best-known Foreigner songs, and it oozes machismo. Eddie Jones’ guitar strides over the backbeat. At the same time, Motown’s Junior Walker plays a muscular sax solo. This song embodies the group’s distinctive psyche. If you’re looking for a song that can make you want to dance, “Urgent” is the one to choose.

While Great tracks filled foreigners’ early albums, the band continued to experiment with genres with their fourth studio album. “Fool For You Anyway” was issued on the band’s debut album in 1976 and became one of the group’s best-selling singles. In 1981, Foreigner released their fourth studio album, which reached No. 4 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart and received more radio play than any other track from the album.

Foreigner, I want to know what love is in lyrics.

“I Want to Know What Love Is” by Foreigner is a hit power ballad that peaked at number one on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and the U.K. Singles Chart in 1984. It also went double platinum in the U.S. and charted in seven other countries, including the United Kingdom. The song has been featured in several films and remains a radio hit.

The song became a hit in the U.K. when the band released the album. The lead single, “I Wanna Know What Love Is,” peaked at number one on the U.K. and U.S. charts, featuring the New Jersey Mass Choir. The song was also recorded by Tina Arena and included a previously unrecorded bridge by Mick Jones. The cover was so successful; the song was featured in numerous films and is still one of the band’s most popular hits today.

I want to know what love is original.

The narrator of the song “I Want to Know What Love Is” describes himself as someone who takes time to think about what he is doing with his life. He breaks his daily routine to take stock of his direction in life and wants to make necessary corrections before it is too late. The narrator of “I Want to Know What Love Is” has a rich background in music and songwriting.

Mariah Carey first released the song “I Wanna Know What Love Is” as a single in November 1984. The song features the New Jersey Mass Choir. The song was released in November 1984 and reached number one in the U.K. and the U.S. The theme continues to chart even many years after its original release. It is ranked 479 on the “500 Greatest Songs” list. The song has a powerful message about love and life. It is an excellent choice for the upcoming summertime radio season.

The foreigner had a successful run with their first four albums, and their new single, “I Want to Know What Love Is,” was released in late 1984. It became the band’s signature song, topping the U.K. Singles Chart, the Billboard Hot 100, and charting in twenty-two other countries. The single became a huge hit, making the band a worldwide phenomenon. The band’s fifth studio album, “Agent Provocateur,” was released in November 1984 and achieved Platinum sales certification in the U.S. It was also the first album by a British band to achieve multi-Platinum status.

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The single “I Want to Know What Love Is” is one of Foreigner’s most popular songs. The song debuted in November 1984 as a single from the band’s Agent Provocateur album. It was also featured in the Miami Vice episode “Rites of Passage.” It quickly became the band’s only number-one single on the Billboard Hot 100. The song’s popularity grew due to its inclusion on the hit television show Miami Vice. “I Want to Know What Love Is” was the band’s most successful single, and it reached the top of the charts on February 1, 1985. Many artists have covered the song, including the acclaimed R&B artist Madonna and rappers like Lil Wayne and Sonny Gracias.

The song’s popularity has continued to grow, featuring on many primetime television shows, including the “Orange Is the New Black” season finale. Another notable feature is its inclusion in the “Angry Birds” movie trailer. With more than six million views, the song has gained new fans. Foreigner’s latest album is due for release on June 9.

Final Words

“I Want to Know What Love Is” features a gospel element and was adapted from the song “Juke Box Hero.” The song’s narrator is a young man who wants to know what love is. It’s a song about longing to find the right person for him and for someone to love him in return. He hopes to find that special person before his life is over.