Will a Leo Man Lead You On? | 7 Signs He is Using You or Leaving You One Day

Will a Leo Man Lead You On? | 7 Signs He is Using You or Leaving You One Day

Will a Leo Man Lead You On? | 7 Signs He is Using You or Leaving You One Day

A Leo man will take a lot of work to win over romantically. You must, however, ensure that your efforts are directed toward the correct Leo. Some Leo males are only looking for a brief ego boost. They’ll keep you around as a confidence booster.

They will simply want to lead you on a wild goose hunt where they will feel good about themselves. But you never would like to waste your time on a man like this. You don’t want someone who is emotionally draining you but has no intention of truly being there for you.

Signs He is Using You or Leaving You One Day

He will not pay close attention to you

When a Leo man isn’t serious about being with you, he’s unlikely to pay you any real attention. Remember, he has a propensity to be arrogant and self-absorbed. He will only ever be accommodating to someone he genuinely loves. If he’s leading you on, he won’t be interested to hear what you have to say.

He never speaks about himself

He’s not going to be as eager to talk to you or anybody throughout your talks. He’s primarily interested in talking about himself. He’ll always want to bring the conversation around to himself. He is always interested in discussing his favorite subject — his own life.

If a Leo man is truly in love with you, he will constantly want to be involved in your life. He would choose to learn as much about you as possible. But if he’s playing you, he’ll want to talk about himself.

He is most likely arrogant

If he’s looking for validation on who he is and what he’s done, you know he’s just playing you. He’s always trying to float her boat and hoist his bench. He’s not particularly interested in whatever your or anyone else has done. He wants to keep talking about how wonderful his life is. He wishes for others to be envious of him. His sense of validity is determined by whether or not people were impressed by him.

He’ll begin to open up to you

Leo dude is the type of guy that takes things carefully. He may have declared that he likes you, but this does not imply that he would tell you everything about himself.

If you’re determined to get close to someone and you like him more than he likes you, it’ll be easy for you to get closer and closer. You will be able to create trust with him at that point, which will improve your relationship with him.

He’ll let you wear his clothes

Perhaps you will notice that many couples used to live in an apartment together and change their clothes or lend their spouse their clothes or jackets. But this will not come easily to the Leo guy. It will take a little time for him to trust you enough to let you live with him and use his clothes.

Don’t worry; it’s one of his methods of understanding you better, and you will know him more as time passes. When he starts letting you wear his clothing and is more open to you, it indicates that he’s serious about you.

He declares his love in public

How can you tell whether a Leo man is interested in you? He can be seen displaying affection in public. When a Leo man has been in love with you and committed to the relationship, he would try to express his feelings for you in public. He will act as if he had the best girlfriend in the world, and he will usually draw people’s attention to both of you.

He reveals his true colors

When a Leo guy falls in love, he reveals his true colors, which no one else sees. He will trust you to understand his good and negative sides. He is not frightened to talk about what happened since he feels you will always be by his side.

He desires your presence

When a Leo likes someone, how do they act? He wants to see you all the time. He glances up at both of you and gradually becomes at ease with you.

As previously stated, the Leo guy is silent and occasionally frigid. He will continually call and talk to you when he feels love for you.

He will admit it

How can you tell whether a Leo man is interested in you? He’ll tell you, and he’ll mean it. As he demonstrates his actual behavior, you will take his words. It doesn’t imply Leo wants you if he doesn’t tell you of his feelings, even if you’ve become close enough. He could be lonely or just being kind to you.

He still desires his freedom

When a lion falls in love, how does he act? A Leo man is a very active and free-spirited individual. He truly loves you, and you can limit his ability to do whatever he wants. He still desires his space, independence, and the world in his hands.

A rebellious streak

Can a Leo man express his desire for a woman? In the relationship, he would demonstrate his rebellious side. His unique personality may surprise you. He used to be a very traditional person, but now he can be quite rebellious and have some wild fantasies about the life he desires with you.

He’ll get closer

How can you know whether a Leo man likes you? He’ll come closer if you don’t try very hard to approach them. Leo men do not always approach people, but it is because they have a crush on them when they do. He desires it. Therefore, he makes the first move.

Consider him your hero

A Leo man is the type of man who aspires to be your idol. He wishes to be the one on whom you can rely. This approach also wants you to know that you can always count on him for assistance if you need it. Except for his zodiac sign, most men desire to be a hero to anyone they care about.

Final Verdict

Be a self-sufficient lady. I previously stated that you must allow him to be your hero. However this does not imply that you must call him every time. Recognize the distinction between making someone a hero or making him your bellboy.